Cafe 383

Coming to the Setouchi group’s site as a guest, Li Yalin, instead of receiving any hospitality, was left out in the lobby instead, which bored him.

After waiting for at least half an hour, the door on the side of the hall was opened. A group of people poured in from the door. Among them was Seto Sun who Li Yalin rescued and her father, and of course, Mr. Masa.

In addition, there is another woman who is also quite eye-catching, wearing a purple kimono, with dark blue short hair, full of mature charm. She… should be Seto Sun’s mother.

To be fair, Seto Sun has such a beautiful mother and a beast-like father. It is really a combination of the beast and the beauty in various senses.

Well, now is not the time to lament this.

Looks like they have discussed in secret and reached conclusion, but Li Yalin can’t know their plan before everything is clear.

Is it a marriage route like the original plot, or are they gonna kill him?

Or maybe… there are other options?

Everything depends on how the boss of the Setouchi group speaks!

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

When the boss appeared, he was naturally sitting in the center of the main seat of the hall, while his wife and daughter were seiza on the left and right. And the one who speaks just now is still Mr. Masa.

Mr. Masa did not sit down but stood at the entrance of the hall. He greeted Li Yalin, but then his eyes turned back to his boss.

“Cih… with such a nerd kid, what an annoyance…”

Following Mr. Masa’s gaze, everyone in this hall also raised their heads and stared at their boss. While the boss of the Setouchi group above the main seat, he muttered and the discomfort on his face can be seen at a glance.

Although the voice is very small, Li Yalin who is very perceptive can hear them clearly. Then, even Li Yalin can hear his muttering clearly, there is no way any mermaid that sits here can’t hear them.

It was precisely because of his words that the atmosphere in the entire hall suddenly became heavier, and many of them even secretly put their hands into their chest, perhaps they were planning to draw a gun or a sword.

Facing such a tense scenario, Li Yalin frowned slightly, which means… a fierce battle is inevitable?


Just as the atmosphere becomes extremely solemn, Seto Sun’s mother, who was kneeling on the side of the Setochi group boss, spoke. Her voice has some dissatisfaction, and the object of this dissatisfaction was her husband!

“Cough… youngster who saved my Sun, welcome to our Setouchi group. I haven’t introduced myself yet, I am Seto Gozaburo, the leader of the Setouchi Merfolk and Setouchi group… Seto Gozaburo!”

Although he looks fierce and the scar on his face can scare people, this guy is obviously a henpecked husband. When his wife is dissatisfied, he immediately put away all his little emotions and started a serious introduction.

Seto Gozaburo is the name of Seto Sun’s father, and also the boss of the biggest gang organization on the Seto Naikai side, the Setouchi group!

“Nice to meet you, thank you for saving our Sun. I am Sun’s mother, Seto Ren.”

After Seto Gozaburo, Seto Sun’s mother also introduced herself. Compared with Seto Gozaburo’s reluctant and unhappy look, this beautiful and mature madam is very gentle.

Rather, she is now looking at Li Yalin like a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, and on top of that… she’s rather pleased.


This means… it follows the original plot?

Although it was just a self-introduction, Li Yalin was a little surprised. He originally thought that a fierce battle was inevitable, but it turned out that he still failed to escape the inertia of the plot.

In other words…

“I am Seto Sun, thank you very much for your help.”

In the end, the mermaid girl also said her name, and she seems to be a little shy when she looked at Li Yalin.

It really is this kind of plot!

Today is really… what twists and turns…

“My name is Li Yalin and I am from Tokyo. I came to Tamano city this time to participate in the music festival, and just meet Miss Seto by chance. It’s nothing but insignificant strength, it’s not worth mentioning.”

The other party has finished introducing themselves. Now it’s clear that they are waiting for Li Yalin to identify himself. Right now, they aren’t on a bad term yet, so he can just say it directly.

After all, the two sides are not planning to tear each other faces.

“Li Yalin-san, right? I seem to have heard of this name… Then, can I ask where Li Yalin-san’s parents are now? So we can have a parent meeting?”

After Li Yalin introduced himself, Seto Gozaburo who was sitting in the main seat, still had a gloomy face and had no intention of expressing his stance, while Seto Ren beside him spoke with a smile.

From this context, she’s asking to invite his parents to discuss marriage issues.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin who is a transmigrator, can’t find his parents at all!

“I’m very sorry, I don’t have a mother and my father… it’s been a long time since I saw him.”

Li Yalin was telling the truth. According to the identity assigned to him by the system, he has no mother in this world. He can’t even find a trace of his nominal father, just like he has vanished from the world.

Perhaps he won’t see this so-called father in this lifetime. So this parents’ discussion wasn’t possible.

“I see… sorry for touching your sore spot.”

Li Yalin was telling the truth, but it caused Seto Ren’s misunderstanding. Obviously, in her opinion, Li Yalin’s mother died young, and his father’s whereabouts are unknown. Such a child must be very pitiful at a young age.

Out of nowhere, a feeling called maternal love was born in Seto Ren’s heart. Li Yalin would be dumbfounded if he were to know what she was thinking right now.

“I’ll just say it straight since Yalin’s parents are not here. As you can see, our Setouchi group… is a yakuza organization composed of mermaid. Everyone, including me, is a mermaid. “

“Although mermaid lives in the crowd, they always hide their identity. Now you have seen Sun’s real body, so we hope you can take responsibility.”

“Yalin… can you marry Sun as your wife?”

In a brief conversation, Seto Ren’s way of addressing Li Yalin has changed from Li Yalin-san to Yalin. And after that, she also straightforwardly explained her intention.

Marrying Seto Sun, it’s simple as that. As long as Li Yalin agrees, the cute and pretty mermaid will become his wife, and then he can live a happy life with no regret!

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