Cafe 400

“Wow! Those cars must be super expensive! People who can ride in that car must be important figures.”

Although the friends she usually played with were the rich ojou-sama, Hirasawa Yui-san never realized that. As a rich daughter, Kohinata Yukari and Kotobuki Tsumugi never showed off to everyone about their family background. So naturally, dumb Yui couldn’t help but shouted in surprise when she sees something that only appeared in movies and TV at the hotel entrance.

It’s an important figure, it must be some important figure!

“It felt like… those people don’t look like good people. Let’s not get involved with them.”

Different from dumb Yui’s exclamation, Ritsu currently frowning. It is obvious that these black luxury cars are associated with a bad plot. After all, a person who can have such a convoy is neither black nor white. It’s fine if it just the convoy of rich people, but if it’s those yakuza bosses…

Better be safe than sorry coming to an unfamiliar place like this Tamano city.

Although she can be playful sometimes, occasionally Ritsu is also reliable, although only occasionally.

“So what, it had nothing to do with us anyway.”

It’s a pity that dumb Yui obviously didn’t listen to Ritsu’s words. She was still looking at the convoy curiously, and the convoy did not let her down. Soon the car doors opened and the bulky man wearing a black suit with sunglasses walked down.

This dress… either they are a yakuza member or a bodyguard. Judging by their scary appearance, it is more likely to be a yakuza member.

“Okay, there’s nothing to see here, let’s go to the venue as soon as possible.”

Seeing those bulky men in suits walked out of the car, Li Yalin’s brows were creased. He was not as full of curiosity as dumb Yui. Those guys in black suits were clearly not good characters.

The most important thing is that Tamano city has become a battlefield between the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group. If the guys are mermaid from the Yoshino group, he is not confident that he can protect all the girls around him.

Better to avoid this scene now.


Hearing Li Yalin also said the same thing, dumb Yui suddenly turned her head back in surprise. But before she could finish speaking, MIO pulled her quickly with her hands.

On this point, MIO shares the same opinion with Li Yalin and Ritsu. Those men in black suits are not good people at first glance. Better to stay away from such guys as much as possible.

“Let’s go, we will be late if we don’t hurry!”

Pulling on dumb Yui, who was full of curiosity, Li Yalin’s group was about to leave. But Li Yalin suddenly stopped after just taking a few steps, and a helpless bitter smile appeared on his face.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong?”

Seeing Li Yalin stop suddenly, Kohinata Yukari beside him immediately showed a puzzled expression. As his partner, she knew him very well, especially seeing the bitter smile on his face, it made her feel something wrong.

Could it be because those people suspiciously like members of yakuza?

Subconsciously, Kohinata Yukari also followed Li Yalin’s gaze and two female figures in kimonos also came into her sight.

Is that… why Yalin stopped?

Are they acquaintances of Yalin?

Kohinata Yukari knows Li Yalin is not a person who couldn’t move because of seeing some beauty, so there is only one reason left why he stopped.

Yes, Kohinata Yukari was right. Although they shouldn’t be called an acquaintance since they just meet once, in a sense, Li Yalin’s relationship with those two is even closer than an acquaintance.

Correct! The two women in kimonos are the mother and daughter of Seto Ren and Seto Sun from Setouchi group mermaid yakuza!

Why are the two of them here?

Li Yalin did not expect that the mother and daughter would come looking for him early in the morning, and would make such a big disturbance. Just imagine two beauties in kimonos, plus bulky men in black suits standing in rows behind them. Isn’t it clear that this is the scene of yakuza important figure in the film and tv works?

When such a situation occurs in reality, what effect will it produce?

Don’t even need to guess, the pedestrians who keep evading around have already explained everything for everyone.

As far as Li Yalin himself is concerned, he definitely wouldn’t want to get involved in this kind of situation. However, the mother and daughter mermaid has made it clear that they are coming for him. If he shirks away from this situation, wouldn’t this disgrace them?

Yesterday night, he said that they are a family. But now he’s avoiding them? That doesn’t make sense.

Since he can’t avoid them, just face them directly!



Just as Li Yalin thought, the mother and daughter of Seto Ren and Seto Sun came for him. After seeing him, the mother and daughter came forward with a smile and greeted him very kindly.

If they meet normally, this kind of greeting is really normal. However, what makes Li Yalin helpless is that after Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter have greeted him, the group of bulky men in suits who followed behind them also bowed to him in unison.

“Yalin young master!”

It is indeed the yakuza mermaid of the Setouchi group, they got the momentum. But this momentum is obviously used in the wrong place. When they call him Yalin young master, all the girls behind Li Yalin have their mouths open wide, with a dazed expressions.

What’s going on?

This gentle and considerate, handsome and talented Yalin-kun (senpai), was actually a child of the Yakuza boss family?

Now, even dumb Yui can see that these men in black suits are absolutely yakuza-like people like those shown in movies or TV dramas. But these scary Yakuza members actually very respectful bowed to Li Yalin, and even call him young master.

Isn’t this kind of plot exactly the same as the one in the TV series?

The girls never knew that Yalin-kun (senpai), with whom they had always thought to be very familiar, had such a terrifying identity!

So amazing?

Or so terrifying?

At this moment, the minds of the girls are quite confused. Let alone the girls in the light music club, even Kohinata Yukari, this ojou-sama who is calm no matter what happens, is at a loss.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of Li Yalin’s identity, but that the accident came so quickly that she can’t keep up in a short time.

Li Yalin = future yakuza boss?

They can’t help but equated such a calculation in their hearts!

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