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The Witch’s Week announced by Cocoa was shot down due to everyone’s unanimous tsukomi, but Li Yalin told everyone about Shiranui Akeno later and caused a lot of girls’ sympathy to overflow.

“Have lost her memory? So pitiful.”

“Let’s help her restore her memory together!”

“Okay! Let’s do that!”

Before Li Yalin could take any action, the girls at home reached an agreement first and wanted to help restore the memory of Shiranui Akeno. This situation made him dumbfounded.

But since the girls have this intention, Li Yalin also let them be. Although it doesn’t feel very reliable, what if they succeed?

At least that would save him a lot of trouble, wouldn’t it?

Come on, girls, I am optimistic about you guys.

In this way, the girls of Kafuu’s family quickly became friends with Shiranui Akeno. After all, the jolly Cocoa took the lead. However, it is a pity that Shiranui Akeno’s memory recovery can’t be restored so easily.

If her memories can be restored so easily, the system will not release rescue missions to Li Yalin.

Although she could not restore her memory, Shiranui Akeno got along well with everyone. And Cocoa and Chiya even suggest later to Li Yalin to help Akeno so that they could go to school together.

She’s clearly an unknown person who has no memory or unknown origin, but to go as far as to let her go to school is simply adding more trouble.

Fortunately, Li Yalin is not without resources. With the help of Shichijou Aria ojou-sama and a little more money, Shiranui Akeno soon joined Ousai Academy and became a classmate of Cocoa and Chiya.

From this point of view, the power-holders can still do whatever they want. But because of this, Uomi student president complained about this situation to him afterward.

The competition for students this year is really intense, every school wants to recruit more students. Ousai Academy needs it, and Eiryou High School naturally needs it.

So why not let Shiranui Akeno join Eiryou High School and let her go to Ousai Academy instead?

Li Yalin really has nothing to say about Uomi student president’s complaint. Cocoa and Chiya Shiranui Akeno’s friends, obviously it’s better for them to take care of the girl with amnesia.

But can Uomi agree with this?

Forget it, she just complaining anyway, and her complaint would not last long. After all, Li Yalin’s group will face a real test soon.

Hot Holiday Music Festival… is about to start!

“Four days? Did you say four days? No! Absolutely not! I won’t agree no matter what!”

The music festival is about to begin, and Li Yalin has also entered the final preparations. In fact, there are too many things that he needs to settle, and the most important thing is to convince Red Queen that foodie Dragon God.

Hot Holiday Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the district. Of course, it cannot be held locally. To participate in this music festival, Li Yalin’s group has to take a plane to Kounan Airport, then transfer to a train or rent a car to reach Tamano city. This year’s music festival location was in Tamano city beach.

The current coordinates of the Li Yalin’s group are located in Tokyo, which means that it is simply unrealistic to participate in music festivals during the day and feed Red Queen at night.

They can only come back after the end of the festival, so in the next four days, the otherworld restaurant will definitely be closed.

Li Yalin didn’t plan to take the girls at home on this trip, and the transfer magic array can’t be activated without Kowata Akane.

So he can only wronged the foodie Dragon God these four days.

It’s just… the reaction of the foodie Dragon God was more intense than expected.

She can’t even stand a mere four days?

“But I can’t help it. This music festival is of great significance to me. So can you bear with me, and I will compensate you when I come back, OK?”

“No! Absolutely not! It’s just a mere music festival, is that thing more important than me in your heart? Are you really going to abandon me?”

My goodness, Li Yalin persuasion doesn’t work, and Queen even used a combination of gentle methods and force, first tough, and then look pitiful. Where did she learn this from?

“Of course I won’t abandon you… sigh, then I’ll just cook for you ahead of time, so you can take it back and eat them slowly. Is that okay for you?”

Li Yalin was really helpless against this Red Queen. Foodie Dragon God is far not as easy to handle as Black.

Just look at Black, she didn’t say anything even if she can’t eat Li Yalin’s food for four days. On the contrary, it’s very sweet of her to say that she also likes Chino’s cooking.

They are the same Dragon God, why is the gap so big?

Although he was helpless, he still has to satisfy Queen’s stomach. So he just has to cook the food for her first, is this all right?

“You gonna prepare dishes worth four days? This could do, it’s decided then!”

The compromise that Li Yalin made in desperation caused Red Queen’s eyes to suddenly light up. She got four days’ worth of food in one go. What was her unwillingness to? After returning to her own territory, she can eat whatever she wanted? She can even eat it slowly if need to.

But what Red Queen could not expect is that even if she can eat Li Yalin’s food every day, she could not stop eating the food.

The so-called four-day meal, she only ate all of them after insisting on it for two days. In the next two days, she could only drool looking at the bottom of the empty pot, looking forward to the opening of the otherworld gate again.

After Li Yalin returns, and the otherworld gate reactivated, everyone can guess how this Red Queen will react. But right now, our Queen has no such self-consciousness.

Right now, she was still immersed in the excitement of getting the four-day meal in one breath!

So, let’s put aside the tragic time of Queen’s future. After solving the foodie queen, Li Yalin also carried his bags and joined the girls around him.

He is about to take everyone and set off towards the dream land of music!

Hot Holiday Music Festival!

Here we come!!!

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