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Although Li Yalin is not a guy with a high EQ, he still knows how to take the hints. He knew what was going on as soon as Yamanaka Sawako awkwardly covered her stomach. He immediately went around shopping in the music festival venue with this beautiful female sensei.

And their first stop is naturally a small gourmet shop.

“The fried noodles here are good, and the tempura is delicious too!”

Maybe Yamanaka Sawako is really hungry, or she is completely close with Li Yalin. Anyway, she is completely disregarding her image, holding a box of fried noodles to feast on, and from time to time she will make a few compliments.

Seeing her so dug into it, Li Yalin couldn’t help being infected by her and felt that the fried noodles in this box were more delicious.

Even if… this is just a box of ordinary fried noodles.

But Sawako sensei likes it, so let her eat more.

Having said that, wouldn’t this be a date?

Well, Sawako sensei probably won’t think of this since she only focused on food. Now, Li Yalin finally understood why she still couldn’t find a boyfriend.

She can’t read the mood. Although she is a good sensei, she has no awareness of being a girlfriend.

Forget it, let’s continue shopping.

Anyway, Li Yalin won’t take this as a date trip since Yamanaka Sawako aren’t conscious of this. In addition to strolling around with pretty sensei and enjoying local food, most of his attention was devoted to the venue.

The organizer of this music festival has done a good job. The venue planning is quite formal. In addition to the stage area, accommodation area and commercial area, it also leaves a special beach for tourists to play in their spare time.

Maybe he can swim with the girls on the beach when there’s time?

This seems… really possible!

In addition to the venue planning, Li Yalin also saw some bands and idols who will be on stage tomorrow. Most of them, like Li Yalin, came to step on the venue in advance. But these people are just little bands and stars with some fame. The real big names certainly can’t come in person.

In contrast, Li Yalin is thinking about whether he has to hire some specialized teams. As everyone’s reputation grows day by day, he won’t be able to handle everything himself.

Well, this also needs attention and priority.

After strolling around the venue and filling their stomachs, Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako originally plan to return to the hotel directly. Anyway, they have already rented rooms in the hotel so it’s better to rest at the hotel tonight and then get up early tomorrow and arrive at the venue before the festival officially begins.

It makes no difference anyway.

However, just as the two walked out of the beach together and were about to take a taxi to the city, the sudden gathering of people not far away attracted the attention of the two.

“Over there… it looks like something happened.”

Looking at the crowd that keeps gathering, Yamanaka Sawako’s face also showed a curious look. It is human nature to like to gather around. Even Sawako sensei was curious to see so many people together.

“Wanna have a look?”

Although it is getting late now, this shouldn’t take that long. In fact, Li Yalin is also very interested in why people gathering around. Is it possible that some big-name celebrities have come to the venue?

It wouldn’t have gathered so many people if it weren’t for this reason.

“Then go take a look.”

Yamanaka Sawako’s idea is similar to that of Li Yalin. Although this festival is destined to gather big names, in fact, which celebrity will come to the stage before it officially begins, the official still remains a mystery. This is also one of the highlights of the festival.

If it’s really a big star coming on stage, having a look first is also a good thing, at least it can also achieve the demeanor of a star.

In this way, Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako reached an agreement and moved with the crowd. However, as the flow of people increased, there would be a risk of getting separated when joining the fun. So after a little consideration, Li Yalin very decisively grabbed Yamanaka Sawako’s little hand.

“Don’t get separated.”

Yamanaka Sawako was taken aback by being held suddenly.

Although she had been with some boyfriends before, the so-called dating was actually like an ordinary friend but with a distant. Not to mention intimacy, she had never even held hands before.

The reason for this is not because Yamanaka Sawako dates an innocent boy, but because she herself resists. As for why she resists… it’s not that she has androphobia, but purely being played by her friends.

When she was in high school, Yamanaka Sawako’s friends once told her that she must be careful when she makes a boyfriend and don’t be taken advantage of, or she’ll suffer when breaking up in the future and it will be difficult to marry in the future.

Her friend said these words with good intention, but Yamanaka Sawako misunderstood the words ‘taken advantage’. In her opinion, holding hands is already being taken advantage of.

So in high school, she never let her ‘boyfriend’ cross the line, and later played rock and roll caused her ‘boyfriend’ to drift away from her.

When she later grew up and understood it, it has already become her habit. When she looked for a boyfriend, she still kept the same old way of not being close. In addition, she had poor EQ and didn’t know what love is, which led to her still remains single.

Yamanaka Sawako is actually quite clear about this. If it can be changed, she may be able to have a boyfriend and even get engaged, just like her friends.

But even if she wants to change, she can’t get rid of this habit at all. As a result, she would never think that Li Yalin took the lead when she didn’t pay attention today.

This is the so-called… holding hands?

Yamanaka Sawako has wanted to try holding hands for a long time, and even train with her best friend in private for this. But she would shrink back when it was the real thing.

But today, just by the beach in Tamano city, she was held by a boy who was several years younger.

At this moment, Yamanaka Sawako’s face blushed all over. No matter how low her EQ is, she knows what holding hands mean. She tried to break free, but she finds that she can’t exert any strength.

Boys’ hands… are they all so powerful?

The warmth from that palm… what kind of feeling is this?

Sense of security?

She wasn’t sure, but… she didn’t hate this feeling.

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