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Participating in this music festival, the reason why Li Yalin did not bring the girls at home, he did not plan to close the coffee shop is one aspect, but the more important reason is that the opening time of the music festival is not during the holidays. So everyone has to ask for leave to follow the team around, which is not what he wants to see.

He can’t let them skip school just to participate in the music festival!

Therefore, in addition to the main members who need to be on stage to participate in the festival, the number of entourages is not very large.

For Eiryou High School, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari must come, and besides them, Uomi the student president is with them, with no sensei accompanying them.

In contrast, Ousai Academy has slightly more people. In addition to MIO and dumb Yui four people, Amakusa Shino who is the student president, and the consultant sensei Yamanaka Sawako, are all coming together. The total number of people on both sides together has reached as many as nine people.

And among the nine people, Li Yalin was the only boy, there’s more girls than boys here.

In fact, in the original plan, there were actually more people who planned to come along, such as Shichijou Aria from Ousai and Mori Nozomi from Eiryou.

But considered that there would be too few people remains in the student councils of the two schools, which will also increase the burden on the left-behind personnel. The school hasn’t closed for holidays, so they couldn’t bring everyone.

For this reason, our Shichijou ojou-sama was quite disappointed as she has been looking forward to the opening of the festival from the beginning.

There’s no choice but to say sorry to her.

At the Hot Holiday Music Festival, Li Yalin and his entourage received strong support from Eiryou and Ousai. The two schools did exceptionally well for the previous school idol plan, which means they don’t have to worry about recruiting students in the coming year.

Therefore, the two schools are responsible for reimbursing all the expenses of this trip. Whether it is food, clothing, housing, and transportation, all the green light will be given!

Li Yalin originally planned to pay out the funds in the name of the firm, but now he can save some money.

Although it’s not that much money, it’s also a part of the school’s intentions, so just accept it honestly. It was nothing but a happy occasion.

“Sawako sensei, we’ll trouble you again.”

For the accompanying consultant sensei Yamanaka Sawako, Li Yalin is already quite familiar. Although they don’t meet very often, he often chats on the internet or occasionally makes a phone call to have a chat.

She was the consultant sensei of Ousai Academy for everyone in the light music club. As the four girls of the light music club are contracted artists of Li Yalin’s office, it is necessary to maintain friendly exchanges with each other.

Of course, it’s just for formality, and only Li Yalin knows what he was thinking in his heart. Anyway, through these friendly exchanges, he now has no sense of strangeness in the dialogue with Yamanaka Sawako.

Rather, when the two stood together, the atmosphere was very friendly.

“No, I should be the one that grateful to you guys, otherwise, I won’t have the opportunity to take paid leave to attend the festival.”

Yamanaka Sawako’s response was also quite generous towards Li Yalin. Looking at her wearing a cool white long dress, with a straw hat on her head, and a large suitcase behind her, her smile was full of charm.

To tell the truth, Li Yalin was puzzled. How could such a beauty like Sawako sensei have not found any boyfriend yet?

He should find time later to have a good conversation with her about this topic. And maybe he can also volunteer, right?

Cough… he should pick up his integrity first.

“You’ve got a point there, but this is our first time to participate in a music festival, and we have no experience in this. When we get to the venue, if there is anything we need to pay attention to, we still have to ask for Sawako sensei advice.”

Although Eiryou High School did not send a consultant sensei, Li Yalin did not feel that he needed sensei to take care of him, but Yamanaka Sawako was an exception.

Rather, this trip to the music festival can’t be without her!

As Li Yalin said, both he and the girls around him are inexperienced. On the other hand, Yamanaka Sawako is a frequent visitor to major music festivals. Although she rarely has the opportunity to participate after becoming a sensei, before becoming a sensei, she would not fail to attend almost every music festival.

To put it simply, she is an old hand at the festival, and the newcomers like Li Yalin have to count on her to lead the way.

“Ha, then leave it to me!”

If it’s anything else, Yamanaka Sawako might not be so confident, but she’s very knowledgeable when it comes to moving about at the festival. Of course, she assured him with full of confidence.

In fact, she was already prepared for this!

She has already remembered the whole journey of the Hot Holiday music festival!

“Then I’ll leave everything to you.”

Li Yalin is of course very relieved having Yamanaka Sawako, so they also joined with the girls in the scene one after another and dragged their luggage together, and boarded the plane to Kounan airport.

Most of the girls on this trip have no experience of traveling. Of course, they are very excited during the journey. This is also due to the fact that there is no way to open the windows on the plane. Otherwise, with dumb Yui’s temperament, maybe she would open the window and shout loudly to express the excitement in her heart.

However, the price of excessive excitement is the physical and mental exhaustion after arriving at the destination. After a flight journey and after arriving at the airport, they transferred to the subway one after another, carrying a large bag of suitcases and musical instruments in hand, and after the group arrived at their final destination, Tamano city, everyone was almost completely exhausted.

Especially dumb Yui, she is now completely lying on top of Ritsu’s drum bag and doesn’t want to move for a moment.

The excitement before that has long since disappeared.

“You guys… forget it, let’s find a hotel in the city to rest first.”

Li Yalin was also quite speechless looking at a group of tired and paralyzed girls. Looking at them like this, they wouldn’t be able to camp in the beach area planned for the music festival according to the original plan.

There is no other choice but to abandon the original plan and find a place to rest in the city.

“But we are not going to occupy a favorable position now…”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, Yamanaka Sawako frowned at the side. She is not like those energetic little girls. As an old had in the festival, she is quite aware of the importance of keeping physical strength, so she won’t as tired and paralyzed as these girls.

Because of this, she is also deeply worried. As they would give up the original plan, everyone may not feel very comfortable in the next few days.

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