Cafe 397

“Sorry Yalin, to make you see something unsightly. Our Gozaburo is a good man, but his brain is a little less good. He’s a yakuza, after all. Please forgive him.”

A woman’s mood can really change very quickly, she just knocked out her husband, but then, Seto Ren was able to face Li Yalin with a smile. For this beautiful Ren aunt, Li Yalin subconsciously took a half step back.

This… is the real boss of the Setouchi group!

“What’s wrong? Afraid Ren aunt gonna eat you?”

Seeing Li Yalin backing subconsciously, Seto Ren’s corner of the mouth raised slightly. This seemed to be a joke, but Li Yalin knew that if he nodded his head, he would end miserably.

He can’t offend such a BOSS!

“How can that be, yakuza’s people really are outspoken, it widens my knowledge. Ren aunt is so gentle and beautiful, how could I be afraid of you?”

“You really know how to talk.”

There was a sudden chattering and laughter, and the temperature in the hall rose suddenly. But Li Yalin and Seto Ren both had their own thoughts and only they themselves know what they are thinking.

“Oh, it’s already this late! Sorry, Ren aunt and Sun, my companions are still waiting for me in the hotel. They might get worried if I go back too late.”

Seto Ren, this beautiful madam is really hard to deal with. Although her personality is very gentle, communicating with her will make people feel like a spring breeze. Even Li Yalin can feel the strong maternal love emanating from her. But the problem is, there’s seems to be a trap in her every word and deed.

And her ultimate goal is nothing more than trying to bring Li Yalin and Seto Sun together. She clearly doesn’t want them to be just a sibling.

Li Yalin really can’t take her good intentions. So after talking for a while, he first checked the time, and then deliberately let out an exclamation, and then expressed his attitude of wanting to leave.

He got the excuses. With the current friendly exchanges between the two sides, Seto Ren would let him go, right?

“I see. In that case, Sun should send Yalin. Be careful.”

Originally, Li Yalin thought it wouldn’t be easy even if Seto Ren would let him go. However, he did not expect that she would let him go so easily and didn’t force him to stay over.

Although it is very unexpected, it is also a good thing, isn’t it?

“Thank you very much for Ren aunt’s reception this time. We can communicate on the phone in the future about the counterattack against the Yoshino group. I hope the Yoshino team can be driven out of Tamano city completely before I leave Tamano city!”

“Good, Yalin, Ren aunt is very happy you thought of us. Thank you for giving us a helping hand.”

Li Yalin officially left along with this conversation. And under the mermaid girl Seto Sun’s guide, he left the Setouchi group located on the seabed and came to an uninhabited coast near Tamano city.

“I’m very sorry! Yalin-san, I really troubled you today!”

The reason why Sun was asked to send Li Yalin off was that Seto Ren wanted to give the two a chance to get along alone. But when she landed ashore, the mermaid girl immediately dogeza to express her apology to him.

Of course, Li Yalin can understand why Sun’s kneeling. He got into this mess because he saved her. Otherwise, he doesn’t have to have this trip to the Setouchi group.

With Sun’s character, she would definitely blame everything on herself. So apologizing in dogeza is a matter of reason.

“It’s okay, Sun. Although the process is quite bizarre, the ending is good after all. You don’t need to die and I don’t have to be killed, and I got one more imouto in the end. At least I earned something.”

Faced with this situation, Li Yalin stepped forward to help Sun up. He didn’t have the hobby of getting bowed down by a beautiful girl. What’s more, it was a good experience for him.

It wasn’t a loss to him since he got system tasks! What’s more, he got one more pretty imouto.

“Is this… really okay? Being a siblings…”

Although she was born in the Yakuza organization, Seto Sun rarely had the opportunity to get close to a boy of her age. So she was caught off guard when she suddenly supported by Li Yalin, making her face blush in an instant.

However, even though her face was red, she still murmured softly.

She was still a little at a loss for this sudden sibling relationship.

“I don’t mind, or maybe… Sun doesn’t want to be my imouto?”

The blushing Sun is very cute, especially when the two are alone, Li Yalin also loves to tease her. Although she keeps on about Ninkyo, she is still a girl in her prime of youth after all.

“Of course I do! I…”

Seto Sun didn’t know that Li Yalin was teasing her. When she heard his question, she thought her behavior was misunderstood by Li Yalin, so she hurriedly explained.

But when she saw Li Yalin’s grinning face, she knows he was joking. Her face flushed all over again, and could not speak anymore.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. It’s already late, I have to hurry up and meet my companion. Go home early, be careful on your way back.”

Seeing Sun’s face was red as if it had been cooked, Li Yalin also knew that he shouldn’t make fun of her too much, he smiled and patted the mermaid girl on the shoulder. It was time to part.

“Um… then… I’m leaving, onii-chan you too… be careful…”

After being patted on the shoulder by Li Yalin, Seto Sun’s face turned red and feverish. She didn’t dare to look at Li Yalin again. After saying goodbye softly, she turned and plunged into the water.

Maybe only the cold water can lower her hot body temperature.

This girl…

Watching Sun disappearing in the sea, Li Yalin finally couldn’t help but shook his head. This night experience was really bizarre. Who would believe that he got a mermaid imouto?

But… it doesn’t feel bad!

Shaking his head and drained the seawater on his clothes slightly, Li Yalin finally turned and left the deserted shore.

He’s done with the mermaid of the Setouchi group. How to explain to the girls in the hotel is another headache.

Be honest?

Don’t think he can.

Put it off with an excuse?

That is the issue!

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