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“You kid…”

Seto Ren was amazed seeing the mature and confident boy in front of her. She didn’t know where the self-confidence of this boy came from and dared to get involved in the war between mermaid yakuza.

Even if he is a person from the witch world, how can the war between mermaid be as simple as he imagined?

The so-called war is a real war! A real war with people killing each other!

“Good lad! I really admire you, but you don’t have to stay to help us. If you really want to help us, just take Sun and leave this place!”

Because Li Yalin did not intend to marry Sun as his wife, Seto Gozaburo’s attitude towards him changed drastically, and what he said later moved him even more. Even now, he was willing to give his daughter to Li Yalin, so the two can leave together.

Of course, handing his daughter over to Li Yalin is not to let them get married. Being brothers and sisters is already the limit, don’t underestimate the obsession of a daughter-con!

Even so, Seto Gozaburo’s decision is an unprecedented one. At least when he said those words, even Seto Ren, his wife was shocked. The changes in her husband… seemed a bit big.


Even Seto Gozaburo said so, Seto Sun also gave a little cry, her blinking eyes were very complicated.

She understands the wishes of her parents, but… she really doesn’t want to leave!

“Go! Sun! Get out of here and join that kid!”

With Sun’s call, Seto Gozaburo’s eyes shed two lines of clear tears, but he quickly covered his eyes with his hand to prevent others from seeing his tears, only to let his daughter leave as soon as possible.

What is this?

The supposedly funny drama suddenly turned into a parting sad drama?

What the hell!

To be honest, Li Yalin was stunned watching the scene made by the Seto family. But now is not the time for this. In any case, completing the task is the first priority now.

How will he complete this task if they didn’t agree to let him help them? Should he come to the Yoshino group at night and single-handedly massacre the Yakuza organization?

Forget it, Li Yalin is not that arrogant. He can’t deal with the Yoshino group alone. The force of the Setouchi group mermaid was necessary.

So now, both parties must be on the same front.

“I was underestimated. Seto Gozaburo-san, Mrs. Seto, in your eyes, am I just an item to help to take your daughter out of this place?”

With no other choice, Li Yalin has to show his presence. The Setouchi mermaid didn’t put his words in their eyes. They probably really thought he was useless if he didn’t show his strength.

So… before starting the battle with the Yoshino group, first practice with Setouchi’s mermaid?

“Yalin, you misunderstood, we are just…”

Seeing Li Yalin stand up from the cushion and pull out the katana on his side, Seto Ren suddenly felt bad.

The young man gave her the feeling that he was both mature and stable, but he was still just a young man after all. A young man can get angry very easily. Now, it is clear that he thinks he has been underestimated and gets angry.

Seto Ren, who didn’t want to spoil their relationship, immediately wanted to explain. But before she could finish her words, Li Yalin immediately waved his hand and interrupted her.

“There is an old saying in the empire that action speaks louder. When I first came to your group, I was also very interested in the strength of the Setouchi mermaid. Why don’t we have some friendly exchange?”

It wasn’t really much of exchanges, but more like fighting. When he deals with the mermaid of the Yoshino group before, Li Yalin has some understanding of the mermaid’s strength that they are stronger than ordinary people, but it has limitation and not beyond imagination.

Since the Yoshino group is like that, the Setouchi mermaid which is weaker than the Yoshino group, must not be too strong.

So for this battle, he is still very confident. But their group’s expression is a bit awkward.

Why did it suddenly become a fight?

Mermaid fight human?

Although it is undeniable that there are indeed many experts among human beings, the young man in front does not seem to be an expert at all.

Could it be that he wants to use magecraft?

But magecraft… why would he use katana then?

Close combat magician?

“Alright! Since you want to fight, let’s fight! Some of you go!”

Seto Ren is unwilling to damage their relationship, but Seto Gozaburo doesn’t think so much at all. As a man, to put it nicely he was carefree, and to put it bluntly he has no brain. Anyway, Li Yalin is the one suggesting it, so he nodded without hesitation and agreed immediately.

Just as Seto Gozaburo spoke, three of Setouchi mermaid that seiza on both sides of the hall stood up, like having a tacit understanding.

“Yalin young master, please enlighten us!”

The brothers and sisters relationship between Li Yalin and Seto Sun has been concluded. Even if they don’t become a couple, they have eventually become siblings. The three Setouchi mermaid with a meaningful glance called him young master directly.

Yes, with Li Yalin’s status in the Setouchi group, he should indeed be called that way from now on. But after that, the three mermaids, each of them rudely draws out their respective weapons.

One of the guys with pompadour hairstyle is holding a katana, while the other two are holding wakizashi. With a shout, they are attacking without warning. As expected of yakuza, they behave in a dishonest way.

At this time, aren’t they supposedly interact with each other first before going to war?

It’s… quite sinister!

Yes, the three Setouchi mermaid started quite underhandedly. Seeing this scene, Seto Sun let out a cry of surprise, while Seto Ren frowned.

The underlings in the Setouchi group are used to fighting and killing to solve issues. Especially when fighting other yakuza organizations, they often see blood. But Li Yalin is a guest and the future husband or brother of her daughter!

You guys, are those damaged brains of yours only know how to kill people, and can’t think of anything else?

After this over, I need to have a nice chat with you guys!

Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s worries were put aside for the time being. Li Yalin did not show the slightest panic facing the onslaught of the three Setouchi mermaid.

To be honest, aside from their fast speed, being underhanded, and has strength ordinary people can’t compare, there’s nothing special.

Want to hurt him with such an attack?

Stop dreaming!

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