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Recruiting Yamanaka Sawako is not Li Yalin’s whim, but something he has long thought about. After all, Sawako sensei does have that ability. It will definitely be a big help for him if she can join the firm.

Among other things, her professional costume making alone is beyond comparison by many people.

During this trip to the music festival, everyone’s debut costumes were all handmade by Yamanaka Sawako, and the styles are quite novel and handsome. Such talents are really a waste of being a sensei.

Of course, Li Yalin was not surprised that his proposal was rejected this time. In fact, he would be surprised if she can dig her over so smoothly.

It didn’t matter, there is still a lot of time. He can pull Sawako back together after Yui-chan and Mio-chan graduate. Anyway, everyone will be together as long as everyone is in school.

What he is doing now is just planting a seed. Maybe one day, this seed will take root and germinate?

After changing the topic and continuing to talk for a while, Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako quickly arrived at their destination, the venue of the Hot Holiday Music Festival.

For this year’s music festival, the organizer put the venue on the beach of Tamano city, where five huge stages were built for five bands to perform at the same time.

The five stages are not close to each other, and on the beach that connects each stage, Tamano city officially opened a large number of stalls. In addition to the stalls sold around various bands, there are also many food stalls.

Although the festival has not officially started yet, these booths are already very popular.

“What a mistake. if I knew this earlier, I would have asked Uomi student president to set up a booth.”

Seeing the booth in the venue, Li Yalin also slapped his forehead with a face that he messed up.

In recent years, selling idol products is a very lucrative business. In fact, even his idol office has already started this kind of business. Li Yalin group products can be found in many idol stores in Tokyo.

For example, a fan with everyone’s portrait, or pin erasers.

By the way, the sales of Li Yalin’s idol goods are very good, his goods were bought by young girls between 14 and 20 years old.

Of course, speaking of this, Li Yalin doesn’t want to show off but feels that he really missed a business opportunity. If he can transport himself and the girls’ goods and open a booth to sell, and showed their strength in the next three days. This goods store having a big sales is a foregone conclusion.

But he was still a newcomer, after all. He never thought it thoroughly, so he missed a good business opportunity.

Although Li Yalin himself didn’t lack money, the problem is that the firm’s profitability is not a lot, at least Uomi is not satisfied.

So he was prepared to make much money, at least to increase the income, so it can make student president-sama happy?

Forget it, it’s already too late. He should have consulted with Sawako sensei beforehand. But for now, he should hurry up and set up a tent.

After all, it’s an idol band that will be on the stage, the organizer has to take care of the singers so as to give them equal treatment. So after arriving at the venue, the organizer quickly sent a dedicated person in charge to help Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako look for a place to set up a tent.

To be honest, even if they arrive a day earlier, the resources of the venue are still very tight. Thanks to the old hand Sawako, she can choose the position in the fastest time.

As for setting up tents, it is even simpler. With the two of them and the person in charge, the three tents dedicated to the Eiryou High School idol band were quickly set up. And finally put on the special sign so no one will bother them.

As for safety, there is no need to worry about this. In order to make this music festival a success, Tamano city officially invested a lot of money. The success of the music festival also means that it promotes the city, and vice versa, it can also bring a lot of criticism to this city.

Anyway, there is no need for Li Yalin to worry about this. The organizer has already handled everything properly. After fixing the camp for the next three days, he and Yamanaka Sawako are done.

“What shall we do now? Back to the hotel?”

After setting up the tent, a little sweat appeared on Yamanaka Sawako’s forehead, but she didn’t care. After raising her hand and wiping it lightly, she turned her gaze to Li Yalin.

“Go back to the hotel? No, let everyone have a good rest first. And we have nothing to do even if you go back anyway. So let just stroll around the venue, which also to explore the road tomorrow.”

Although the music festival will not officially open until tomorrow, the venue currently is full of people. Except for a small number of tourists, a large number of booths are actually open. It is estimated that they are all preparing for tomorrow’s rehearsal.

And this is where Li Yalin should observe carefully.

The music festival held in Tamano city this time has undoubtedly brought a large number of visitors to this unfamous city, and it has also become a good opportunity for the development of this city. If there is no music festival, who would pay attention to such a small city?

Therefore, the collaboration between Tamano city and Hot Holiday Music Festival is undoubtedly a very bold innovation. It can not only do a good job in the music festival but also promote the city. Can this method be used to rejuvenate the hometown of Kohinata Yukari?

Although it is not necessary to hold a music festival in Nagarekawa city, can similar activities be held?

These are all thoughts by Li Yalin.

It is precisely because of this that he intends to further observe this music festival. Anyway, there is a beautiful woman beside him, even if she is not his girlfriend, she’s very eye-candy to take with him, isn’t it?

And strolling around while shopping isn’t that bad either.

“Alright, let’s go shopping first.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s suggestion, Yamanaka Sawako was first stunned, and then subconsciously covered her belly. This can’t be helped, she was hungry after a day of running around. In addition, she had just set up a tent and it took a lot of her energy. Her belly already gives her an alarm.

It will take some time back to the hotel, so the best way to satisfy one’s stomach right now is nothing more than to solve it on the spot.

So… let’s taste the local delicacies while strolling around the venue.

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