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“It’s amazing. To become an idol in order to save the school. Didn’t expect that our family would also have a big star.”

Seto Sun admires him deeply because of his ‘Ninkyo style’. And Seto Ren who heard everything clearly beside her showed an unexpected look on her face.

Not only because of Li Yalin’s identity as the school idol, but she is also more concerned about the key characters in this story.

The student president called Uomi and his partner called Kohinata Yukari seem to have a close relationship with her daughter’s onii-chan. Although Li Yalin didn’t say it clearly, with her sixth sense as a woman, Seto Ren was keenly aware of the problem.

Was it really as he said, there are many girls who are close to him?

The playboy he said, wasn’t just an excuse?

But… it’s unlikely…

Such an ordinary teenager, besides being very strong and calm and mature, there’s nothing to attracts girls to like.

The more she thought about it, the more complicated the look in Seto Ren’s eyes. But she did not reveal her thoughts but sighed along with the words of her daughter.

“Big star… I don’t have that kind of self-consciousness. Rather, being an idol is quite troublesome.”

Li Yalin didn’t pay too much attention to Seto Ren’s mood at the moment. Since they started with this conversation, he also touched the back of his head and complained a little.

After all, he has become Sun’s onii-chan, and they will be a family in the future. What’s more, he has already known what kind of character the mother and daughter in front of him are and doesn’t have to hide it when talking to them.

Li Yalin has many troubles after becoming an idol. He would not even be able to get out if it weren’t for the Ordinary Mirror that Kowata Akane gave him.

Therefore, it is not necessarily a good thing to be an idol, there’s not even a little personal freedom.

“Eh? Is there any inconvenience from becoming an idol?”

The mermaid girl immediately showed a curious expression after hearing Li Yalin’s words. Speaking of which, she has a childhood friend ‘good friend’ who has also become an idol. But she has just debuted, and her reputation is not particularly big. Of course she wants to hear the stories of the idol’s troubles.

“Of course, it becomes more troublesome after becoming an idol. For example, you can’t go out to the street casually. When you go out, you will be surrounded by fans asking for photos and autographs. Even more extreme situations will arise. For example, I accidentally exposed my home address that leads to many fans to visit, which forces me to use magecraft to hide my home, otherwise the daily life of my family and I would be affected.”

“So overboard…”

Although the so-called idol’s troubles made Sun very curious, for Li Yalin’s case, it was nothing but troubles. However, after hearing his story, the faces of the mermaid girl showed a surprised expression, apparently didn’t expect to encounter such things when becoming an idol.

If she put herself in his shoes, if there are fans around blocking their door, Seto Sun thinks it’s really scary.

“Yalin… is this… you?”

Seto Ren on the side was not idle while Li Yalin was talking with Seto Sun. Unlike her daughter, she thought more, so the more she listened, the more she felt something amiss.

According to Li Yalin, he’s been surrounded by fans on the street, and even his home must be hidden by magecraft. This is not something a young star who just debuted would experiences. This kind of idol must be very popular.

Although she is a mermaid, Seto Ren keeps pace with the times. She took out her mobile phone and searched the internet. Unexpectedly, after only searching Li Yalin’s name, a lot of his information popped out.

The strongest songwriter of the new generation?

Super school idol duo?

The champion band that sweeps away the regional selection event?

The most important thing is… the person in this photo…

Li Yalin’s current fame is not as good as those old superstars, but he’s definitely the most popular among the idols of the new generation. Not surprisingly, his works are very popular. In this poor world where classic works are so few, his works are absolutely unique.

Especially on the internet, there is a lot of news about him. Even the encyclopedia described him in a very detailed manner, so naturally, there are many photos of him in public.

It’s just that the photos that appeared on the internet were he’s not wearing glasses and definitely a super handsome boy, completely different from his current image of nerds with thick glasses.

Seto Ren is now dumbfounded because of this. She saw the description in the encyclopedia and found that the situation was similar to what Li Yalin just said. They are certainly the same person, but the only difference is the photo…

This gap is too big!

“Yes, that’s me. I had no other choice. I need to use some small means to be able to go out normally.”

Seeing Seto Ren looking at him dazed with her mobile phone, Li Yalin also knew that he didn’t need to wear glasses to hide his identity. Anyway, this is the mermaid yakuza organization, not the place where his fans gather. It really doesn’t matter if he didn’t wear glasses.

Now that everyone has seen it, simply just take off his glasses.

Smiling at Seto Ren, Li Yalin took off his glasses. But because of this, the whole hall was frozen in an instant.

Holy smokes!

What is going on?

Isn’t Yalin’s young master an ordinary nerd? How come he changed into a handsome boy?

The mermaid of the Setouchi group, as the underlings dare not leave casually. Even if the mother and daughter have a little chat with Li Yalin, they can only sit on both sides with seiza. After all, this is the attitude an underling should have.

So naturally, they heard Li Yalin’s conversation clearly, and they are mocking him in their hearts at first, thinking that their Yalin young master is really strong but likes to brag. He’s obviously a nerd, and he still calls himself an idol.

Why don’t you look at the mirrors first?

It’s a pity that their ojou-sama seems to believe in Yalin young master, and even admires him. As the underlings, they can only think about it in their heart, but can’t open their mouth casually else they offend the young master.

As a result, when Li Yalin took off his glasses, these mermaids were completely immobile as if they had been hit by a petrification spell.

As a yakuza mermaid, they only know how to kill all day long. They are a bunch of rough guys, two completely different species from the handsome boys that are popular among young girls and would never cross paths.

And now… this handsome boy has become their young master?

How can this be?

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