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“Ren aunt… you guys really put me in difficult place…”

Li Yalin can imagine how shocked the girls behind him were, so he smiled bitterly when facing Seto Ren.

What the hell!

He should have explained it more clearly to them yesterday if he knew this would happen! Although the mermaid’s secret cannot be revealed, he can explain the Yakuza’s identity!

But he never thought that Seto Ren would show up with her daughter…

“What? Yalin, don’t you welcome us?”

Of course Seto Ren could see Li Yalin’s bitter smile, but she didn’t have the conscious that she’s causing trouble to Li Yalin. Instead, she looked at him with a smile, as if she was looking at her own child.

The lady boss of the Setouchi group still wants him to be his daughter’s husband. Even if they are getting along in the name of siblings now, who can tell the future?

“Sorry onii-chan, did we trouble you?”

Compared to the calculative Seto Ren, Sun was very considerate. Seeing that Li Yalin’s face was not very good, she knew that she shouldn’t appear today, her face immediately showed an uneasy look.

“No, it’s okay, but you guys come with this many people, my companions are all scared.”

Reluctantly waved his hand to Sun, Li Yalin first calmed the mermaid girl’s uneasy mood, and then begin to explain.

Of course, his later word was directed at Seto Ren. He can think on his feet, today plans to go out like this must be Seto Ren’s handwriting!

Sun won’t go out in this state!

“Yalin, this is your first time in Tamano city. I’m afraid that you guys are not familiar with the traffic here, so I will pick you guys up in advance. Don’t worry, we will definitely send you guys to the venue safely.”

Seto Ren can pick up the resentment in Li Yalin’s words, but it is a pity that she directly ignored it. Instead, she smiled and holds his arm, which made people feel intimate.

For her daughter’s future happiness, she, the mother, intends to go to battle herself!

“You guys must be Yalin’s companions. What a group of lovely children, no wonder Yalin likes it so much.”

“Come on, get in the car. Our family’s motorcade would clear the way, we will arrive at the venue very quickly.”

Holding Li Yalin’s arm, Seto Ren did not ignore the girls behind him. Rather, she has scanned all the girls, including Yamanaka Sawako who is a sensei.

Seto Ren couldn’t help but exclaim after watching these girls. Although her daughter Sun is a famous bishoujo among the mermaid yakuza and is highly respected by those junior mermaids, the girls standing in front of her are full of beauty, really not inferior to her daughter.

With so many outstanding girls by his side, it is no wonder that Yalin is not tempted by Sun. Seto Ren is well aware of the situation.

But what is in her mind, this yakuza lady boss obviously won’t show it in her expression. Rather, she now collectedly greets everyone, showing a very kind expression.

Leaving aside the rivalry between these girls and her own daughters, just their beautiful and cute looks make people like them very much. Not to mention that they are Li Yalin’s companions, Seto Ren is even more unlikely to make things difficult for them.


Seto Ren is very considerate to greet everyone, but the girls are very uneasy. Who is this beautiful and mature aunt? Holding hands so intimately, their relationship is definitely not ordinary.

And everyone hasn’t forgotten that Li Yalin just called her Ren aunt, which means she is the elder of Yalin-kun (senpai) family?

Sure enough, he’s a future yakuza boss!

“Get in the car, we got a lift, so we can be more relaxed.”

Li Yalin had to speak at a time like this, otherwise the girls wouldn’t know what to do.

As for Li Yalin, his hand now being held by Seto Ren, and he doesn’t plan to force himself away. There are also a few Setouchi group mermaid boys who take the initiative to pick up the girls’ musical instruments and luggage, so he doesn’t have to do it himself.

They can’t refuse since it has reached this point, just get in the car.

Otherwise, it was a waste of time to just stand in a deadlock. And not to mention being watched by so many onlookers, it invites troubles!

Got a free ride, may as well sit in it!

“Right, I haven’t introduced them to you guys yet. This is Ren aunt, full name Seto Ren, an aunt I met yesterday. This is Sun, Ren aunt’s daughter, the imouto I recognized yesterday. Oh yes, Sawako sensei should have met her before, she’s the girl I saved yesterday.”

Li Yalin spoke. Although the girls still hesitated a little, they all still got on the car. They are indeed Yakuza luxury cars, everyone doesn’t feel crowded in the car, as expected of the rich.

But now is not the time to marvel at this luxury car. The most important thing at the moment is to resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible. Everyone should be able to get to know each other more after the introduction.

“You’re right! She is the girl from last night!”

With Li Yalin’s reminder, Yamanaka Sawako immediately let out an exclamation. She just realized now. Isn’t she the girl Yalin-kun saved yesterday?

Don’t look at her now very well-behaved and cute image, but in fact, she is a scary yakuza girl who can fight with three yakuza members!

How did she become Yalin-kun’s imouto?

“Eh? What’s the matter?”

Yamanaka Sawako sudden realization caused the girls to show their incomprehension. They still haven’t figured what is going on.

So, Li Yalin naturally gave a detailed explanation. He explains everything except for Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter’s mermaid identities. Anyway, with the way they appeared, their Yakuza’s identity can’t be concealed, so he simply introduces them as it is.

Of course, he still didn’t tell everyone about the marriage. Li Yalin only said that he and Sun hit it off at first sight, so they became step sibling.

Everyone was amazed by this kind of experience like the plot of a novel. Helped a girl, got the gratitude of the girl’s family, and then became brothers and sisters with that girl. That’s so amazing!

The most critical thing is that the girl is the daughter of the Yakuza boss! So Yalin-kun (senpai) also becomes yakuza’s young master?

This kind of treatment is also possible?

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