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“That… Yalin, although boys in puberty like you should better… you know. Like is just like, doesn’t mean you will be together in the future. Girls… are more realistic. Uh… you should know what I mean, right?”

After hesitating for a long time, Seto Ren spoke very tactfully. Although she was careful in what she says, Li Yalin understood what she meant.

Rather, Seto Gozaburo’s burst of laughter on the side explained it all.

“Ahahahaha… Who does this nerd kid think he is? Even if you like a lot of girls or being a playboy? Even if you have that mind, you have to have that capital! Look in the mirror to see how ordinary you are!”

To put it bluntly, Li Yalin wearing Ordinary Mirror is an ordinary nerd boy in the eyes of the Setouchi mermaids. Although his personality is mature and calm, most of the boys and girls of his age still look at one appearance.

A pretty girl like Seto Sun can naturally get many boys’ favors, but if it’s an ordinary boy… to say that there are many girls like him, who would believe it?

Not to mention, Li Yalin was liked by many girls was directly regarded by others as being an adolescent delusion.

It’s really painful.

“Like or not depends on both parties involved. Ms. Seto Sun and I just meet by chance. No one will believe if it was said to be love at first sight, most marriages without emotion as the basis will end in tragedy. Ms. Seto Sun has no idea what kind of person I am, so this is the second reason why I refuse.”

He was ridiculed, but Li Yalin’s expression was still indifferent. He wouldn’t take off his glasses to show off from the slightest provocation. In fact, he wasn’t at that age anymore.

Pushing his glasses again, he just calmly continued to explain the second reason and explained this fact to everyone.


Originally Seto Gozaburo smiled happily but found that his ridicule to the nerdy brat he regarded as a thorn in his eyes was not moved at all, it made him feel like hitting as soft cotton, which makes him unhappy.

This guy… was nothing but a bookworm? Does he feel any emotions?

Seto Gozaburo’s heart was thinking like this. But just after Li Yalin said this, his wife and daughter, Seto Ren and Seto Sun, the mother and daughter could not help their eyes light up. They have seemed to think of something.

“For you, the second reason is the point, right?”

As Seto Ren spoke, well, it seems that she has completely misunderstood. It seems that in her eyes, this is the main reason that Li Yalin will not hesitate to ‘slander’ himself and make up the so-called first reason.

This year is not like before. What is more important is free love. The time when the parents being the matchmaker has passed. Is he thinking about her own daughter by doing this?

Unknowingly, Seto Ren is already the mother-in-law watching her son-in-law, and the more she looks, the more she likes him. And Seto Sun seems to have the same misunderstanding, staring at Li Yalin with her big beautiful eyes.

“Whether it was the main reason or not, these two reasons are facts that I cannot deny. I am indeed a playboy. I really did not deceive you on this point.”

Li Yalin can already see Seto Ren’s thoughts, so he is trying his best to explain. But… his explanation does not seem to have any effect. Rather… the beautiful madam even more unconvinced.

“Oh? According to you, you are a playboy, and there are a lot of girls you like, so in the same way, those girls will definitely like you, right? I didn’t expect Yalin was so popular, so… can you tell aunt? Tell me, what kind of person are the girls that also like you?”

It is estimated that in Seto Ren’s eyes, Li Yalin is making up a lie. In order to expose his lies, she even asked him more details.

After all, the more you make things up, the easier it is to find flaws. It looks like Seto Ren should be looking for flaws in Li Yalin another ‘nonsense’ and directly expose him in one fell swoop.

So he will no longer have a chance to refuse, isn’t he?

Now, the fire-breathing Godzilla father-in-law Seto Gozaburo has completely become a display. The conversation that should have been led by him has abruptly replaced by his most feared wife.

This beautiful madam is really not an easy opponent…

“To say we like each other… it hasn’t reached that level yet. At best, we have a good impression of each other, but had no way to tear away that layer of relationship. After all, the law is still a monogamous system. I can’t confess if I can give my commitment to them, otherwise I will be just a scumbag.”

With a sigh, Li Yalin only felt quite speechless. What the hell is this? He was discussing with a beautiful madam who can become his future mother-in-law about his harem future?
How come it feels so awkward?

But everything has gone this far, and it doesn’t seem to work if he doesn’t say it. Shrugged his shoulders helplessly, just say frankly whatever is in his mind.

Some words have been held in his heart for a long time. Taking this opportunity to talk about it seems to be a good idea.

Anyway, it should be difficult to return to this Seto Naikai after he leaves, let alone having further interaction with Seto Naikai’s mermaid…

“Oh? You do know that you are a scumbag? So what are you going to do? Just drag it out?”

Although she intends to expose Li Yalin’s ‘lie’, Seto Ren seemed to be interested in his circumstances. Especially Li Yalin’s sigh, as if he was really struggling with this, which interest her even more.

This boy who is about the same age as her daughter is really interesting…

“I have no choice but to drag it on, so I’m also considering whether to form a wealthy family. I think Mrs. Seto should have known. Although the monogamy system applies to ordinary families, it wasn’t much restriction for a wealthy family. So I want to marry all the girls I like if I get the chance.”

Li Yalin said it very seriously. The Setouchi mermaids who listen to him all have their mouths wide open. Does this kid really think of creating a wealthy family just to start a harem? Should they praise him for his courage, or laugh at his stupidity?

What is this? Is it a popular joke among young people now?

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