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The music festival is not only a feast of hearing and vision but also an arduous war. Everyone who participates in the festival is a brave warrior in this war!

This music festival lasts for a total of three days. Every day at 6 am in the morning, the first song of the stage will be sung, and the war will continue until 1 am in the evening, with no intermittent.

In other words, if tourists want to listen to the entire music festival without fail, they must be prepared to stay in the venue around the clock. So naturally, camping at the festival venue has become a tradition for music lovers.

In other words, arriving at the venue in advance and camping in the best location has become an inevitable choice for every music lover. Yamanaka Sawako has fought like this in every previous battle!

Of course, the Li Yalin group is not an audience and certainly can’t stay in the audience area. But even if so, the venue does not provide any convenience. At best, it is to divide the area of ​​the participants, and also needed to arrange the tent.

No one has the privilege to enjoy this music festival. Even the big star has not distinction here, because once they dare to feel entitled, they will get booed off stage!

This place is born only for music, it’s the temple of music!

Yamanaka Sawako’s concerns are justified. Although the participant area provided by the organizer is certainly not as crowded as the audience area, don’t forget that there are so many celebrities and idols participating in this music festival. Only the corners are left if they don’t look for a place soon.

One must know that once the music festival officially opens, there will be no time to travel between the city and the beach. Everything must be done in this venue!

“It’s okay. After we get to the hotel and let everyone rests. Sawako sensei will go to the venue with me to make preparation.”

Although it’s important to go to the venue, the girls obviously don’t have the physical strength to accompany them. Everyone carries too much luggage, and the musical instruments that have been airlifted along with the plane are too heavy.

Especially Ritsu’s drum kit, transportation is a huge burden, and Li Yalin can’t expose the existence of the space ring in front of everyone. So even if he has to bear the heaviest box, he can’t relieve everyone’s fatigue at all.

“Okay, we can only do that.”

Listening to what Li Yalin said, and looking at the tired girls, Yamanaka Sawako also shook her head helplessly.

These girls are still too young, and really fragile. You know, this is just the beginning!

But in comparison, Li Yalin’s performance surprised her. She knew that from the beginning, he carried the heaviest box in his hand and took care of everyone along the way.

Such a good boy, if he is a few years younger, she will probably go after him…

No no, Sawako, what are you thinking about! He is your student!

Li Yalin is of course impossible to know the psychological activities of Yamanaka Sawako. But the advice he and Sawako made, cheered the tired girls. Especially dumb Yui and Ritsu, who now can’t wait to go to bed and have a good sleep. It is estimated that they would fall asleep immediately once their head is on the pillow.

In fact, when Li Yalin’s group found a good hotel and opened the room, they really fell asleep once they rest their head on the pillows.

“They are really exhausted.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help shaking his head as he watched these girls sleeping in very inelegant positions.

You guys are so excited before, and feeling tired now?

“Uomi student president, Kohinata senpai, I’ll leave everyone to your care.”

Dumb Yui and Ritsu slept, and the dirty joke student president who accompanied them was not much better, she’s also resting her head on the pillows. This can’t be helped, from the dark circles of her eyes this morning, she should have another all-nighter last night, now obviously can’t hold it anymore.

MIO and Kotobuki ojou-sama, although not asleep yet, their physical condition is not ideal, and will probably fall asleep soon. So for now, Uomi and Kohinata Yukari are the only ones who can take good care of everyone.

Since they would be staying in the hotel, someone must stay behind. So naturally, Li Yalin didn’t plan to let these two girls be busy running about.

Although not as much as dumb Yui and others, Uomi and Kohinata Yukari is also quite tired. He could still see this.

“Is it okay? Or I’ll go with you guys, I can still handle it.”

Li Yalin intends to let the two girls rest, but Kohinata Yukari is still a little uneasy. No matter how tired she is, she feels that everything should not be entrusted to Li Yalin and Yamanaka sensei.

“Don’t worry, your task now is to take a good rest. Tomorrow we will officially take the stage. What would happen if you don’t save your energy?”

Although he knew that Kohinata Yukari cares about him, Li Yalin shook his head and rejected her proposal. Kohinata Yukari is different from his ‘superhuman’ body with a system, she’s just a weak girl. Everyone would have to perform with super-intensity for three-day. If not taking a good rest now, they will definitely not last performing on the stage.

Yes, in Li Yalin’s mind, he is ready to fight for three days. Even in the eyes of most people, a new band like them is estimated to be eliminated in less than a few songs…

“Uomi student president, help me take care of everyone. Remember, our war has just begun. In three days, we have to sing on stage for three days!”

After pacifying Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin turned his gaze to Uomi again. This student president-sama is the clearest of his plan, so she also knows best what to do now.

When everyone is working hard in the front, everything in the rear will be handed to her!

“I know, leave it to me.”

Feeling Li Yalin’s firm eyes, Uomi also nodded gently. Of course, she knew what she should do most at the moment, not to bravely accompany Li Yalin, but to do her best to stabilize the rear for everyone. Everyone’s victory lays a solid foundation!

After receiving Uomi’s response and feeling the sound of the girls’ sleeping, Li Yalin nodded slightly to Yamanaka Sawako. They are going to the biggest battlefield of this battle to fight an outpost for everyone.

Everyone’s battle will begin soon!

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