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Sensei purpose is very clear, next is for everyone to understand Li Yalin, which is also the standard practice.

Li Yalin can walks coldly, simply ignored sensei to find his chair to sit down. But the problem is that although Li Yalin does not want to attract attention, he does not want to make himself too alienate.

What’s more, he was not a cold person, and there was no reason to offend the classmates and sensei just after entering school.

This means that the next step is to deal with students’ questions?

After listening to the sensei, Li Yalin prepared his heart. Since it is a standard practice, he would just answer them with a few words of nonsense.

Well, that’s it!

“Me! Me! Me! I have questions to ask!”

Li Yalin had just decided this in his mind, a girl raised her hand high from below the podium. Li Yalin on the podium was in shock as she raised her hand.

The girl who raised her hand was no stranger to him, because he had met the girl just yesterday.

Yes! She definitely the red-haired girl yesterday!

How is she here? She turned out to be his classmate?

No… No, it’s not just her, the other two girls also here?

No way! What a coincidence, the three girls yesterday were all his classmates?

What is this? The start of the main character encounter?

I am not an anime protagonist!

“Takagi-san? Go ahead.”

Just as Li Yalin kept tsukomi in mind, class teacher sensei had already called the red-haired girl. This makes the girl very excited to stand up from her chair, her shining eyes made Li Yalin can’t help but have the idea of ​​stepping back.

What’s happening here?

He just meet her once, right? Why does she seem interested in him?

“Li-kun! I heard that you are a pianist in a coffee shop and very good at playing piano? Can you play us a song?”

Li Yalin feel thankful that this is a normal questioning session. If he hears this question when he is drinking water, he will definitely spray the water in his mouth!


Who is this girl?

Is she a guest of Rabbit House?

“Pianist in a coffee shop?”

“Li-kun can play the piano? So amazing!”

“I really want to hear it…”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded because of her question. While in the class, some students who were interested in Li Yalin is whispering again.

Although students in Japan district participate in clubs after class, they generally have some talent skills. But being a pianist in a coffee shop is not for an ordinary student.

That is to say, Li Yalin’s piano level has definitely reached a certain level, and naturally attracted more attention.

“About this question…I actually live in a coffee shop and only play occasionally. Not a level to get some compliment.”

“As for playing, it is not a music class now and there is no piano in the class, so wait until we have the opportunity later.”

Just said to be low-key and now he has attracted the attention of the students just after entering the school, can he really have a peace of mind?

While nonstop tsukomi in his mind with a black line on his forehead, Li Yalin still has to answer this question.

At least on the surface, he could not show the slightest shake!

Otherwise, falling from the podium in the first day of enrollment is really too embarrassing.


“Okay Maki, stop here.”

Li Yalin’s performance can be described as remarkable. After all, he has also fought in the society and it is impossible to show timidity in front of these students.

But even so, the red-haired girl didn’t intend to let him go. Seeing her like this, there is a great chance she intend to take him to find a piano immediately.

Do you have to go that far?

Fortunately, The black-haired girl in the trio who also met Li Yalin yesterday pulled the sleeve of the red-haired girl sitting next to her, and finally stopped her.

And this made Li Yalin take a long breath.

It would really become more troublesome if the girl really pulled him to find a piano.

“Okay, the class bell just rang so the question session ends here. Li-kun can go to your own seat, the second seat in the back next to the window is yours.”

Should this be considered as lucky? The bell of the class rang before anyone else can ask more question, the class teacher sensei immediately finished his introduction.

No wonder he just said to end it quickly, the time is really tight.

But… second seat in the back next to the window?

The legendary protagonist seat?

For real?

Li Yalin did not expect to get the protagonist seat after transferring school.

Of course in this world only he knows this meme. Even if he tsukomied this meme, it will only draw a question marks.

Forget it, just keep the tsukomi to myself.

Nodded toward the class teacher sensei, Li Yalin carried his schoolbag to his seat and sat down. It was a coincidence that he found his next table was the long-haired girl who hit him yesterday.

Is the protagonist treatment again?

Isn’t this the standard main character encounter?

If he didn’t let out a tsukomi for this, it’s unreasonable!

“Sorry, Maki was not intentional. She just a bit excited, I apologize to you for her.”

The main character encounters usually start with conflicts, but after Li Yalin sits in his seat, the girl in the next table cast a look of apology.

While sensei lecture hasn’t officially started yet, she is very considerate to apologize for her friends. After all, it’s Li Yalin’s own job to be a pianist in a coffee shop. Even if Eiryou High School doesn’t forbid working, it does not mean he wants to tell others about this.

What’s more, she also just keenly discovered that just after her friend asked the question, Li Yalin was very vaguely frowning.

This represents that the question troubled him. In this case, she must explain for her friend.

She is not malicious.

“I don’t mind, really.”

Unexpectedly got an apology made Li Yalin somewhat distracted. The standard main character encounter event was not a conflict. Then, is he the male lead or not?

Okay, it’s better to put this far-fetched fantasy to the side first.

He shook his head toward the girl at the next table. As a man, Li Yalin would not care about such trivial matter, not to mention that it was not her fault. If asked who is wrong then it’s the girl called Maki. It has nothing to do with her.

Therefore, it is better to show he didn’t mind them.

“That’s great, oh yes, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Minami Haruka and I am very happy to be your neighbor, Li Yalin-kun.”

“Minami Haruka-san? I am also very happy to be your neighbor.”

So the girl’s name is Minami Haruka, what a good name.


Wait! Minami Haruka?

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