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Seto Gozaburo was completely dumbfounded when the basin-sized fireball appeared. At that moment, he didn’t know how to dodge, so he let the flame hit his body directly.

There was a roar and as a result…

Gee, so miserable.

The question is, will a mermaid, as an aquatic creature, be as unafraid of flames as in the legend?

The answer is no, even if it is a mermaid, it will turn into grilled fish if it is burned by the fire!

“I’m on fire! I’m on fire!”

It was flame, after all. In addition to causing damage to a person’s body, it will naturally continue to burn. He has to give some praise here. The proficient level of flame can already blast off the head of a zombie, but he could still be alive and kicking with the adept level of flame blasted on him.

It’s just… after everyone worked together to put out the flames on Seto Gozaburo, the leader of the Setouchi group has completely turned into black coke.

“Eh… I’m sorry, I seem to have gone overboard a little bit.”

Regarding Seto Gozaburo’s charred appearance, Li Yalin subconsciously scratched the back of his head, trying to keep a straight face, and finally could only say these words.

In any case, this seems to be his fault.

Probably… it was his fault.

After all, the victim is the daughter-con uncle.

“Such an embarrassment…”

Seeing the misery of her husband, Seto Ren patted her forehead very helplessly. Under this situation, she was the only one to come forward to presided over the overall situation.

“Shimikazu! Shentaro! Take Gozaburo away for treatment.”

Seto Gozaburo has never been so miserable even when battling with the Yoshino group. Didn’t expect that he gets beaten in his own turf.

But this can’t be helped, he’s asking for it. Knowing that his opponent has some involvement with the witch, he said that kind of words so boastfully.

There we go. Shocked? Get beaten? What a disgrace!

Take him away quickly!

When the lady boss opened her mouth, the two boys with human bodies but with fish faces rushed forward and ran out with the charcoal-like Seto Gozaburo. But… they seemed to be running in the front door direction…

Where are they going to take their boss?

After a while, the noisy hall finally returned to calm. After this ‘unexpected incident’, the faces of the mermaid of the Setouchi group were not very great. All of them have fears in their eyes when they looked at Li Yalin.

This didn’t come as a surprise, those that can make their boss so miserable must be not a simple character.

This young man who looks ordinary has such power!

Flame, flame!

Scary boy!

“Is this the power you rely on?”

Seto Gozaburo has left the field, but Seto Ren, his wife, did not accompany her husband. Right now, she is staring at Li Yalin not far away, as if she wanted to see him through.

“More or less.”

Li Yalin is also embarrassed being stared at by such a beautiful madam. Especially since he hits her husband not long ago, it makes him even more embarrassed.

As for Seto Ren’s question, although he has more trump cards, there’s no need to talk about everything now, right?

He definitely can’t, so he just gave a vague response.

“Are you going to use this power to help my Setouchi group?”

Although the answer was vague, Seto Ren did not ask further questions. Instead, she continued to stare at Li Yalin and ask him questions.

“I’ll try to help to the best of my ability.”

This time, Li Yalin express things clearly and solemnly nodded. Because this was his idea, and he got the task so he had to do his best to complete it.

“But… why? My Setouchi group is not related to you, you obviously have no obligation to help us. And I think you should also be very clear that participating in the war between mermaid yakuza may not only lead to injuries but even… death!”

Seto Ren has been puzzled by these issues. As she said, Li Yalin has no obligation to participate in the war. Not to mention that he only intends to be the onii-chan of her daughter, even if he become Sun’s husband, there’s no need to take such a big risk.

The war between mermaid and yakuza is not a simple matter! Seto Ren also felt that with the maturity and calmness shown by Li Yalin, he could fully think of this.

So… why?

In this case, why is he still willing to help the Setouchi group?

“I think… this is probably fate. Although I met Sun by accident, I also magically saw the legendary mermaid. Isn’t there a saying, fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be. Since we have met, it illustrates that there is a fate between us, and I would be more than happy to contribute to this fate.”

There is nothing wrong with Seto Ren’s question, but it was hard for Li Yalin to explain it. What can he say? Saying that he has a system, and this system has released the task, otherwise he would not care less about you guys? It doesn’t bother him if they fight with their life on the line?

Of course he can’t say that, so he had to make up some lie.

Fortunately, Li Yalin has become accustomed to making excuses to deceive people. People can’t see the flaws at all with these words.

“Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be…”

Looking back at what Li Yalin said just now, Seto Ren’s eyes became more and more satisfying. Although he didn’t know what she was thinking, at least it was certain that she liked Li Yalin’s answer very much.

There’s no mistaking it.

“I think this is brother’s chivalrous heart!”

Just as Seto Ren recalled Li Yalin’s answer, Seto Sun’s eyes suddenly gleamed. She and her mother were thinking about a different direction. In her opinion, Li Yalin would be willing to give a helping hand when she was in despair and suffering. Helping each other, that is the perfect embodiment of a chivalrous heart!

That’s right! Onii-chan is such a benevolent and righteous Ninkyo! He was the only one who was willing to stand up for her, but now he is willing to stand up to save everyone! This… is the noble quality she has always been longing for!

Along with this thought, Seto Sun’s bright eyes were already shining with admiration. And a little blush appeared on her face when she looked at Li Yalin.

Modern Ninkyo…

So it was her own onii-chan?

Or maybe… he might still become her husband?

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