Cafe 396

“Hah? You said this kid…”

By now, Seto Gozaburo finally realized that the nerdy ordinary boy had turned into a super handsome boy. This huge change made him completely unable to calm down.

What is this?


Looks like… this kid is really a magician!

“What? You said it yourself, are you regretting it?”

Looking at her husband’s baffled face, Seto Ren smiled gorgeously. Husband, you fell into the pit you dug yourself.

“But I’m just…”

Now, Seto Gozaburo also reacted, this is his wife’s trick. Isn’t that just something he said in the heat of the moment? How come it’s like everything has been decided?

“What’s wrong? The leader of the dignified Setouchi group, would go back on his own words? I don’t remember having married a husband who likes to break his promise?”

Before Seto Gozaburo can say anything, Seto Ren’s eyes widen suddenly. And this makes the sturdy… bald-headed black-charcoal daughter-con uncle dare not speak. Although he’s simple-minded, he also knows that if his wife had decided something, he will definitely die miserably if he contradicts her now.

So he shrank his neck subconsciously and didn’t dare to raise any objections.

“Well… Mrs. Seto, don’t scare Mr. Seto and make such a throwaway remark. I’m already Sun’s onii-chan, how could I marry her?”

Hearing the conversation between Seto and his wife, Li Yalin was keenly aware that he can’t just let things be. It didn’t feel like a joke when Mrs. Seto said something!

So in this case, he spoke very decisively, and must block all the topics before Seto Ren got involved!

He finally becomes Sun’s onii-chan, please no more surprise!

“Don’t call me Mrs. Seto, Yalin. You are Sun’s onii-chan now, just call me mom from now on.”

Seto Ren was a clever person, she understood what Li Yalin meant when he spoke. So she didn’t make things difficult for him, but still gave him an angry look to express her dissatisfaction with his way of addressing her.

It’s just that her words made him don’t know how to react.

He did just recognized an imouto, but didn’t plan to get another father or mother!

Father-in-law and mother-in-law make more sense….


It’s uncle and aunt!

“Um… I’ll call you Ren aunt…”

Li Yalin understands that if he can’t come up with a name that satisfies the other party, the matter today is not over. So with no other choice, he won’t call her mother even if he has to lost his integrity, but calling her Ren aunt should be okay.

As for Seto Gozaburo… well, just call him uncle Gozaburo!

“Ren aunt… also not bad. Okay, I’ll let it slide this time.”

Seto Ren obviously somewhat regretful Li Yalin didn’t call her mother. But she could accept him calling her Ren aunt, which finally made her look satisfied.

As for Seto Gozaburo, he foolishly looked at the scene in front of him, not knowing what he should say.

He just leaves to patch himself up, how come his wife becomes so close with that kid?

But fortunately, he really only regards Sun as imouto. It didn’t matter to him as long as he doesn’t marry Sun!

“Haha, you really scared me there Ren. Good lad, you become really close to your Ren aunt, we will be a family in the future.”

To be honest, Seto Gozaburo doesn’t like a pretty boy like Li Yalin. They are a yakuza, after all. Those with bronze skin and strong muscles are called real men. Even better if they have some scars.

Although Li Yalin cannot be equated as a real man in his eyes, he got the strength. Seto Gozaburo as the loser cannot deny this fact, so even if he doesn’t like it, he still admits his strength.

Now that he has become his daughter’s onii-chan, this matter has become a forgone conclusion. Even for Sun’s sake, he has to recognize this new family member.

It’s just… such a handsome boy shouldn’t get too close with his daughter. Let his wife step in, so the two of them could get closer.

Seto Gozaburo only felt that he was making a good decision. How could he come up with such a witty idea!


Can you be more obvious?

For Seto Gozaburo, Li Yalin was completely speechless. He was laughing and pushing himself to Seto Ren’s side, while Seto Sun, the female lead, was pushed back to the other side.

We are brothers and sisters! Why are you acting like the queen mother in The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl? Creating the milky way to separate us across the middle of the sky?

He has said taboo words he doesn’t know if it’s inappropriate!

“Alright, Gozaburo, you should get some rest!”

Li Yalin’s heart keeps tsukomi, how can Seto Ren fail to see his husband’s little trick? For this kind of troublemaker, it must be expelled immediately!

“I have rested!”

At this time, how can Seto Gozaburo just leave willingly. Unfortunately, his petitions are completely useless, and as a henpecked, he can’t resist the mighty power of his wife.

No… not so much as might but strength!

As expected of the Setouchi group’s lady boss, she’s merciless when she acts. Seto Ren didn’t show mercy even if it’s against her own husband. Since he didn’t obey her, she would force him to leave!

When she saw Seto Gozaburo didn’t pay attention, she hits her husband’s neck with a hand knife.

Poor uncle Gozaburo rolled his eyes instantly after being hit hard by his wife and fell back stiffly.


Seto Ren’s face didn’t waver when she sees her husband fall to the ground, only giving a cold snort. Mr. Masa who had already been waiting at the side appeared behind Seto Gozaburo like the wind and steadily hold him.

“Take Gozaburo away to rest!”


With Seto Ren, the lady boss order, Seto Gozaburo, the leader of the Setouchi group officially leave the field. This mermaid leader who was able to survive even after getting burned eventually fainted under the hands of his own wife. It was such a miserable end.


Uncle Gozaburo!


With a tinge of sadness, Li Yalin watched Mr. Masa’s leave with Seto Gozaburo. But… Seto Gozaburo is leaving, but the most difficult character to deal with is still beside him!

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