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“Excuse me… is there something wrong with my face?”

After Minami Haruka finished introducing her name, she found Li Yalin on the opposite side staring at her for a while, making her feel very strange.

Is there something on her face? Why does this Li Yalin-kun stare at her so strangely?

Subconsciously touched her cheek, Minami Haruka did not find any problems which making her more puzzled.

“No… nothing, I just think the name is nice and really fit you.”

Some image flashed into Li Yalin. After a short daze, he quickly reacted and faced Minami Haruka again. He quickly shook his head gently.

He just behaved a little abnormally. At this time, he must restore some brownie points.

“Is it…”

Minami Haruka is a gentle girl and definitely with not too few pursuers, but what is surprising is that due to family factors, she does not have much contact with men. Like her conversation with Li Yalin today, absolutely her first experience.

Was praised for the first time.

In an instant, Minami Haruka’s face flushed thoroughly. If it was not in the classroom, maybe she would have the urge to run away.

But now…

Minami Haruka can only force herself to calm down, pretend to be calm and nod gently, then pick up the books on her desk.

What does this mean? Is she going to take the class seriously?

Did he overdo it?

Looking at Minami Haruka staring at the textbook in the next table, Li Yalin’s mouth twitched uncontrollably. In fact, he really wanted to remind her that her book was upside down, but if he talk now, it will only make the atmosphere more awkward.

So… lets pretend not to see anything.

It really surpirise him that she is Minami Haruka. Though initially he did not react, but after he carefully observe her, she is indeed Minami Haruka.

Minami-ke is an earlier work, but it was also anime that Li Yalin follow with interest and liked at the time. He did not expect to be in the next table with Minami family’s elder sister Haruka after coming to this world.

This feeling is really wonderful.

“The two of you really have a fate. Running into each other yesterday and today the table is next to each other. Is this the opening of the main character encounter in the romance novel?”

The first lesson in high school, Li Yalin didn’t listen very seriously. After all, he didn’t really think of himself as a student, and he didn’t care about his academic performance.

When the first class ended, his mind still wandering around. It was not until Haruka’s two friends came to their desks that he recovered.

But it was very awkward, the red-haired girl took the lead in making jokes as soon as they arrived.

It was precisely because of this joke that Haruka immediately blushed.

“What are you talking about Maki…”

Haruka is not very good at dealing with romace topic, especially when it is said by a friend makes her flushed red. She subconsciously thought of the words Li Yalin said to her before class, she keep waving her hands.

But on the other hand Li Yalin looked at the red-haired girl with great interest, because she said what was in his heart.

This girl’s brain circuit is somewhat similar to him, but he didn’t expect her to said it directly without scruples.

“Takagi-san… right? How do you know that I played piano in the coffee shop?”

Although he had seen Minami-ke, because it’s quite an old anime, it’s pretty good already if Li Yalin can remember the name of 3 sisters. As a supporting actress, he can’t really remember the names of red-haired girls and black-haired girls.

However, based on sensei calling her name before, plus Haruka’s also said her name, this red-haired girl should be called Takagi Maki. So calling her Takagi-san should be no problem.

So now, he feels it necessary to ask her how she recognizes him.

Is she the store customer?

But I have no impression of her…

“It was Atsuko who told us that she had heard of your piano and said it was extremely good, so it triggered my curiosity.”

Facing Li Yalin’s question, Takagi Maki shrugged her shoulders then pulled the dark-haired girl to her side, the Atsuko in her mouth.

About the piano performance, Atsuko told her and Haruka yesterday. If it was not because of this great curiosity, she would not ask so exaggeratedly after seeing Li Yalin today.

What is this? Shifting the blame to your friend?

For Takagi Maki’s statement, Li Yalin’s a little speechless. Looking at Atsuko on the side, you can find her showing an innocent faces.

“Originally we planned to listen to your piano yesterday, but we couldn’t do it because of some minor accidents. So today… you still play in the coffee shop, right? Can we listen to your play?”

Just after shifting the blame to Atsuko, Takagi Maki immediately talked about the piano topic again.

Looking at her, she won’t give up before she can listen to Li Yalin’s piano. In this case, how can Li Yalin refuses her?

“If a few students are willing to visit our store, of course I am welcome.”

They are customer when they come to the store. Not to mention it brings revenue, let them come if they want to.

The most important thing is that he not only has no resistance to the girls in front of him, but also has a strong affection, especially Minami Haruka.

Yes, that’s right! You know, Haruka girl is definitely one of the most ideal wives in the hearts of the majority of otakus, and Li Yalin is no exception.

Although he had just known Haruka, whether he could date or marry her in the future was purely a fancy thoughts. He don’t have any reason to refuse having further intersection with her.

Unlike Uomi student president in the morning, Haruka is definitely not a trouble. So Li Yalin is very happy to take this opportunity to become friends with Haruka.

“That’s it, Haruka you should already know. My name is Takagi Maki and this is Ono Atsuko, we will see you tonight!”

Li Yalin wants to interact more with Haruka, Takagi Maki is definitely the key role. It is better to say that without her push, Haruka will only maintain the ordinary neighbors table relationship for a long time in the future. Becoming friends will be very difficult.

But with Takagi Maki, everything becomes simpler.

Well, tonight is a good opportunity.

It’s just…Takagi Maki-san’s impulsive nature is really troubling.

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