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All the underlings’ mermaid was dumbfounded when Li Yalin took off his glasses, and Seto Ren’s mother and daughter were not much better. Especially Seto Sun, her big watery eyes widened, looked in disbelief, stared at Li Yalin, and couldn’t believe what she saw.

Of course, it’s not that Li Yalin’s charm is too great, captivating her when he took off his glasses. In fact, Seto Sun was only amazed by this huge change. In terms of her own aesthetics, she actually likes the rough man type more.

This aesthetic is of course inherited from her mother, Seto Ren. Otherwise, with Seto Ren’s beauty, she wouldn’t marry a rough man like Seto Gozaburo.

“This is Ordinary Mirror, which was made by someone in my family using magecraft. With this pair of glasses, I can walk on the street at will without being noticed.”

Li Yalin knows the effect of taking off his eyes. It is not how attractive he is, but the big gap between the two, which will definitely surprise people. So he also waited for a while before explaining them.

But there is no need to wear them back since he already took them off. Anyway, let everyone adapt to his original appearance.

“It’s amazing, there are still such glasses.”

Of course, Seto Sun was very surprised by the changes in Li Yalin, and she was also very curious about the Ordinary Mirror.

Upon seeing this, Li Yalin also gave the Ordinary Mirror to the mermaid girl, which caused Sun to examine it repeatedly with great interest, and finally put the glasses on the bridge of her nose.

When Sun put on Ordinary Mirror, the dignified and beautiful mermaid girl disappeared. Instead, it was an ordinary girl with glasses. She took out a mirror and saw the changes with her own eyes, the mermaid girl couldn’t help express her surprise again and again.

“I know now, why do you have such confidence.”

Sun is attracted by the magical Ordinary Mirror, but Seto Ren as her mother pays more attention to Li Yalin’s true appearance.

She likes a rough man, but she also knows how attractive boys like Li Yalin are to girls. But more is so, the more she sighs. She thought that Li Yalin was flattering himself, who knows that he really has that capital.

With such a face, why would he be worried about not getting some girls?

No wonder he can become such a famous school idol…

But… what should Sun do?

As a mother, Seto Ren is quite entangled at the moment.

“I’m back!”

Not long after Li Yalin took off his glasses, Seto Gozaburo who had to left for treatment, reappeared. But because of his burns injuries, he was now wrapped in bandages, turning him into a living modern mummy.

Although his body was wrapped in bandages, his mental state still very strong. His loud shout broke the silence in the hall in an instant.


“Who is this kid?”

After returning successfully, Seto Gozaburo saw Li Yalin who takes off his glasses for the first time, he couldn’t help but frowns. He couldn’t remember having such a handsome guy appeared in his Setouchi group, so he was obviously not a mermaid of the Setouchi group.

It’s not his people, then it’s an outsider! An outsider, still such a handsome outsider, what conspiracy did he come to the Setouchi group for?

Could it be that he was hitting on his daughter?

No way!

He won’t allow it!

“Damn brat! Just because you are handsome doesn’t mean you can hit on my daughter! I’m telling you! Not a chance! Go back wherever you come from! My Setouchi group doesn’t welcome people like you!”

In just a few moments, Seto Gozaburo had thought various things in his mind, subconsciously thinking that Li Yalin was a junior of other mermaid yakuza, and came to hit on his daughter.

After all, Sun is quite famous among mermaid yakuza. Among the younger generation of the mermaid, many people are Sun admirers.

So, Seto Gozaburo obviously regarded Li Yalin who took off his glasses as a mermaid junior who came to propose to his daughter. For such a guy, he certainly couldn’t show a good face.

Rather, the broke out daughter-con, is now ready to drive him out with violence!

If this kid wasn’t being tactful, he doesn’t mind making him a punching bag!

“I said…”

Li Yalin was speechless seeing Seto Gozaburo made such a show as soon as he returned. What the hell? Don’t welcome me?

Fortunately, he quickly reacted. It is estimated that after taking off his glasses, the daughter-con uncle couldn’t recognize him.

So first, he has to clear up the misunderstanding.

But when Li Yalin was about to explain, he didn’t expect that Seto Ren to suddenly stepped forward and stood in front of him.

“What do you mean by not welcoming him? He is your daughter’s future husband!”


When Seto Ren spoke, everyone present was dumbfounded again, including Li Yalin who is behind her, and Seto Sun playing with Ordinary Mirror.

What happened?

What kind of plot is this?

“What! Sun’s future husband? What a joke! Who promised such a thing?”

After hearing his wife’s words, Seto Gozaburo immediately became furious. Under that urgency, the bandages wrapped around his body broke apart, revealing his still charred body, not to mention his head…

What the fuck!


Well, because of the burning of the flames, all the hair on Seto Gozaburo’s head was burned clean. What remains is a shiny big bald head. With his charred body, he looks comical.

Unfortunately, Seto Gozaburo did not pay attention to his own embarrassment and was still in anger about her daughter having a future husband.

What happened?

He just leaves to get bandaged, so when did Sun have an extra husband? It was so hard to turn that kid Li Yalin into Sun’s onii-chan, did something unexpected happen again?

“I promised!”

Facing Seto Gozaburo’s soaring anger, Seto Ren spoke very calmly and answered. But before Seto Gozaburo continued to be angry, her next sentence directly made her husband dumb.

“And you agreed!”

“What? When did I agree?”

Of course, Seto Gozaburo who fears his wife dare not refute his wife’s decision. But there’s no way he would also promise his daughter’s marriage.

So right now, he even felt that he had just lost his life memory because he got burned. How could he agree to let Sun marry someone?

“You said them before, you wouldn’t mind marrying Sun to him as long as he beat you.”

Facing Seto Gozaburo’s confused and puzzled expression, Seto Ren showed a mysterious smile on her face.

There shouldn’t be any complaints if you fall into the pit you dig yourself, right?

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