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“Do you really plan to sing on the stage for three days?”

When the girls stayed in the hotel to rest, Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako went together to the venue. Although this was the first time the two went together, the good communication beforehand did not make the atmosphere awkward.

Rather, when there are only two people present, Yamanaka Sawako can also speak out some doubts in her heart.

For example… she was quite surprised that he wants to sing for three days at this music festival.

It’s no wonder that, in accordance with the convention and tradition of the music festival, after the opening of the first day of the festival, all newcomer bands appeared on the stage. This can be regarded as a measure taken by the organizer to support the newcomers. Among these newcomer bands, only the five teams with the highest number of votes are eligible to advance to the next day’s music competition.

And after the second day of the festival, the old, well-known bands and singers will be on stage. It can be said that the second day of the festival is the most brutal day. Because on this day, even the well-known veteran band can be eliminated, leaving only the final ten teams to qualify for the third day of the stage.

As for the third and final day of the music festival, those who can make their debut at this time will be at the top of the crop. After the fierce competition on this day, the most valuable bands or singers of this music festival will be selected, to receive a gold trophy exclusively for the Hot Holiday Music Festival.

The number of this gold trophy is only three.

Of course, Yamanaka Sawako never considered Li Yalin group’s winning the gold trophy from the start. In fact, the idea of stood on the stage for three days has surprised her to no end.

In this music festival, she originally thought it would be the best result if everyone can break through to the second day. By the third day, everyone only needs to listen to the famous singers and bands perform as an audience with peace of mind.

After all, this is all learning experience, and it can also lay a solid foundation for everyone to continue to move forward in the future.

In the end, she didn’t expect that Li Yalin still has such ‘ambition’. Is it so easy to stand on a three-day stage?

“Of course, it is better to say that I am more interested in the gold trophy of this festival.”

Hearing Yamanaka Sawako’s question, Li Yalin couldn’t help but slightly raise the corner of his mouth. Although he talks a lot with Sawako sensei, he didn’t talk to her about his song practice with a lot of girls at all.

Yamanaka Sawako has no idea how many classic songs they have mastered, and the goal of their trip is to shock the entire music festival stage!

Stand for three days? Of course, their purpose cannot be that simple. If they don’t get the most valuable gold trophy, wouldn’t this festival be in vain?

What’s more, this music festival was broadcast live jointly by several TV stations. Of course, he must seize such a good opportunity.

“Gold trophy?”

He was still not satisfied by just standing for three days, and even eyeing the gold trophy. This ambition has made Yamanaka Sawako completely unsure of what to say.

Yes, she admits that Li Yalin has produced excellent works since his debut. Some of these works even surpass the new songs of the current most popular singer, forming a trend on the internet. He himself has been identified by many netizens as one of the most ingenious songwriters.

But the songs they are playing now are far from enough to stand on the stage for three days. What’s more, he was going for the gold trophy.

That… is it really possible?

Based on previous experience of participating in major music festivals, Yamanaka Sawako’s instinct told her that it is absolutely impossible for a band or singer that just debuted in the festival to stand on the stage for three days.

This number was zero before and it won’t change in the future.

It’s not that she underestimated Li Yalin, but that this is reality!

The music festival is an audio-visual feast for the audience, and is it not a brutal battlefield for the participants?

“Since the establishment of my firm, we seem to have not received any honor. The stage of this music festival is a good starting point for us to set sail. Let the gold trophy be the first prize on the firm’s honor shelf. It seems pretty good too.”

Of course, Li Yalin doesn’t know the psychological activities of Yamanaka Sawako, but the goal of his trip is the Gold trophy, which is certainly true.

It’s just that the impact of this idea is quite big, at least Yamanaka Sawako’s expression now is nothing but a surprise.

This guy… how should she describe it?

Overestimate one’s own ability?

It should be so, but why… why do she feel that they will succeed?

Yamanaka Sawako wanted to say something, but the words stuck in her mouth.

Maybe… maybe they can really create a miracle?

It’s crazy to have such thoughts.

“By the way, Sawako sensei, what do you think of your current job? Are you happy?”

Because Li Yalin’s words gave Yamanaka Sawako a huge shock, but before she could recover from her shock, Li Yalin changed the subject and asked her such a question.

“My job? It’s pretty good… Why do you ask?”

The sudden change of topic made Yamanaka Sawako very uncomfortable, and she was even more surprised as to why Li Yalin would have such a question.

Why should he care so much if she was happy or not at work?

“Nothing much, Sawako sensei should know our office has just been established. There is a shortage of staff, but I haven’t found any candidate to appoint yet. So I thought, if Sawako sensei works in the school doesn’t go well, maybe it’s okay to change jobs.”

Yamanaka Sawako was still wondering at first, but she was dumbfounded when Li Yalin finished talking about his thoughts.

What is this? Did he try to recruit her?

“Yalin-kun, you really are… Being sensei is my long-time dream, so I am very happy at work now, and have no plans to change jobs.”

Yamanaka Sawako knows that both Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui have signed contracts with Li Yalin’s Cute Sound idol firm. Not surprisingly, student president Amakusa Shino is expected to join his firm after graduation.

But what she didn’t expect was that he also wants to recruit her.

What is this? Did he want to grab all the light music club in one go?

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