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“What should we do? Without Uomi student president and Amakusa student president, is it really okay to rely on a few of us?”

The news that Uomi and Amakusa, the two idiot student presidents, didn’t sleep all night, was quickly learned by everyone. And because of this, the girls’ expressions were a little anxious.

Although the field members are not as important as the stage members, it is difficult for everyone to feel at ease on the stage without sufficient offstage support. Many offstage tasks are very important, and it may become a serious problem if there is a shortage of manpower.

“How about I’m helping Sawako sensei in the offstage. Kohinata senpai can fill up the keyboard player position.”

At this critical moment, Kotobuki ojou-sama made a very considerate choice. According to Li Yalin’s original reservation, the four girls in the light music club all played the role of the band. MIO and dumb Yui played consonants together. The work of lead vocalists is naturally assigned to him and Kohinata Yukari respectively.

However, while Kohinata Yukari is the female lead singer, she can also be the keyboard player. So Kotobuki Tsumugi’s position seems a bit awkward, and kind of dispensable.

So it won’t ruin the performance if she quit at this time.

Rather, her current proposal can be said to be the best solution.


As soon as Kotobuki ojou-sama spoke, everyone hesitated. Rationally, this is indeed the best way. But for the girls in the light music club, this is a bit unacceptable.

Obviously, they would rather have all their companions standing on the stage together. But it is a pity that they are not the leading role, they can’t say any objections even if they are unwilling.

Even a dumb Yui who likes to run her mouth off, couldn’t say anything against it.

All eyes are on Li Yalin. At this moment, he is the only one who can make the final decision!

“No, since we decided to go on stage together, we can’t miss anyone!”

Fortunately, Li Yalin did not let everyone down. Even if Kotobuki Tsumugi voluntarily withdrew, he still did not choose to agree.

Yes, Kotobuki ojou-sama is indeed in an awkward position, they would be fine without her. But… the light music club is a whole, without Kotobuki ojou-sama, are they still the light music club?

Even as a supporting role, how can Li Yalin tolerate the dismantling of the light music club?

So from start, he didn’t plan to let anyone quit, no matter what!

As for the offstage work…

“Well said! Don’t miss anyone! You guys, just perform on the stage with peace of mind! Leave everything under the stage to me!”

The girls can’t say a word after Li Yalin spoke. But at this moment, there was a round of applause, and Yamanaka Sawako appeared!

For Li Yalin’s attitude of never abandon and never giving up, she praised him with a thumbs up. As for the offstage support work, she did not hesitate to take it all.

“Sawako sensei!”

At this critical moment, Yamanaka Sawako descended like a hero. Dumb Yui was so touched that she yelled and rushed straight into Sawako sensei’s arms.

Sawako sensei!

Love you!

“Alright, don’t act like a baby. With me here, you guys can perform on stage with peace of mind.”

Being hugged by dumb Yui, Yamanaka Sawako rubbed her little head very fondly. It is indeed the most popular sensei in Ousai Academy. Sawako is really cool!


“Sawako sensei, are you really fine by yourself?”

Although Sawako is willing to take on all this, Li Yalin is still a little worried. She gonna be alone, the burden left to her must be great.

“Who do you think I am? I’m Catherine of DEATH DEVIL! How can such a small matter be daunting to me?”

Facing Li Yalin’s worries, Yamanaka Sawako suddenly took off her glasses and showed a very surprising mad smile. Although she quickly put the glasses back on, Li Yalin still saw clearly.

Right… He almost forgot Sawako sensei was not an ordinary person!

The dark history of Yamanaka Sawako, such as having formed a band in school and called Catherine, has been discovered by the four girls in the light music club. For this reason, Sawako sensei was quite discouraged, she intends to seal all her past experiences since she became a sensei.

It’s a pity that everyone knew her dark history after all, and also witnessed the other side of Sawako sensei. Especially her crazy performance after taking off her glasses, everyone was shocked.

Li Yalin even thinks that her glasses are like some sort of switch, as long as the switch is removed, Sawako will reveal her personality…

Although the dark history has been exposed, as time passes, she didn’t mind much. On the contrary, as everything about herself has been known to everyone, Yamanaka Sawako no longer pretends to be a good sensei image that is respected and loved by everyone. Just be herself and it also makes her get closer to everyone.

It is precisely because of this that she gets along with Li Yalin so harmoniously. Her dark history has been known, so she regarded him as her own.

And this time, she has clearly expressed her determination after taking off her glasses once more. The person standing at this festival today is not the usual Yamanaka Sawako sensei, but Catherine from DEATH DEVIL!

“Then… I’ll depend on you.”

Sawako has ‘transformed’, what else can Li Yalin say? He can only believe in her now.

So now that it has been decided, let’s go!

Since today is the first day of the festival, it does not start at 6 am. Instead, the three-day music festival will officially start at 8 am in the morning through an official announcement.

As for the Li Yalin group, their debut time is around 9:10 in the morning. If they don’t care about the opening ceremony, they only need to arrive at the concert stage 20 minutes before the stage.

Everyone originally planned to go to see the opening ceremony, but now they obviously had no time. So after intense preparations, everyone took all the applications and prepared to go to the camp set up by Li Yalin and Yamanaka Sawako yesterday.

Resting and accommodation will be carried out in that camp. This… is the prelude to the battlefield!


Just as the Li Yalin group was preparing to leave the hotel for the music festival with musical instruments and luggage, there’s a sudden loud noise at the door of the hotel.

And it was a black luxury car parked at the entrance of the hotel that caused the disturbance.

What’s going on?

Some important figure arrived?

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