Cafe 387

“Yalin you…”

“Mrs. Seto, please listen to me.”

Li Yalin’s words made Seto Ren quite speechless. It sounds kind of like rubbish, which made people want tsukomi. Even Seto Gozaburo, who had been laughing before was dumbfounded and looking at Li Yalin with an absurd expression.

Is this nerd suffering from paranoia?

Li Yalin was not surprised by their reaction and he still had something else to say. So he first interrupted Seto Ren when she hesitated to speak.

“The idea above would be difficult to realize if I’m just an ordinary person. But the problem is, I’m not an ordinary person… I wonder if Mrs. Seto has ever heard of the existence of a witch?”

Speaking of which, Li Yalin is really starting to expand his moves. How to solve this incident without getting married is the current focus!

“Witch? Do you mean those witches who are hidden in the world and can use the mysterious magecraft?”

Seto Ren was shocked by Li Yalin’s words. Of course she had also heard of the legend of the witch, but she had never seen them before.

There are many witches in this world, but they always live in a fixed circle and rarely communicate with people outside their circle, and this is also the norm in this world.

Take the district as an example. The ninjas in the district are only active in the ninja circle, while Onmyouji only communicates with the same kind. Many ninjas even think that Onmyouji is a legend, and most Onmyouji also think that the existence of ninja has long since disappeared.

They have little interaction since they are in a different circle, because each other is concealing their identities.

Mermaid is like this, and of course the same is true of witches. If it weren’t for Li Yalin accidentally seen Seto Sun’s real body today, perhaps he would never have known in his entire life that there really existed mermaid in this world.

And Seto Ren, the wife of the boss of the Setouchi group, can still detect some secrets but had no intersection and she does not know much. But she did not expect that it was mentioned by Li Yalin.

“That’s right, it’s the witch that Mrs. Seto said. I won’t hide it from everyone. Actually, I am considered half of the witch circle, the small shop I opened has a certain influence in the witch world.”

The reason why Li Yalin wants to say this is that he is telling each other that he is not an ordinary person. Don’t put the rules between ordinary people and mermaid on him. In addition, there are people behind him. His trump card wasn’t just the boring fantasy of forming a wealthy family.

“I see, Yalin is not an ordinary person. No wonder you can defeat Yoshino 3 Heavenly King and save our Sun.”

Li Yalin said so much, nothing more than to prove his identity, and the boring rules are useless to him. But after he said these words, Seto Ren’s expression seemed to be more satisfied with him.

What is going on?

It feels like Mrs. Seto gonna say something terrible.

“In this way, I will be able to hand over Sun to you with greater peace of mind, Yalin.”

As expected!

What the hell is this?

Li Yalin couldn’t understand at all. He has said it so obviously, why this beautiful madam kept trying to stuff her daughter to him.

This is totally wrong!

“Mrs. Seto, I think I didn’t make it clear. First of all, I am not an ordinary person. Even knowing the existence of a mermaid shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t believe that mermaid’s secrets can be guarded so well for thousands of years with no outsider knows.”

“And at the very least, we don’t have to be married to become a family, right? There are many ways to become a family. For example, let Ms. Seto Sun be my imouto. Isn’t this also a choice?”

This won’t do!

He would really be unable to refuse if this continues. In this case, he can’t just follow Seto Ren’s intention!

Must fight back!

Even if the first reason fails, he can still figure out another way to solve this problem!

“Eh? You’re right! Why didn’t I think of it! You don’t have to be a husband and wife but be a brother and sister. Good boy, I’m really impressed with you today!”

After Li Yalin finished speaking, before Seto Ren could express her opinion, Seto Gozaburo’s eyes brightened. After a while, he looked at Li Yalin differently.

If he wanted to kill Li Yalin as soon as possible before, then now, he really has a feeling of wanting to hug Li Yalin tightly and give him a kiss on the cheek.

Damn it!

This family is really dangerous!

Although Seto Gozaburo’s reaction made him want tsukomi, his change of attitude was a good thing. From the original nerd to the good boy, and come over to tap on his shoulder, as if he was really facing his own son.

This guy turned his face like a book.

“Call me dad from today on!”

In the end, Seto Gozaburo put his hands on Li Yalin’s shoulders, and speak with a serious face, which seemed to be saying, he approves of this godson!


“I’m sorry, Mr. Seto, I didn’t intend to misidentify my father, I just recognize miss Seto Sun as my imouto.”

Li Yalin doesn’t have the habit of identifying his father randomly. Regarding Seto Gozaburo’s easy-going behavior, he did not hesitate to slap his hands away.

Want him to be his father?

Are you kidding me?


Although he was not happy with Seto Gozaburo’s easygoingness, from his attitude, Li Yalin’s proposal should be feasible. It was a relief that he doesn’t have to get married.

But before he could really breathe out a sigh of relief, Seto Ren screamed again, directly extinguishing Seto Gozaburo’s excitement, and also make Li Yalin anxious again.

This beautiful madam wasn’t really easy to take down.

“Yalin… do you not like our Sun that much? Would you rather be brothers and sisters with her than marry her?”

After shouting at her husband, when Seto Ren looked at Li Yalin again, her voice contains some bitterness in it. While Seto Sun, the other protagonist, lowered her head deeply, making it impossible to see her expressions.

If he dares to nod in agreement, he will definitely be hacked to death, right?

No doubt! Definitely will!

“How should I put it, Ms. Seto Sun and I don’t have any feeling at all. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to suddenly become husband and wife?”

Li Yalin doesn’t have a death wish, of course he wouldn’t say the wrong answer. But what he didn’t expect was that after she hears his answer, the corner of Seto Ren’s mouth was raised into a smile.

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