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Li Yalin was a bit hesitant whether to get involved in this mermaid yakuza dispute. It’s not that he would indifferently watch Seto Sun being cornered, but from his understanding, the mermaid is a really troublesome ethnic group.

Speaking of the Setouchi group alone, they are a group of maniacs!

Seto Sun is fine, but he can’t stand the father-in-law that tough daughter-con, he just can’t stand him.

But… he still can’t just sit here and do nothing!

The underlings of the Setouchi group are indeed not around here. If the battle is allowed to continue, Seto Sun will definitely lose in the end. The three men in black suits have already taken out their respective katana. If she accidentally gets cut, minors or severe injuries can be led to death!

No matter how troublesome yakuza mermaid is, it’s better than watching a girl lose her life, right?

Sure enough, he gotta make his move!

Daily task: Save Seto Sun.
Task content: Help Seto Sun escape the danger.
Task reward: Increase any option ability by 1.
Task tips: It’s time for the hero to save the beauty, brave boy, rush forward!

Just when Li Yalin made up his mind and prepared to take action, the system suddenly sent him a system task. Taking a closer look at the task content… well, there is no more reason to hesitated.

In any case, he’s going to save this mermaid girl!

But then again… can you have some integrity system, don’t make it sounds like hot-blooded manga, rush my ass!

“Sawako sensei, stand back a little bit and don’t get separated from the crowd.”

Okay, let’s not tsukomi the system now. Li Yalin has been holding Sawako sensei’s little hand. So before he went out, he has to appease his beautiful sensei.

“Yalin-kun you…”

Yamanaka Sawako who had been used to the temperature in his palms was taken aback when Li Yalin suddenly let go of his hand, and then hearing what he said made her feel even more inexplicable.

What is he going to do?

Could it be that he…

“Of course I can’t just watch three big men bully a little girl.”

Li Yalin smiled while facing Yamanaka Sawako. Although he was currently wearing glasses, so people could not see his true face at all. But the slightly raised corner of his mouth still made Yamanaka Sawako lose herself for a moment.

Such a Yalin-kun is so mature! So manly!

Is this the sense of security that men bring?

Unfortunately, before Yamanaka Sawako can feel this sense of security, Li Yalin has already walked out of the crowd.

Although there were many onlookers around, because the fighting in the center was too fierce, and the sword has no eyes, the circle vacated in the center was quite large. So Li Yalin garnered a lot of attention when he walked out.

“Boy, don’t get involved or you might get hurt!”

“Yeah, hurry back!”

Li Yalin is now wearing an ordinary T-shirt and glasses on his face. At first glance, he looks like a weak nerd. And because of this, he got persuaded by several well-meaning people around him.

That was a battle between the yakuza organization. Even if there was a girl in it, they are not people to mess around with, and that level of battle was not something ordinary people could interfere with.

Rashly gets involved, and you will get injured instead.

It is a pity that Li Yalin just shakes his head slightly from their persuasion. After smiling with gratitude, he went on his own way and soon came to the side of the battle.

“Don’t come here! It’s dangerous here!”

Li Yalin’s approach was not only seen by the onlookers but also noticed by Seto Sun and the three men in black suits who were at war. Stretched out her sword to block the attack of one of the men in black suits, Seto Sun took a step back and shouted to Li Yalin.

Seto Sun was a Ninkyo at heart, doesn’t want to involve ordinary people in this. Her heart is very kind.

In contrast, those three men in black suits weren’t that kind.

“Wanna die kid! Do you want to die with that damn girl?”

Probably because Li Yalin’s image at the moment is too ordinary. Anyway, the three men in black suits didn’t put him in the eye at all. It looks like they want to gets rid of him quickly, or just kill him together with Seto Sun.

They are a yakuza, after all. They have a short temper and have a foul mouth.

“Sorry, I don’t know this girl yet, and it would a problem if I die together with her.”

Yalin didn’t act rashly facing the three men in black suits with a short temper and foul mouth. Those three guys are not a small fry that will show their weakness to the enemy.

From their attitude, they did not seem to care about his appearance.

“Boy, are you trying to be funny?”

Seeing Li Yalin stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head with an awkward expression as if he was really thinking about whether he would die with the Setouchi group ojou-sama, which made the three men in black suits quite annoyed.

Wearing glasses that are so thick that his eyes can’t be seen, one will know at a glance that he was a bookworm. Such a guy would have died outside somewhere when going out alone.

Let’s taught this brat that didn’t know what he got into a long-lasting experience!

Rather, let give him an unforgettable lesson!

With this thought in mind, one of the men in black suits quickly walked towards Li Yalin, holding a katana in his hand, to let this nerd truly know how terrifying the world outside the book is!

Obediently go back to mother’s arms and take milk!

“Be careful! Run!”

Li Yalin’s sudden appearance really surprised Seto Sun, who faced the three opponents alone. At the same time, such a chivalrous heart also triggered her great affection in an instant. There were so many people present, but he’s the only one to stand up for her.

However, he is too weak, not to mention the one standing in front of him are from mermaid yakuza, known as the three core members of Yoshino 3 Heavenly King. He wouldn’t able to stand a chance even if he meets ordinary yakuza members.

He… is just an ordinary person. All he needs to do now is to leave this place as soon as possible!

Seeing the person in the black suit walking towards Li Yalin, Seto Sun couldn’t help but exclaimed, hoping that the boy who dared to bravery help her would leave this place as soon as possible. It’s not something embarrassing to even run away now.

However, just as Seto Sun was worried but could hardly help him, the next scene that surprised everyone… appeared!

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