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Suddenly holding Yamanaka Sawako’s hand, Li Yalin certainly didn’t want to get separated from her, but that doesn’t mean there was no other meaning in his heart.

But this is something he’ll keep for himself. Since Sawako Sensei has no objection, then just go together while holding hands.

This isn’t too bad, isn’t it?

While holding Yamanaka Sawako’s small hand, Li Yalin was also very grateful for this incident. If it were not for this, he would not have been able to find such a good opportunity.

But… this gathering of people doesn’t seem to be caused by a celebrity idol.

Li Yalin was in a very good mood being able to hold Sawako’s hand. But as he moved forward with the flow of people, and had a full view of the cause of this incident.

The imaginary big-name celebrity did not appear. Instead, it was a scene of a girl wearing a district traditional kimono holding a katana and three men wearing black suits facing each other.

What is going on?

Are they filming?

The girl in a kimono with a katana is exquisite and beautiful at a glance and is not inferior to the idol stars on TV. The three men in black suits are also quite scary, which is quite in line with the image of the villain in the film and television works.

Seeing this situation, Li Yalin subconsciously thought that they are shooting a movie or TV series. After all, this kind of scene that only appears in film and television works is still relatively rare in reality.

Unfortunately, after looking around, he didn’t see the camera or the crew either, which means… not making a movie, but really fighting?

“Yoshino’s group, this is not your site! You guys are fishing across the border!”

Even with a crowd of spectators, the girl holding the katana did not change her face, glaring at the three ‘villains’ in a black suit on the opposite side with a righteous face, quite like the protagonist.

But what she said made Li Yalin a little surprised, Yoshino group? This is… a gang organization? In other words, those three guys on the opposite side are members of the district yakuza organization?

Yoshino group?

This yakuza organization is quite interesting. They should change into Yoshino’s house to sell gyudon after a little makeover.


This is not the time for tsukomi!

From the girl’s mouth, it can be known that the three men in black suits are from members of the Yakuza organization named Yoshino. But in the same way, the girl should not be an easy target.

Not to mention the face of the yakuza members still remains calm. Just looking at the katana in her hand and the tone of her voice, the power of her family should not be weaker than those men in black suits.

Territory, fishing across the border… In other words, is this girl’s territory?

She also mixed in yakuza?

She’s clearly only about 16-17 years old!

“Fishing across the border? When did Tamano become the site of your Setouchi group? Just because you are the ojou-sama of the Setouchi group doesn’t mean you can be arrogant! Today, none of the underlings in your group are here. What can you do by yourself?”

Okay, she was really in yakuza, and also an ojou-sama from the Setouchi group. That’s very impressive.

Witnessing the scene of the Yakuza dispute with his own eyes was much better than the TV series. But then again, this Setouchi group sounds familiar.

Why did he feel like he has heard of it somewhere?

Setouchi group ojou-sama, Setouchi… Seto…

No way… it must be just his imagination…

“Written as Ninkyo! But pronounced as a mermaid! For the reputation of my Setouchi group, I won’t let you people ran rampant even if I am alone!”


The classic lines have appeared!

In the beginning, Li Yalin really thought that he was thinking too much. There are many well-known anime characters in this world, and it even has witches, but there shouldn’t be any mermaid here.

The otherworld may have mermaid but in this world…


It actually appeared!

Ninkyo and mermaid have the same pronunciation in Japanese. Although the crowds could not hear it, Li Yalin heard it clearly. The girl holding a katana said clearly the female lead Seto Sun’s classic lines in My Bride is a Mermaid! There no mistake in this!

So in other words, the person who will say this line is bound to be the daughter of the boss of the Seto Naikai yakuza organization -Seto Sun herself!

Is this for real?

Li Yalin never thought that when he came to Okayama Prefecture along with the girls, he broke through one of the secrets of the world!

It turns out that mermaid also exists in this world!

After adding the witch, the mermaid also come out!

This is really…

Li Yalin was completely speechless for this big discovery. Although he knew that this world was far more mysterious than he thought, it doesn’t need to be that exaggerated, right?

Hold on!

My Bride is a Mermaid!


Shiranui Akeno!

Due to Seto Sun’s appearance, Li Yalin’s long-lost memories began to gradually recover. Although he didn’t remember it before, he was surprised to find that this was not his first time encountering a mermaid!

The girl called Shiranui Akeno, the girl with amnesia that they took in before seems to be one of the characters in My Bride is a Mermaid!

Okay, things starting to fall into place.

Don’t blame Li Yalin for his slow response. My Bride is a Mermaid is really an old anime. It’s not easy to remember the name of the female lead and remember everything through her lines.

After all, it’s been almost ten years.

But now that he remembers them, Li Yalin has a solution to restore Shiranui Akeno’s memory.

Of course, Shiranui Akeno currently still in Ama Usa An, and what he needs to consider at the moment is whether to participate in this dispute between the Yakuza organization!

No, to be precise, it is a dispute between yakuza mermaid!

While Li Yalin was in his thought, Seto Sun had already fought with the three men in black suits.

To be honest, Seto Sun is a girl with good strength. She waved the katana in her hands proficiently, obviously has undergone considerable training.

But what is surprising is that the three men in black suits clearly weren’t a small-fry that could be cleared in two minutes. The three of them work together and can actually fight with Seto Sun.

No… the three of them have a tendency to suppress Seto Sun over time.

What’s going on? Aren’t those three guys just an extra? Why are they so strong?

This situation made Li Yalin very surprised. The power displayed by the three men in black suits is far beyond what humans can compare. Seto Sun obviously would be in danger if this continues.

What to do?

Should he act to save her?

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