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Well, now Seto Ren has already said everything that should be said, and then everyone’s eyes are also turned to Li Yalin.

It can be seen that if he dares to say no again, he will definitely be torn to pieces by those excited yakuza mermaids.

Li Yalin is completely aware of this.

It stands to reason that as long as he agrees to their conditions, he can save his life and get a mermaid, this condition was not a lost no matter how one thinks. But to suddenly take this mermaid as a wife, if this matter was known to the girls…

The great harem project that hasn’t even started, will fall into the grave because he gets married first?

He hesitated…

“How is it? Yalin, you don’t want to?”

Li Yalin hesitated, and Seto Ren immediately noticed a problem. Through this conversation, she also found that the young man in front of her was more mature than his peers, so what does his hesitation now mean?

“Do you hide something? Or… you already have a girl you like?”

Yes, a boy of this age must have already had a girl he likes. Seto Ren also goes through this age, of course she can understand this feeling. Obviously, he has someone he likes but has to marry another girl. It would be hard to accept if she was in Li Yalin’s shoes.

Perhaps because of the maternal love that radiates from the heart? At this moment, Seto Ren was taking into consideration of Li Yalin’s thoughts.

“What? You have our Sun but you like other girls? Such a playboy should be hacked to death!”

Before Li Yalin could answer Seto Ren’s question. Seto Gozaburo once again transformed into a fire-breathing Godzilla. He didn’t know where his fire came from, that he could keep on spraying.

Seeing him like this, he really won’t give up until he kills Li Yalin. If he really becomes his father-in-law, it can be imagined how ‘lively’ it would be in the future.

In fact, this is also an important reason why Li Yalin has been reluctant to agree. It’s great to have a gentle and beautiful girl as a wife, but to get stuck with such a temperamental old man, his future life will be filled with trouble!

Even though… the mother-in-law is really pretty and also very gentle.


Regarding Seto Gozaburo’s fire-breathing everywhere, Seto Ren glared again with cold words that turned him into an ice sculpture. But Li Yalin also understood that he can’t just give no explanation.

“I must be admitted, Ms. Seto Sun… she is indeed a very beautiful girl. It would be a blessing of a lifetime if she can become my wife.”

Pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose, Li Yalin took a deep breath. Whether this problem can be resolved peacefully today depends on his next performance!

When he spoke, he complimented the mermaid girl first, which not only made Seto Sun’s face appeared a little shy but also easied the atmosphere in the hall. After all, this is complimenting their own ojou-sama, Setochi group mermaid of course love to hear it.

But those mermaids might not be able to notice it, which doesn’t mean that everyone is stupid. At least after Li Yalin said this, Seto Ren and Mr. Masa standing at the door, their brows couldn’t help but crease.

This boy… has something else to say.

“But I am sorry that I cannot be the husband of Ms. Seto Sun.”

Sure enough, Li Yalin turned down the marriage, which did not surprise Seto Ren and Mr. Masa, but it also caused the anger of many mermaids and Seto Gozaburo present.

“What did you say?”

“Are you looking down on our ojou-sama?”

“Wanna die, brat?”

“Don’t stop me! I’m going to kill him!!!”

A big battle might break out if there is no one to stop this situation.

And Li Yalin also clearly saw that when he said that he could not be Seto Sun’s husband, the mermaid girl’s face who had already seiza once again showed a pale look.

What does this mean?

Did she like him?

She is really willing to marry him?

Is the power of a hero save beauty that great?

For real…

“Be quiet!”

Li Yalin is carefully observing Seto Sun’s reaction, and the commotion in the hall was suppressed by Seto Ren. As expected of the lady boss yakuza who can restrain Seto Gozaburo, she is really resolute.

“Yalin, you can’t marry Sun… can you tell me why?”

After suppressing the surrounding, Seto Ren’s eyes focused on Li Yalin. Although her tone was still gentle, in the same way, Li Yalin’s refusal also caused a little grudge in her heart.

The two get married was the best way and the only way to save Sun. Otherwise, one of the two will inevitably die, she didn’t want to see this happen.

So now, she must hear Li Yalin’s explanation!

“Mrs. Seto, you just asked me if I have a girl I like, I can answer this question. Yes! I have a girl I like, and I like more than one girl!”

“As Mr. Seto said, I am a playboy. This is one of the reasons I cannot give Miss Seto Sun happiness…”


How to answer Seto Ren’s question?

Li Yalin has thought about it beforehand, and he finally answered like this after looking for excuses.

After all, this is true in every sense.

Marriage is still too far away for him. Although the establishment of a harem is just a fantasy, what if it succeeds?

Taking a step back, even if he doesn’t consider the issue of establishing a harem, he can’t marry Seto Sun now. It will definitely make things confusing if he really does that.

How to explain them to his family? How does he explain it to the school? How to explain it to the company?

He can’t give any explanation!

If everyone knows he went to Tamano city, attended a music festival but found a wife…

God, he shuddered at the thought!

Ultimately, he is really a playboy. It’s hard for him to like just one girl. What’s more, he doesn’t want to hurt the hearts of other girls…

Sounds shameless, right?

But this is Li Yalin’s true feeling!


He is telling the truth here, but the mermaid in the Setouchi group has their mouths wide open and their faces are all in disbelief.

Hey, isn’t that too much?

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