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After returning to the hotel, Li Yalin was naturally questioned by a group of anxious girls. Such a big matter, Yamanaka Sawako would not hide it from everyone.

Before receiving a call from Li Yalin, she thought he was caught by the police. If not for Uomi and Amakusa Shino being calm enough, everyone would have already gone to the police station to save him.

Fortunately, Li Yalin finally came back and put everyone at ease. But where did he go during the time he was away, they won’t stop until he explains everything!

With no other choice, he could only tell half the truth and make things up the rest.

“So you are thanked by her family, no wonder. But why you didn’t tell us you are safe? It made us so anxious!”
Everyone was finally relieved after getting Li Yalin’s explanation. But even so, the complaints still did not subside. So, several girls rolled their eyes, obviously very dissatisfied with the way he’s handling the matter.

“Sorry, I will definitely explain it clearly next time.”

In the current situation, if Li Yalin tries to defend himself, it will definitely attract everyone’s anger. So he didn’t complain and just admits his mistakes, and would not do it again.

“That’s enough…”

Everyone let him go since he admits his mistakes. He was doing a good deed, after all. He helped a girl, and finally received warm thanks from their families, so he came back late.

If not for him hadn’t contacted everyone except for a phone call, and later turn off his phone so he can’t be contacted, everyone would not be so angry now.

What can Li Yalin do about this?

The mermaid of the Setouchi group asked to turn off the phone. It’s his fault?

It’s worth cheering that everything turned out well.

Although an unpleasant accident happened, it has passed. No one comes to look for trouble, so everyone’s attention soon returned to the music festival.

For everyone, how to perform better in this festival is the real focus.

“Don’t be nervous and everything will be fine. Our cooperation is already perfect.”

The music festival this time isn’t a child’s play like before. It is normal for everyone to be nervous. What Li Yalin needs to do is to calm everyone’s emotions and ensure that everyone can play well in the venue.

As long as there are no accidents and no mistakes, they can win the gold trophy easily.

Fortunately, with his comfort, the four girls in the light music club are in good spirits. Not to mention Kohinata Yukari this ojou-sama, her mentality has always been the best and doesn’t need to be reminded.

The contestants are in good spirits, but the escorts are so nervous that it makes people quite speechless.

“Both of you… didn’t sleep all night, right?”

One night later, when Li Yalin saw Uomi and Amakusa, the two student presidents again, the thick dark circles hanging under the eyes of the two girls made him speechless for a while.

What the hell?

Didn’t both of them sleep earlier last night? He remembered that these two student presidents did come to sleep in the same room…

Otherwise, why do they even have the same dark circles?

“Can’t sleep…”


Yes, both Uomi and Amakusa did not sleep all night. Although the reason why they did not sleep was not like Li Yalin imagined, they were exhausted at the moment.

Their reason for not sleeping is actually very simple.

They had already slept in the hotel when Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako went to the venue before. And when they woke up, they were refreshed and couldn’t sleep anymore. In addition, the tension and worry of the upcoming music festival made them can’t sleep at all.

So the two girls get out of bed when the sun rises, but their physical condition was very bad. They wouldn’t last a day with their current state.

“You guys…”

For these two girls’ bad condition, it will definitely affect their health if they try to force it. But without them, there will be two fewer field staff on the band’s side. Their original plan would all be disrupted.

Wouldn’t it be counterproductive if they try to help?

If he knows this would happen, he should let Mori-san and Shichijou ojou-sama come along, at least to prepare for this unexpected situation.

“It’s okay! It’s just a day, time will pass by quickly!”

Uomi and Amakusa know what Li Yalin is worried about. So even if they are physically exhausted, they still try to lift their spirits. Today is the first day of the festival, and it is also a very important day. If they fail to qualify here, everyone will become a spectator off the stage in the next two days.

No matter how difficult it is, failure is not an option!

Bet on the reputation of Eiryou High School and Ousai Academy student council president!

“Stop being stubborn!”

Seeing Uomi and Amakusa forcing themselves, Li Yalin didn’t hesitate to give them a beating on the head. The two student president-sama who was in pain immediately hugged their heads and squatted on defense, it’s obvious that it wasn’t a light one.

“Both of you take a good rest now! I don’t want you guys to collapses halfway!”

Although today’s music festival is very important, Li Yalin can’t just watch Uomi and Amakusa forcing their bodies. Given their current condition, rest is their best choice. Don’t even try to think about other things!

“But we aren’t there, what about the field work? Wouldn’t that just left Sawako sensei alone?”

Li Yalin is doing this for both of them, Uomi and Amakusa Shino are well aware of it. But today’s work is also very important. With their absence, the burden will be borne by Yamanaka Sawako alone.

She wouldn’t be able to manage it if she has to do it alone.

“You guys don’t need to worry about it, you guys just need to rest well now!”

Hearing the retort of the dirty joke student president, Li Yalin stared at her wide-eyed. Still tries to talk back, was the punishment too light?

Although Li Yalin is usually very mild-tempered, he can be really scary he if gets angry. At least right now, Amakusa Shino can’t help but shrink her neck and dare not argue with Li Yalin anymore.


“No buts! I will solve the problem of insufficient staff. You two back to the room to sleep now. I want you guys to replenish your energy. Tomorrow is the time for both of you to make up for it!”

Amakusa Shino did not dare to argue, but Uomi still tries to say something. But unfortunately, Li Yalin cut her off before she could even speak.

There’s nothing more to discuss on this matter!

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