Cafe 388

“You can’t accept it since there is no feeling, so it’s okay if there’s a feeling, right?”


Was planned!

This is definitely being planned!

Although he thought that this beautiful madam could not let him go so easily, Li Yalin did not expect that she was still thinking about this plan herself?

If it developed at this pace, Seto Ren will let himself be engaged to Seto Sun first, and get along with each other on the grounds of mutual understanding. Over time, unmarried couples will become real couples.

He was played in her hands!

Not good!

Never let her get her way!

“That said, I am really not a good match for Ms. Seto Sun. As I said before, I am really a playboy, and I cannot guarantee that I can give Ms. Seto Sun the happiness of a lifetime.”

In this case, Li Yalin felt that he should put this matter to bed before Seto Ren continued to speak, otherwise the next plot would definitely develop in the direction he expected.

“Yalin you…”

Li Yalin speaks so decisively, immediately held back what Seto Ren wanted to say. And because of this, this beautiful madam was dazed for a long while.

This young man was much more alert and calm than she thought, was he aware of her intentions so quickly?

What an incredible boy…

“Okay! Enough with this talk!”

Although Li Yalin cut off the conversation in advance, it doesn’t mean that Seto Ren will stop there. There’s a reason for her to be so impatient to make her daughter married.

But at this point in time, Seto Sun who lowered her head and remained silent from the whole conversation suddenly raised her head, and her words caught everyone’s attention.

She is…

“Mr. Yalin’s suggestion is very good, I agree. So… from today, please take care of me onii-chan.”

Seto Sun said this under everyone’s gaze. It can be seen from her look that her mind is very firm, and she… has made a choice!

She is willing to be Li Yalin’s imouto, not his wife!

To be honest, when Seto Sun said this, there was silence in the hall. Even Li Yalin was a little surprised, this mermaid girl actually made such a decisive choice.

Although this relieved him, the problem is…

Why does it feel like he hurt her heart?

“Sun… you have to know, mom is all for your own good…”

Seeing her daughter made a choice, Seto Ren couldn’t help sighing.

“I understand, mother, but I have already decided.”

Seeing her mother’s sigh, Seto Sun showed a strong smile, but Li Yalin was puzzled by this scene.

This is… as if there is something else hidden?

From the very beginning, Li Yalin felt strange, why Seto Ren had to push her daughter into an outsider like him who she met for the first time. Saying that it was because of Mermaid’s rules was too strange.

Didn’t Seto Gozaburo was so happy after thinking of another solution? If the problem can be solved by just being a sibling, why take so much trouble to marry them?

Especially watching the conversation between Seto Sun’s mother and daughter right now made him even more curious.

What exactly is going on?

“Mrs. Seto… what trouble do you guys seem to be having? If you don’t mind, why not tell me? After all, I am now Seto… I mean, I’m Sun onii-chan. “

As a strong siscon, Li Yalin is of course happy to have one more imouto. And he likes it even more if it’s imouto as pretty and gentle as Seto Sun, and bodies exude the aura of Yamato Nadeshiko.


Since he has become her onii-chan, he can’t sit idly by if his imouto encounters any problems or troubles. Although he won’t know what kind of major issues will worry the mermaids in the Setouchi group, he’s willing to help if it’s something within his abilities!

He was a siscon, after all.

“Sigh… this is the end of the matter, I don’t seem to be able to persuade you anymore. As for our troubles… we can tell you about it since you have become Sun’s onii-chan…”

Li Yalin spoke at this time, but in exchange for another sigh from Seto Ren, she did not hide what happened after all.

All of this started with the gang fight in mermaid yakuza!

Just like ordinary yakuza disputes, mermaid yakuza is also constantly fighting.

Just like this time, the Setouchi group entrenched in Okayama prefecture and the Yoshino group in Tokushima prefecture had friction. For a time, there were already several small-scale rivalries between the two parties.

The reason for the friction is mainly due to the disputes on the territory. One must know that mermaid was very territorial, and under normal circumstances, outsiders will not be allowed to set foot on their own territory.

Tamano city is classified as Okayama Prefecture, and it should be considered as the site of the Setouchi group. However, due to various legacy reasons, the city does not belong to the Setouchi group in name or even any mermaid yakuza organization.

As for the remaining reasons, it seems to be due to a battle between mermaid and Onmyouji in the early years. Seto Ren didn’t go into details. Anyway, the Yoshino group focused on this place because the music festival is about to be held in Tamano city, and didn’t want to let the Setouchi group control Tamano city.

Such disputes are actually quite common. As a yakuza organization, the Setouchi group often encounters such frictions.

But… this time the dispute with the Yoshino group was not that simple!

Originally, the strengths of the two yakuza organizations, the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group, were almost the same. At best, they would not be hurt by a defeat. But whoever expected, the Yoshino group got supported by some other force, suddenly gains a lot of masters that broke the balance in an instant.

Under the tight pressure of the Yoshino group, the Setouchi group is very passive. They will lose this Tamano city battle if nothing unexpected happens.

Of course, it’s fine if they only lose to the Yoshino group, but the Yoshino group is very arrogant and was looking to destroy the Setouchi group and kicked them out of Okayama.

Not only that, but the sons of the boss of the Yoshino group also clamoring in public that he wanted to snatch the only ojou-sama of the Setochi group, that is, Seto Sun, as his mistress.

Although this was only a one-sided clamor, Seto Ren had to be cautious with the current situation. So just after Li Yalin appeared and saw Seto Sun’s real body, she had a whim and wanted to marry Sun to Li Yalin, let them leave here together, away from this whole thing…

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