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Although the distance between Seto Sun and Li Yalin is not far, supporting him was not easy. Because the other two men in black suits have blocked her way, making her unable to help the boy who dared to stand up for her.

At this moment, Seto Sun only hopes that the boy can escape as soon as possible, and run as far as possible, leaving this place right away.

But who would have thought, the ensuing scene that made her open her mouth appeared!

Just when the men in a black suit walking towards the boy were about to slash the katana in his hand, the boy who looked like a nerd actually moved like lightning, and he suddenly grabbed the wrist of the men in a black suit and twisted it to make the katana in the opponent’s hand to fall to the ground, and follow suit by grabbing the collar of the men in a black suit, turning his body and lift his opponent to throw him over his shoulder!

Yes, that’s right, throw him over his shoulder!

Who could have imagined that the yakuza member who was so scary and still had a weapon in his hand would be thrown to the ground by an ordinary high school student, and even being thrown in this embarrassing way.

The loud noise came after he touches the ground, but everyone’s eardrums trembled.

Is this for real?

Yes, of course this is real.

Li Yalin had thought of this surprise attack. Since the man in the black suit looks down on him and wants to hack him in a carefree manner, of course he will not be merciful.

Rather, this mere shoulder throw is just the beginning.

Do you think it’s over with just this?

No, of course not!

With Li Yalin’s character, would he show mercy when they want him dead? He fell over, huh? Then take this!

Li Yalin kicked the face of the men in the black suit that suffered a heavy fall without hesitation. With just one kick, the opponent’s already scary facial features were completely bloomed, and this heavy blow also made the surrounding onlookers gnashed their teeth subconsciously.

Although they are not the one getting kicked in the face, it looks really hurts!

And… it’s not over yet!

Kicked him one time, Li Yalin kicked him again, and again. The man in the black suit that keeps getting kicked completely lost consciousness before he finally stopped.

Don’t blame him for being cruel. Showing mercy to the enemy in the battle is definitely the most stupid behavior, and only himself will suffer.


Although it seems like it took a lot of time, in fact, it actually only takes a few seconds from Li Yalin’s throwing down the men in a black suit to kicking him repeatedly. After done with all his attacks, he then picked up the katana that had fallen on the ground from the hands of the men in the black suit.

At times like this, having a weapon in hands is a good choice. Although General Blade is in the space ring, he can’t just use magecraft in front of the crowd, right?

When he picked up the katana, the other two men in black suits also recovered as if they were waking up from a dream, shouting the names of their companions, and the two of them suddenly rushed into Li Yalin’s direction.

This is… ready to kill each other?

“Tsk… Taro? What a cliché name.”

Li Yalin still remains calm facing the pounce of two black suits. He even had the mood to tsukomi the name of the men in a black suit that he threw down.

It’s not that he underestimated the enemy, but these two guys have completely lost their minds. And the most important thing is that their formation has been broken, so he doesn’t have to be afraid!

Yes, before interfering, Li Yalin had already seen it clearly. The individual strength of these three men in black suits, each one of them cannot be Seto Sun’s opponent. She can solve every one of them in minutes, but when they work together, they can exert stronger power just like having some magical bonus.

Seto Sun was suppressed before because of this. Now they have fewer people. What’s there to fear?

Is that guy called Taro?

You two should follow Taro’s footsteps together!

With a weapon in his hand, Li Yalin naturally didn’t need to make any surprise attacks. He blocked the attack of one of the men in black suits with katana, and then kicked the belly of the other men in the black suit.

Heh, I am a man with expert-level fighting skills, and you two dare to challenge me in close combat? Wanna die?

It can be said that he finish them off in a jiffy, Li Yalin succeeded in getting his opponent out. None of the three black suits would survive if it weren’t for him showing mercy!

They might have to lie down in the hospital for a month if didn’t care about their lives.

“You guys are lucky!”

Li Yalin would really kill them if it weren’t for too many onlookers. But nothing he can do about it, so let them survive.

But just after he spoke, there was a sudden sound of a siren not far away.

Is the police coming?

They are late as always.

Shaking his head, although Li Yalin heard the siren sound, he didn’t care. There were so many eyes around watching him help others for a just cause. It was just imperfect self-defense at most, and he could solve it with a little money.

Anyway, to Li Yalin, he doesn’t think it’s so important. But Seto Sun was frightened by this situation, her whole body shook like a little mouse getting startled by a cat.

“No-not good! The police are here! Run!”

Subconsciously, Seto Sun took a few steps forward and grabbed Li Yalin’s wrist. Without allowing him to say anything, she turned around and ran hard.

Because she was from a yakuza organization, so she’s sensitive to the siren sound?

Li Yalin can understand this, but Seto Sun, why are you dragging me? I am not as afraid of the police as you are!

I mean my beauty sensei is still in the crowd!

Seto Sun who was frightened by the sound of the siren didn’t give Li Yalin a chance to explain at all. So she dragged him all the way to a secluded corner before she stopped.

Even though she was panting, she subconsciously looked back and finally let out a sigh of relief after confirming that there was no one chasing them.

“Fortunately, the police did not catch up.”

Yes, the police did not catch up, but I got separated from my companion!

Li Yalin really didn’t know what kind of expression he should make against this pretty mermaid girl.

To be honest, just in that confusion, he should get rid of Seto Sun’s hand and go to Sawako Sensei’s.

Why didn’t he break away!

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