Cafe 389

“Damn it! Those Yoshino group bastards! I’ll cut them into little pieces if I catch them!!!”

When talking about the causes, Seto Ren’s expression was very calm. On the contrary, Seto Gozaburo was very angry. He took out the katana in his hand and kept slashing the tatami mats in front of him as if the tatami mats were the same as the dickbag son of the Yoshino group’s boss.

Hey, do not take your anger out on your own tatami when you can’t beat others. Where is your energy go when you swore to kill me? Since you’re upset, don’t just sit at home and vent your anger, go out and kill those guys!

Regarding Seto Gozaburo’s way of venting his anger, Li Yalin keeps tsukomi in his heart. Of course, this better left unsaid, otherwise it would break the friendly relationship. After all, he was still a ‘guest’ now in the Setouchi group.


Well, not only Li Yalin, but Seto Ren didn’t like it either. Can’t beat them is fine and all. But why would you vent your anger at your own home?

He’s henpecked, after all. As soon as Seto Ren spoke, Seto Gozaburo who was still very angry just now, immediately became as honest as a well-behaved kitten. But then he ruefully counted the tatami grid in front of him, it was very comical.

This guy… really should become a comedian.

“Then Yalin, I have made the reason clear to you. Again, I hope you can marry Sun as your wife, leave this place with her, and live a peaceful and happy life. You have said that you have a certain power in the witch world, certainly can ensure the safety of Sun, right?”

Up to now, Seto Ren has not given up on the idea of ​​marrying Sun to Li Yalin. In her opinion, it is not safe to just be brothers and sisters. Only by becoming a real husband and wife can it be called close.

She has already developed the mentality of entrusting her children because she really has no confidence in the next war with the Yoshino group.

“No! I won’t go! At least until this war is over, I won’t go!”

Before Li Yalin could express his opinion, Seto Sun suddenly spoke with a firm face.

Originally, she didn’t understand her mother’s intentions. She thought she simply wanted to marry her to the boy with a chivalrous heart that had saved herself. But now, now that she knows all the truth, how can she just leave?

She is a chivalrous person (fish) in the Setouchi group!!!

“Sun… listen to me if you still recognize me as your mother! Otherwise, I will not treat you as my own daughter!”

Seto Ren is quite aware of her daughter’s temperament, but this time she did not let her do as she wishes.

Seeing her face was very serious, Seto Sun couldn’t object.

Either be obedient or stop being a child of Seto’s family. There are two ways, and there is no third option!

By the way…

Have they asked my opinion?

To be honest, Li Yalin as a spectator is quite awkward standing on the side…

However, he should stand up at a time like this, right? Since he just received the system task.

Daily task: Battle of mermaid yakuza.
Task content: Successfully helped the Setouchi group defeat the Yoshino group.
Task reward: Raise any skill level by 1.
Task tips: The hero has saved beauty anyway, so once again become the hero in mermaid bishoujo’s mind!

Yes, after Seto Ren explained everything, the system issued a new task. He’s not gonna tsukomi the task name or the task tips. But the task reward makes Li Yalin’s eyes to light up!

Raise the level of any skill!

Does this mean he can upgrade a skill that has reached the expert level to the master level at any time?

This… is too cool!

To be honest, after saving Seto Sun, Li Yalin wasn’t really excited when he was rewarded with raising any option ability. The option ability is equivalent to life skills. Even if it’s raised to the max level, it will not have any effect on his combat effectiveness.

But skills are different. The level of skill is related to his direct combat effectiveness. Once a skill is raised to the master level, it can also greatly enhance his strength.

Right now, his fighting skills are already at an expert level. Wouldn’t he be invincible melee if he raises it further?

Another thing worth mentioning is that his Stealth skill is about to reach the expert level. In fact, he now wants to upgrade his Stealth skill to the master level.

The Stealth skill of adept level can make him invisible, and upgrade it by two levels. Who will find him in the future?

Of course, he can considered which skill to max first after completing the task. What he needs to do now is to take this task!

Isn’t it just helping the Setouchi team to deal with the Yoshino team? He won’t believe with his help, the Setouchi team can’t handle a group of gyudon sellers!

“Mrs. Seto, would it be okay if I say a few words?”

The mother and daughter are still in an argument right now. Although the mermaid girl is an obedient girl, and always well-behaved. But today, she has to confront her mother in order to stay and fight with everyone.

And Seto Ren, who loves her dearly, wants her daughter to leave, so the mother and daughter are arguing with each other.

In this case, when Li Yalin spoke suddenly, it attracted everyone’s attention instantly.

“Yalin, you… sorry for showing such a disgrace.”

Interrupted by Li Yalin’s voice, Seto Ren discovered that there were still so many people watching in the hall, and immediately showed an awkward look, which waved away by Li Yalin.

It is said that family scandals cannot be shown to outsiders. Although this is not a family scandal, it is indeed shameful while in front of outsiders.

“I don’t mind, I can feel Mrs. Seto’s concern for… Sun. To be honest, this makes me envious. But Mrs. Seto, I think you should also consider Sun’s opinion. This is her home, after all. It was the place where she was born and raised. Of course she would not agree to leave in such a crucial moment.”

“Anyhow… although it was a coincidence, I am more than happy to recognize Sun as my imouto, so my imouto business is my business. Since the Setouchi group is in trouble, I couldn’t just stand by as Sun’s onii-chan.”

“I’ll help the Setouchi group in repelling those Yoshino group bastards. This can be considered as an onii-chan meeting gift for imouto!”

Facing all the mermaid’s gazes in the Setouchi group, Li Yalin raised the corners of his mouth slightly and said this gallantly and confidently.

Yes, he intends to fight side by side with the Setouchi group!

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