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Li Yalin originally plan to leave immediately after saving people, did not expect that the basin of cold water came so suddenly, and then the guys from the Setouchi group arrived so in time.

What is this?

Is the script already written?

Why are there so many coincidences? Why they caught up with such timing?

Li Yalin really wants to pour out all his dissatisfaction, his frustration!

This is absurd!

You have got to be kidding!

However, no matter how much he tsukomi, no matter how absurd he thinks it was, he couldn’t hide the facts before him.

He saw the real body of Seto Sun, and the scene of the Setouchi group rushed to support the mermaid girl. The current situation was that they are facing each other, making it very awkward.

What to do?

Turn around and run?

He was unfamiliar with this place, and it seems that he can’t get past the local snakes Setouchi group.

Don’t run… how to solve this situation?

“This gentleman, can you come with our group to have a chat?”

In the end, a man with black sunglasses and an afro hairstyle, who looked a lot like afro ojisan, stood up and invited Li Yalin very calmly.

This man…

Seeing this afro ojisan, Li Yalin already knew his identity in his heart. He really doesn’t remember what the other party was called, but he seems to be Shiranui Akeno’s biological onii-chan, and he seems to have the same amnesia constitution?

Although he didn’t realize it, his image is quite charming in the eyes of some people?

In any case, Li Yalin also understands that this man is one of the few people with common sense in the Setouchi group. If it were him, he would be able to communicate normally.

Go have a chat with their group, which means, they are going to have a chat with him?

“Alright, I haven’t had any contact with yakuza personnel before, so today I’ll just broaden my minds.”

Facing this ‘invitation’ from afro ojisan, Li Yalin agreed very calmly. But on the other hand, he held the katana he had obtained before.

This is not anime, but the real world. In this world, God knows if mermaid will do any extreme means to hide their identity.

Now that he’s alone, of course he must always be vigilant, after all…

The attitude of that afro ojisan is very good, but Li Yalin also saw the sturdy uncle who hugged Seto Sun in his arms as soon as he arrived, with a big cross scar on his face, using a murderous gaze to stare at him!

That guy… definitely wants to kill himself!

He’s indeed the legendary daughter-con!

It’s a pity that he can’t get away from this place if he didn’t use coercive means. The so-called coercive means… is to secretly contact Kowata Akane, who is far away in Tokyo, and ask her to bring the otherworld’s strong support (Black) to save him.

And once Black makes an appearance…

Forget it, he’s on his own now, why would he ask for girl help!

After accepting the other party’s invitation, he’s going to have a one-day trip to the bottom of the sea. He was brought to the bottom of the sea by the mermaid of the Setouchi group. To be honest, the whole process really gave Li Yalin the illusion of becoming Urashima Taro.

At that time, it’s probably like this when Urashima Taro was brought into Ryugu by a sea turtle. It’s a pity that he is not with a talking turtle, but bulky yakuza with a fishtail. That kind of scene…

Ew… it’s hurting his eyes looking at them too much, so let’s take a look at Seto Sun more to steady his nerves!

“Welcome to the Setouchi group!”

The buildings under Seto Naikai are not the legendary magnificent dragon palace, but the district traditional yakuza courtyard. This really makes him want to tsukomi, and after coming here, it can definitely make people tremble with this many ugly yakuza.

Ordinary people will definitely be scared when they see this scene. Are they trying to show their might?

It’s a pity that Li Yalin who had gone through many things didn’t really feel anything from the scene before him.

He just wants tsukomi a lot now. They are obviously a group of a mermaid, but they are like gangsters from the last century. At what age is this, are these mermaids didn’t plan to keep up with the times and make themselves more presentable?

Well, after passing the gangster mermaid at the door, and then entering the lobby of the Setouchi group, he finally saw some decent guys.

Compared with those ugly gangster mermaids, these guys who looked like middle-level personnel in an organization were quite imposing, each wearing a suit and tie, with an unusually heavy atmosphere.

“Please wait a moment here.”

Afro ojisan’s name is Masa, no family name and only surname. As the only person… no, as a mermaid who can communicate with Li Yalin normally, his attitude is still quite good.

At this moment, he also invited Li Yalin to the very end of the hall to take a seat and then left with the rest of the people.

He’s going to leave him here?

Although Li Yalin thoughts immediately about Mr. Masa’s arrangement, he did not show much response. However, when Mr. Masa left him alone, he keenly saw that Seto Sun was still very much anxiously glanced at him just like when they left.

Is she worried about him?

What a kind girl.

However, he doesn’t necessarily at a disadvantage even if they are a mermaid yakuza organization!

After all… he still has his trump card!

Never mind, let see what the hell these guys are going to do!

In this hall, a group of yakuza mermaid in suits knelt and sat in two rows, the innermost seat in the center was empty. It should be for Seto Sun’s father, the boss of the Setouchi group.

And Li Yalin’s seat is now at the other end location. Mr. Masa brought him here to let him confront the host?

It’s probably like this, so just sit and wait.

However, Li Yalin is not used to the district tradition of seiza. Even in such a stressful scene, he still chooses to sit cross-legged calmly, as if this is not the site of the mermaid yakuza organization, but his own home.

Such leisure and calmness also surprised the suit mermaid on both sides of the hall.

As a human being, he came to this underwater world for the first time and saw the real mermaid and scary yakuza organization of the Setouchi group, but there’s no slightest fear on his face.

Such courage is really rare!

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