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How strong is mermaid?

Honestly, although he has not seen many mermaids, Li Yalin has some conclusions in his mind. Other than the over-spec experts in the mermaid population, their strength is at best better than ordinary people for ordinary mermaids.

If they have been properly trained, even ordinary humans can be mermaid’s opponents, let alone those unusual humans.

No wonder that if the mermaid is really so powerful, why would this population hide among humans, always being careful not to be discovered by outsiders?

Therefore, Li Yalin wasn’t really worried about the battle with the three mermaids of the Setouchi group.

With his current agility of up to 20 points, he can easily dodge all the attacks of the three mermaids. Isn’t there a saying, in the world of kungfu, speed defines the winner. If opponents can’t hit him, what suspense is there in this battle while he constantly counterattacks?

“I’m sorry.”

Li Yalin easily knocked off the pompadour hairstyle mermaid’s katana, then rewarded the other two mermaids with a kick each, and finally put the katana on the pompadour hairstyle’s neck, the corners of his mouth raised into a faint smile.

Mermaid as good as it’s cracked up to be, their strength is not as strong as Seto Sun’s.

“How was that possible!”

“It’s over so soon?”

The battle was resolved in three hits. It seemed normal to Li Yalin, but it was quite unusual in the eyes of the mermaid of the Setouchi group.

Although not the strongest in the group, the three people who stand up are not ordinary mermaid, at least they are the backbone of the Setouchi group!

How they got easily defeated by humankind?

Mermaid’s power and speed are actually useless in front of that humankind?


Li Yalin’s performance amazed the mermaid of the Setouchi group, and a light flashed in Seto Ren’s eyes. Although she has heard that this boy saved her daughter in the hands of Yoshino 3 Heavenly King, but she didn’t really believe it until she sees it herself. The strength of this young man is even better than she thought!

With him, Sun’s safety will definitely be guaranteed!

“Good boy, it’s no wonder that you can save our Sun, you indeed have some skills. Come, have a match with me!”

Since it was a match, Li Yalin knew exactly where to stop. After winning the match, he withdrew his katana and nodded towards the three defeated men.

But Seto Gozaburo’s eyes were filled with joy, and he actually planned to fight Li Yalin himself!

What is this?

Fighting the boss after beating the underlings?

Do you think this is a stage game?

“Sure, let’s have a match uncle Seto.”

Although he was still tsukoming in his heart, Li Yalin did not intend to refuse. First, he felt that it was not enough to just deal with a few middle-level mermaids of the Setouchi group. Secondly, he also wanted to try the boss of the Setouchi group, how strong really is Seto Gozaburo.

Presumably… he won’t disappoint him.

“Come! Let me see your strength!”

Seto Gozaburo appeared on the stage without using any weapons. The katana that was used to slash Li Yalin was thrown aside, choosing a hand-to-hand battle.

Seeing this, Li Yalin also put back the katana in his hand. Since he’s going for hand-to-hand combat, wouldn’t it be unfair if he still uses weapons?

He is Sun’s father anyway, he didn’t want to go overboard.

What’s more, even with his fists, Li Yalin won’t shrink back. Really, his expert-level fighting skills are just decorations?

Want to see my strength?

OK, as you wish!

But then…

What stance he’s using?

Seeing Seto Gozaburo with his bare hands, Li Yalin was still wondering what kind of triks this old guy would use. Is it karate? Or judo? Or is it Aikido?

It turned out that when they are fighting, he realized that it just a redundant thought. Trik? Nothing of the sort! As soon as Seto Gozaburo makes his move, he just keeps punching!

Don’t screw with me!

Isn’t there a saying, the unskilled players can sometimes make a lucky win. This saying probably fits with Seto Gozaburo. Although he’s swinging without the slightest order, he punches extremely hard and the speed is super fast. It wasn’t comparable with those few mermaids he just faced.

In the face of such an opponent, even with expert-level fighting skills, Li Yalin had to dodge quickly to avoid his attacks. Because he knew he wasn’t a match for Seto Gozaburo with his current 22-point strength attribute!

If the opponent’s power is replaced by a number, he is sure that this guy’s power will definitely exceed 30 points!

It would hurt like hell if he gets hit by his powerful punches.

“You’re a man, don’t just keep dodging! You don’t look like a man at all! Come on! Fight with me!”

Although Seto Gozaburo punches very quickly, Li Yalin has good skill, so he has never really hit him. However, after continuous punching to no avail, the daughter-con uncle is upset.

What do you mean don’t dodge if you are a man?

Going fist-to-fist with you not manly enough?

As soon as Seto Gozaburo said this, a black line appeared on Li Yalin’s forehead. But before he could talk back, the uncle daughter-con spoke again.

“Aren’t you from the witch world? Show me your skills! Uses whatever magic you have! As long as you can defeat me, let alone being my Sun’s onii-chan, I wouldn’t mind even if you marry Sun!”

What is this?

Are you cornering me?

Li Yalin was speechless facing such an opponent. Is it okay to use spells? Well, since you said so.

After being punched one-sidedly by him, although he didn’t get hit, Li Yalin would still feel a bit angry. Originally, he wanted to use guerrilla methods to find flaws to counterattack, but since he dares to provoke him.

Be careful! Don’t die on me!


The flame skill is derived from the WIZ spell in the game Generation XTH. As a preliminary skill, its power is really limited. But even so, when this skill is only proficient level, Li Yalin can already use it to blow away the zombie’s head.

And now, after Li Yalin’s practice for a period of time, the Flame skill has been successfully upgraded to adept level. With a special bonus of flame power +3, plus the 30 point fire element affinity, the power has been multiplied!

So… what effect will such an upgraded version of flame have after hitting Seto Gozaburo?

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