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“Yalin-san, although I don’t know what you are doing, but I think you should pay more attention to your physical condition. At least you should maintain a good schedule, so you didn’t ruin your body.”

Being seriously taught by a girl who is three to four years younger than himself and mental age more than ten years younger than him, what other expressions he can show besides bitter smile?

Maintain a good schedule and have a good body. Can he not know such a thing?

But the question is, how can he earn a hundred million Japan currency in just three months?

In fact, even if with Cat Eye script in hand and the system in his body assisting him, he is not confident that he will be able to complete this task.

Even the best work, it takes a certain time to spread. Three months, maybe it will makes Cat Eye popular, but to earn 100 million… with a word – Difficult!

Of course, other than bitter smile. Li Yalin also understands Chino’s good intentions. Even if he was helpless, he can’t help but appreciate her.

But there are some words, he felt that he should take this opportunity to talk about. He had wanted to talk to Chino, wasn’t this a good time now?

“Thank you Chino for worrying about me.”

Li Yalin first thanked Chino not only for her concerns, but also for her recent care.

Letting such a young child take care of an adult like him, he still feel ashamed even if Chino didn’t say anything, this point is really important.

“The reason why my recent work schedule is not fixed is not that I do not cherish my body, but another reason… Chino, do you like to read manga?”


Li Yalin expressed his gratitude to Chino, and also intended to explain to her. After all, this must be said sooner or later, and he also felt that this matter shouldn’t be said too late.

For Chino, she felt very strange, why suddenly mention manga? Manga… is there any relation with the irregular schedule?

“Yes! I am going to create a manga, so the preparatory work will be a bit difficult. But as long as this work can be successfully created, I don’t have to work so hard.”

In order to increase his credibility, Li Yalin took out the previously sketch drawings. Since Cat Eye script has been added to his mind, all he draws now are Cat Eye manga.

For example, the character design of Kisugi 3 sisters, male lead and the setting of each supporting character.

Anyway, these are all needed to be drawn, so it is good to prepare in advance.

“This… is so amazing… “

Seeing Li Yalin’s drafts, Chino cant help exclaimed. Although she doesn’t read manga often, she knows about manga too. He can draw so many drafts and so beautifully. In Chino eyes, this is already a professional mangaka level.

Yalin-san was originally this amazing?

“According to my observations, the manga industry will definitely usher in a period of rapid development, more and more people would like manga. An excellent manga work ability to suck money also must be very scary.”

“I am confident that I will create the best works that are most popular with readers!”

Li Yalin’s following remarks shocked Chino completely, she did not expect that this boy who was a few years older than herself, had such a huge ambition.

He actually wanted to create an excellent work most popular with readers?

Not to mention whether he has that ability, only that ideal, that ambition, is not common for a boy of his age.

Not to mention, he has put all this into action.

“Yalin-san, you will succeed.”

Li Yalin’s words made Chino silent for a while, because she didn’t know what she should say.

Blessing words? Or praise words?

Chino is not very clear, so in the end, she can only say such words. But she would have never thought that he ambitionhe just said is only the beginning.

“Chino, would you like to be my assistant?”


For Chino, Li Yalin’s next remarks were completely inexplicable, because she had no idea why she received this invitation.

Li Yalin wants to be mangaka and wants to create the best work. This is his ambition and has nothing to do with Chino.

Chino can clearly see that Li Yalin wanted to get closer to her.

The most important thing is that Chino only read manga, but she doesn’t know how to draw manga. She didn’t know what to do as an assistant.

“Yalin-san, I don’t know how to draw manga, and my drawing… “

“I know, I am not letting you be my manga assistant, but I am going to hire you as my life assistant. You know, my work schedule is totally irregular, I need someone to take care of my meals, and sometimes I need people help run errands without hiring an assistant.”

After hearing Li Yalin, Chino instinctively wanted to refuse. She know that she had no talent in drawing. At least she felt that her drawing was not good at all, and it was impossible to draw any manga.

But before she finished speaking, Li Yalin interrupted her first because he didn’t want to let Chino be his manga assistant. Otherwise, his Cat Eye would become Picasso 3 sisters.

What he needs most is Chino’s help in life trivia. Although a big man said this to a 13-year-old loli and she did refuse, but the problem is that he just needs this as an excuse.

Yes, just an excuse.

With his relationship with Chino, even if he earned 100 million yen and willing to use this 100 million yen to help Chino, Chino may not accept it unless their relationship is close enough.

So before that, he must try his best to improve the intimacy between the two, and the so-called life assistant is a very good excuse.

“But I… “

But Chino still hesitant even after he said this, because she felt that she did not seem to be a life assistant at all. After all, she is now taking care of all his meals and she would help him doing errands as long as she has time.

Is there any need to be an assistant?

“Of course, I don’t have the money to hire you as an assistant. Before manga successfully created and published, I’ll use an empty cheques. So life assistants are just in name only, Chino don’t need get too tangled up.”

Chino’s hesitation was seen by Li Yalin. Of course, he knew that he should act decisively and take the right to speak directly, so Chino could not refuse.

In fact, this is exactly the case. After listening to Li Yalin’s explanation, Chino breathed a sigh of relief.

Yeah, no one know if it will succeed. What to hesitate here?

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