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“I can’t go, I have housework to do after school. Going to the coffee shop is a bit…”

Yes, Takagi Maki’s words really troubled others, not Li Yalin but Haruka at his next table.

It’s no wonder that if the story that Li Yalin knows hasn’t changed, Haruka should live with her two imouto. Since her parents are not around, as the big sister, she needs to play the roles of father and mother.

So a lot of work at home needs her to complete, such as cleaning and washing clothes, or making dinner for her two imouto.

Haruka paid many things for her family and even sacrifice her after-school time, not participated in a club.

Maki’s proposed after-school activities naturally made her hesitant.

“That’s right, we still have club activities after school, the time will conflicted with going to the coffee shop?”

In fact, Haruka is not the only one who feel troubled. Ono Atsuko is also the same.

Both her and Maki participated in a club and have club activities today. Where they have the time listening to piano performance at the coffee shop?

Although Atsuko herself wanted to hear the moving piano sound again.

“It doesn’t matter! We went straight to the coffee shop after school and leave in half an hour, it won’t take much time!”

“We will go to Haruka’s house to help her after it ended, so there is no problem!”

“We can just make an appearance to the club before going to the coffee shop, there shouldn’t be a problem as long as we talk to Hayami sempai!”

Yes, Maki’s sudden decision bothered both Haruka and Atsuko, but Maki really had a deep obsession with Li Yalin’s piano and won’t give up that easily.

She already said everything, what else can Haruka and Atsuko say?

“This… well, if both of you willing to help.”

“Well, as long as Hayami sempai agrees we leave early…”

Haruka and Atsuko looked at each other for a moment, and finally sighed together. As best friends, they knew Maki’s temper. It will be hard to change her mind when she had decide on something, it is impossible to reject her wish today.

With that said, they can only agree, right?

“Great! It’s decided!”

Haruka and Atsuko compromise made Maki very excited and clenched her fists. But before she could say anything else, the bell of the second class rang made her pursed mouth uncomfortably.

“The rest period is really too short. Then Li-kun, I am looking forward to your piano performance.”

After saying that towards Li Yalin, Maki waved her hand, she turned and walked to her own seat. Following her, Atsuko also bowed slightly towards Li Yalin and Haruka, signaling them she also return to her own seat.

“Sorry Li-kun, Maki sometimes gets too excited, she isn’t malicious.”

Before the second class officially started, Haruka once again apologized to Li Yalin for her friend. Although it had nothing to do with her, as a friend, she felt the need to explain it.

After all, Maki’s just too whimsical. It was indeed a little rude to Li Yalin, a classmate she had just met.

She really a gentle girl, such a girl is really suitable to take home as a wife!

“It’s okay Minami-san. I didn’t really mind. I just transferred to this unfamiliar school. I thought it would be difficult to integrate into the circle. But with Takagi-san, I don’t have to worry about this problem.”

Looking at Minami Haruka on his side, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. But his mouth, of course still had to pick up good words.

From all angles, this is the truth.

As a transfer student, it is really difficult to integrate into an unfamiliar class group. But with the accident of Takagi Maki, he can quickly integrate into the circle of Haruka, Maki and Atsuko.

Haruka’s quite popular in this class. Being her friend will naturally be recognized by more people.

Although Li Yalin does not mind this kind of thing, he must admit this fact.

“I am glad if you can think so.”

This Li-kun is unexpectedly very mature, is it because of working in a coffee shop?

Li Yalin’s answer surprised Haruka, because an average high school student won’t say such a thing. Such a smooth answer makes people unable to pick out the problem. This fact makes Haruka feel very comfortable.

Although the appearance looks a bit young and inexperienced. In fact, this Li-kun is a very mature schoolboy.

Li Yalin’s image in Haruka’s mind was established now, and also won a lot of goodwill from her. After all, for Haruka, she likes mature and stable schoolboy more than immature kids of the same age.

Like Li Yalin, she can get her approval.

Thanks to this, Li Yalin keep interacting with Haruka in this morning’s class. For this new classmate who had just arrived in Japan district and was not familiar with life and study here, Haruka also gave quite a lot of attention.

“Lunch break! Haruka let’s have a meal! What lunch did you bring today?”

As the bell of the last class in the morning rang, Maki and Atsuko came to Haruka’s desk with their respective lunch boxes. They were inseparable trio, and of course would be together during lunch break.

“That… Li-kun, are you going to the cafeteria or did you bring your own lunch? If you don’t mind, would you like to eat with us?”

Maki and Atsuko came to Haruka, but to their surprise, Haruka did not immediately respond to Maki but turned her head to Li Yalin and asked him such a sentence.

Haruka volunteered invited schoolboy for lunch?


Haruka’s initiative surprised Maki and Atsuko a little. They know that Haruka’s intersection with schoolboy is almost zero. She rarely talks with schoolboy if it not necessary.

So far, no schoolboy in this class can be called a friend by Haruka, it just a classmate at best.

But despite Li Yalin just come today, Haruka actually take the initiative to invite him to lunch. Although they knew and understand that Haruka was concerned for the new classmates and wanted to help him. But it still surprise them.

“I brought a bento, of course I would like to have lunch with everyone if you guys don’t mind.”

Li Yalin doesn’t know how surprised Maki and Atsuko are. In his view, since Haruka has taken the initiative to invite him, of course he won’t miss this opportunity.

Having lunch together? Of course no problem!

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