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“Chivalrous heart? Yes, Yalin is indeed a good young man with benevolence and righteousness.”

Seto Ren just smiled and nodded toward what her daughter said. She knows exactly as a mother what kind of temperament Seto Sun has. If that’s what she wants to believe, then let her be.

But she still had another idea in her heart.

“Come Yalin, come sit with us. Since you are already Sun’s onii-chan, then we will be a family in the future. Why sit so far away from us?”

Having made up her mind, Seto Ren beckoned to Li Yalin and motioned him to come closer.

At this moment Li Yalin is still in the seat for guest, of course he can’t sit there if he becomes a family.

“Oh… okay!”

Li Yalin was taken aback for a moment seeing Seto Ren’s gesture. But then he chuckled, stood up generously, and quickly walked to the mother and daughter of Seto Ren and Seto Sun.

This is the yakuza organization, acting shy is actually despised. Better be more free and easy, so it will make everyone comfortable.

“Good boy. Everyone! From today, he will be my Sun’s onii-chan!”

After Li Yalin come closer, Seto Ren also stood up, looked at Li Yalin carefully, and nodded in satisfaction.

She then turned her gaze to the crowd of Setouchi group mermaid and made such an announcement.

“Yalin young master!” ×N.

The boss left the stage with injuries and the lady boss take over, what else can the Setouchi group mermaid say? All of them got up in a hurry and respectfully bowed to Li Yalin.

The expert should get their deserved respect and Li Yalin had shown his strength, then bowing their head and called him young master, isn’t that a logical thing?

“Hello everyone, please take care of me from today on.”

Li Yalin also smiled calmly after being greeted by a crowd of mermaid. Of course many mermaids would also respond in return: “Please take care of us”.

It seems that the Setouchi group’s trip this time is quite successful.

“Yalin, you said you came to Tamano city to participate in this music festival. That means you are a music lover?”

After letting Li Yalin come and sit by her side, Seto Ren also talked to him about daily life. They need to know more about each other as they are going to be a family.

There are some things that her daughter can’t ask. So as a mother, she has to help her daughter check the situation first.

After all, mermaid girl Seto Sun is just listening, and obviously very curious about the interest of her future onii-chan.

“A music lover… wasn’t wrong, but this time I participate in the festival. We need to plan the time well if we are going to fight against the Yoshino group as I have to perform on stage. I hope that this Yoshino group can be deal with before I leave Tamano city.”

For Li Yalin, what he hopes is to complete the task as soon as possible, talking about daily life and other things are but secondary. So when Seto Ren asked this, he answered and also spoke of his worries.

Yes, he will appear on the stage of the music festival in the next three days. He will not stay long after the festival is over and need to go home soon. Tight time with the heavy task. He prefers to deal with the Yoshino group as soon as possible.

He felt it necessary to explain this to Seto Ren, and he could see that this beautiful madam absolutely has the right to decide everything in the Setouchi group!

What? The group leader is Seto Gozaburo?

Stop joking, he’s just a henpecked daughter-con. Would he dare to say no when Mrs. Seto said anything?

“Eh? Yalin, are you going to perform at the festival? Are you a star?”

The reason Seto Ren asked this question was mainly because of her daughter.

Sun’s singing is pretty good. Sun gets first place every year at the Good Boys Singing Competition organized by district mermaid yakuza. If Li Yalin likes to listen to songs, wouldn’t they have common things to talk about?

But she got such an unexpected answer from her common question. This plain-looking boy who could be forgotten in a blink of an eye was a star who would perform on the stage of the music festival?

After all, it was because of the opening of the music festival that the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group competed for Tamano city. Of course Seto Ren knew how much influence this music festival had. Those who can join the festival must be very famous star idols.

So… Is the boy in front of her who became her daughter onii-chan was someone famous?

“A star? I’m not really some star. In fact, I’m just a slightly famous school idol.”

To be honest, Li Yalin is not a pretentious person. He won’t go around telling people how famous he is and how many fans he has.

Wouldn’t that just being pretentious and showing off?

But the more he said that the more surprised Seto Ren looked at him. Even though she was no longer a 16-17-year-old girl, those celebrity idols with a pretty boy weren’t really her type. But she also knows that to become a school idol, one must have a very popular appearance.

After all, how many 16-17-year-old girls not looking at appearance?

Is he… talking big? Or is it that she can’t keep up with this era?

“Amazing, onii-chan is a school idol?”

Putting aside Seto Ren’s thoughts. Seto Sun becomes very excited and curious now.

Although she is not interested in chasing some star, it does not prevent her from being interested in Li Yalin. Such a man with a chivalrous heart was actually a school idol, he must have a considerable story.

“Why onii-chan want to be a school idol?”

Now she doesn’t need her mother to speak, Seto Sun has already leaned forward and asked Li Yalin with interest.

She is really curious now!

“Eh… I actually became a school idol by chance…”

Li Yalin did not expect that Seto Sun would be so curious about his identity as a school idol. He rubbed his nose and somewhat helplessly explained the reason for becoming a school idol. But he didn’t expect that after he finished speaking, her gaze at him became more and more worship.

“I knew it! You did not hesitate to become an idol in order to save your own school. This is what a real Ninkyo behavior is, the way of chivalry!”

Hey, my imouto, your Ninkyo poison is getting out of control…

Wake up!

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