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As a transmigrator self-proclaimed otaku uncle who has not had a girlfriend for nearly 30 years, marriage is a rather unfamiliar and longing term for Li Yalin.

In fact, once upon a time he also imagined what his wife would be like in the future.

His ideal wife would be an ordinary girl who can accompany him all his life, he won’t ask more than that.

It’s a pity that this idea could not be realized after all. He got transmigrated into another world and became a super handsome boy. With so many cute and pretty girls gathered around him, coupled with the system in his body, his future life is doomed to be not ordinary.


Even so, it’s too fast to get married now, right?

I’m still a kid!

“Can you give me a reason?”

Although he secretly keeps on tsukoming, on the surface, Li Yalin was very calm, not as immature as he seemed at his age. He neither readily agreed nor resolutely refused, but instead asked Seto Ren for a reason.

Yes, although he understands everything, he can’t explain it. At this time, he needs to let Seto Ren explain everything herself!

“Damn brat! It’s a lifetime honor for you to marry my Sun! And you still need a reason? I don’t need a reason to kill you!”

Before Seto Ren could answer Li Yalin’s question, Seto Gozaburo on the side could no longer bear it. He picked up the katana on his side while screaming and threatening to kill him.

As expected of the most powerful daughter-cons. When it comes to dealing with son-in-law, Seto Gozaburo will always be a mortal enemy with no further explanation!

“Boss! Please calm down!”

Seto Gozaburo was about to kill Li Yalin when he got up. Fortunately, Mr. Masa was quick in stopping him. Otherwise, Li Yalin would have to pick up the katana and fight with him.

Seeing the future father-in-law who seemed to be a fire-breathing Godzilla, like he would never give up if he didn’t kill his future son-in-law, Li Yalin couldn’t help feeling speechless.

Although as a daughter-con, he understands Seto Gozaburo’s feelings quite well, when he becomes the son-in-law, it was such a headache.

“Enough husband! Just sit there if you have nothing else to say! Let me handle everything!”

It stands to reason that Seto Ren, as Seto Gozaburo’s wife, should give her husband some face in front of an outsider. She is also the wife of Yakuza’s boss anyway.

But this time, she did not leave everything to her husband, as they have discussed in advance.

First, Seto Gozaburo obviously lost his reason, so she can’t let him do the talking. Second, it was also Li Yalin’s life experience that triggered her maternal love (confusion?). At this moment, she intends to take the matter by herself.


Seto Gozaburo, the dignified group leader of Setouchi, the yakuza boss Seto Gozaburo, whose only nemesis is his wife.

Seto Ren will definitely stand by her word once she opens her mouth. In contrast to how he has been clamoring to hack Li Yalin to death before and this appearance with a forehead full of sweat, it was obvious that he was terrified of Seto Ren.

This is really one thing subdued another, she was the female boss.

“I’m sorry, my husband is not in his right mind. In fact, this is also related to Sun’s real body being seen by you.”

After dealing with her husband, Seto Ren turned her gaze back to Li Yalin, bowed slightly to apologize, and then continued to explain.

“Yalin, as a human, you don’t understand the rules of our mermaid. Because our mermaid clan has hidden their identity since ancient times, so once our identity is known to humans, there is only a dead end. I think Yalin should know The Little Mermaid tales? It’s not a fairy tale, but an adaptation of a real story.”

“Sun is our only daughter. Of course we don’t want Sun to die. To save Sun’s life, we have another way… that is to kill the human who sees her mermaid real body.”

As Li Yalin thought, in Seto Ren’s mouth, the mermaid was seen by humans, either mermaid died or humans died. And when it came to the topic of killing humans who saw the mermaid’s real body, Seto Gozaburo once gain turned into Godzilla, and go into rage mode again.

“Why my lovely Sun has to die! I will never allow Sun to die and disappear! Just kill that kid! Kill that kid so Sun can survive! Let me kill that kid!”

Seeing him shouting and screaming with snot and tears, Seto Gozaburo, this yakuza boss makes people really speechless!

At the very least, Li Yalin is very speechless now.

“Father! Please don’t say that! Yalin-san saved me, how could I kill my own savior? This is detrimental to the chivalry of our mermaid! I will never allow it!”

“If one person must die between me and Yalin-san, let me die!”

This time, it was neither Seto Ren nor Mr. Masa who stopped Seto Gozaburo, but Seto Sun, who has been silent since she introduced her name.

Seeing the mermaid girl spread her hands, lying on the tatami in a big letter, with a face of sacrificing one’s life heroically for a cause, the hall instantly quieted down.

Repaying virtue by virtue is the chivalrous way of the mermaid, the boss daughter, Sun ojou-sama was really a chivalrous person (fish)!!!


“Sun ojou-sama!”

At this moment, all the suits mermaid in the hall were full of tears, and the spirit of their own ojou-sama truly moved them!

Even God would be moved if it sees this scene!

Unfortunately, Li Yalin wasn’t moved by this.

Yes, Li Yalin who saw this scene just felt speechless. He couldn’t say anything for Seto Sun, this mermaid girl who shows her stance for him.

You guys in the Setouchi group… are all comedians?

It’s clear that the lady boss Seto Ren hasn’t finished her words yet. Why would he be moved when she wasn’t done with her words. What the hell!

The original solemn atmosphere has been completely broken, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!

“Okay! Wait for me to finish!”

Fortunately, Seto Ren was the best to control this place. When she screamed, which was far more useful than Seto Gozaburo’s shouting, the hall immediately becomes silent.

Now, everyone’s attention has been focused on Seto Ren.

“Although mermaid’s rules are like this, doesn’t mean there’s no middle ground. Yalin did see Sun’s real body, but! If Yalin becomes a member of our Setouchi group, we don’t have to abide by that rule anymore?”

“That’s why I said, Yalin, would you like to marry Sun as your wife?”

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