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“Um… thank you very much for your help, you really helped me!”

Seto Sun doesn’t know what Li Yalin is thinking at the moment, but she is still very grateful to this ‘helper’ who dared to stand up at her moments of crisis, still not retreat in the face of a strong enemy, and can even defeat them.

Now that she was out of danger, she bowed 90 degrees to him, with a pair of beautiful eyes gleaming with gratitude.

“It’s nothing. Anyone who encounters this kind of thing will stand up.”

Li Yalin feels a little awkward towards Seto Sun’s gratitude. After all, he hesitated before making a decision, from not wanting to get involved with mermaid yakuza.

But he acted in the end, and he was also thanked by the girl. In this case, he certainly wanted to be modest.

“No, there are too few people with chivalrous hearts nowadays. It is even rarer to have people who dare to show up in that situation as you do. In any case, you saved me. Please accept my gratitude.”

What can he say, Seto Sun’s character is somewhat headstrong, she is quite convinced of his chivalry. So without much doubt, she just believes that Li Yalin is her lifesaver, which he can’t do anything about.

In this case, Li Yalin can only choose to accept it.

“Okay, but… I actually came with a companion, so I have to report my safety to my companion first.”

Li Yalin was also a little helpless facing this mermaid girl. But he also very worried about Yamanaka Sawako that got separated, so after waving his hand to Seto Sun, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Sawako’s number.

“Hello, Yalin-kun, are you okay now?”

The call was quickly connected, and the voice from the microphone was a little flustered. Looks like Li Yalin suddenly ran out to take down three yakuza members brought a lot of shock to Sawako.

“Yes, I’m okay, I’m now… well, I am not sure where I am, where are you now? Should I look for you?”

Feeling Sawako’s panic, Li Yalin hurriedly stated that he was safe. Unfortunately, he was dragged aimlessly by Seto Sun, now he doesn’t know where he is. There are houses around him, and he can still vaguely hear shouting sounds from above the nearby building.

This place… should be a residential area. If he can’t find his location, he can only use his mobile phone to locate it.

“Don’t, don’t come looking for me. The police haven’t left yet. Let’s meet at the hotel.”

Yamanaka Sawako quickly rejected Li Yalin’s plan. It was not because she was scared of Li Yalin, but the police were still investigating the scene. Wouldn’t he be taken to the police station for interrogation if he appeared and got recognized?

In any case, Yamanaka Sawako cannot let Li Yalin be taken away by the police.

“Alright, let’s meet at the hotel.”

Li Yalin also understood what she meant. Although he’s not afraid of being taken away, it is indeed troublesome to go out. Better not to make things more complicated.

Anyway, he wore glasses during the fight, so he can’t be recognized. The effect of Ordinary Mirror was no joke.

Li Yalin hung up after discussing with Sawako, and then he gonna say goodbye to Seto Sun.

To be honest, meeting this mermaid girl on the beach of Tamano city really surprised Li Yalin to no end. But he had never really thought of conquering her.

Rather, he didn’t intend to have any involvement with mermaid yakuza at all. This Seto Sun was just a passer-by he accidentally met.

Seeing her in trouble, he stepped forward to help, and he gonna said goodbye after everything is over. He was only here to attend the music festival, and it would be difficult to come to this place again when the music festival was over.

It’s a pity, but… it’s time to say goodbye.

“Then, I should…”

Putting away the phone, Li Yalin decided to say goodbye to Seto Sun. The two meet by chance, and at best helped others once. It’s simply out of the question that he’s gonna chase her.

But in some cases, fate has other plans. Just as Li Yalin was about to say goodbye, people from the house above them suddenly opened the window, and then a basin of cold water was poured directly down.

“Be quiet! ​​Look at the time! People can’t sleep!”

The owner of this house is estimated to have a short temper. Coupled with the vague sound of quarrels before, it is estimated that there was some argument. As a result, Li Yalin and Seto Sun who were outside of his house became the targets of his vent and get poured with a basin of cold water.

Generally in this situation, if the person involved also has a fiery temper, he will come knocking on his door and have a fight. In case of mild personality and chooses to avoid trouble, it is estimated that he will just leave and consider himself unlucky.

Then with Li Yalin’s character, of course, he would not leave quietly when he was suddenly splashed with cold water. This is simply bullying! No matter how angry you are, don’t pour your anger to innocent passers-by!

Don’t you have some decency?

However, the present situation didn’t allow him to run up to quarrel with that family. Because as the basin of cold water was poured, the white and flawless legs of Seto Sun turned into red fish tails!

Yes, the prototype of mermaid girl has appeared!

What are the rules of the mermaid?

Die if one’s real body is discovered by a human or kill the human who had seen one’s real body, and the third option is to become a family!

What is the definition of being a family?

It’s none other than getting married. Remember that the story of My Bride is a Mermaid was also started from this. Li Yalin remembers this very clearly.

So this situation now…

Either Seto Sun will die, or he will die, or else just marry this girl?

No, no, there is actually a fourth option!

Anyway, there are only him and the mermaid girl here. Wouldn’t it be okay if they kept it a secret? Anyway, he will leave this place forever in a few days.

Well, that’s it!

“You know…”

“Sun!! Dad is here to save you!”


“Ojou-sama, are you okay?”

Just when Li Yalin was about to say something to Seto Sun, the sound of running and shouting not far away caused his words to stop on the spot, and at this trend…

After a while, Li Yalin picked up the phone and dialed Yamanaka Sawako’s cell phone.

“Hello, Sawako sensei? Something came up, I may not be able to go back tonight. You guys rest early, let’s meet at the venue tomorrow morning. Yes, I was not caught by the police, don’t worry…”

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