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Although Sun is the daughter of the Yakuza organization, she has a very good personality. In addition, she is also very pretty and quickly gained Dumb Yui’s favor.

It was dumb Yui after all. In every sense, this girl are very very strong. She obviously sits in Yakuza’s luxury car but can feel as relaxed and comfortable as sitting in her own car and even chatted with Sun.

Not only that, under dumb Yui’s lead, Ritsu also quickly joined the topic, followed by Kotobuki ojou-sama, and in the end, even MIO joined the conversation reluctantly.

These girls were chatting very quickly, and even Li Yalin looked a little dumbfounded.

But… this is pretty good too.

“What a group of good girls.”

Seeing this scene, Seto Ren as a mother also sighed with emotion. Sun has not many friends because of her family environment. She even has fewer intersections with humans as she needs to conceal her identity all the time.

It is really gratifying to see her daughter chatting with human girls of the same age so happily.

“Uncle Gozaburo didn’t come?”

Seto Ren was sighing, but Li Yalin didn’t put much attention to the girls. This time Seto Ren took her daughter and accompanied by many underlings, even Mr. Masa was here, but he didn’t see the boss Seto Gozaburo.

It’s not that Li Yalin wants to see Seto Gozaburo, but that he is really worried about the daughter-con uncle. It’s really worrying that he didn’t see him in person. After all, the man himself is a huge trouble, a time bomb that can detonate at any time.

Even though Li Yalin is Sun’s onii-chan now, God knows if that person suddenly had an outburst. Instead of worrying about him doing something in the dark, it is better to be able to see him so he can be prepared at any time.

“Gozaburo is still sleeping at home, probably… he will sleep for the whole day.”

As if perceiving Li Yalin’s concern, Seto Ren showed a smile after hearing his question.

Yes, her husband did sleep at home and was knocked out by her own hands. Not only was he knocked out, but Seto Gozaburo was also hogtied to the bed.

As for why this situation occurred, it was because of the daughter-con’s own fault. Who made him want to destroy his own wife’s plan? In order for her plan to not get ruined, Seto Ren had to be cruel to her own husband.

Of course Li Yalin didn’t know what happened to the Setouchi group this morning. But after he heard Seto Ren’s answer, he shuddered instinctively.

His instinct told him that he can no longer continue this topic, otherwise it will definitely be very dangerous!

“Is that so, Ren aunt, you and Sun are here today…”

Since this topic is dangerous, Li Yalin naturally changed the topic decisively. He knew that the mother and daughter came looking for him, but didn’t know exactly what they want to do.

While there is still a while away from the venue, it’s better to ask them clearly.

“Of course to cheer on you Yalin. You are Sun’s onii-chan after all.”

Well, seeing Seto Ren with a smile on her face, Li Yalin felt that this answer was really impeccable, but… could he believe it?

They come looking for him in the morning with that kind of formation, just to cheer for him?

Who would believe it!

Forget it, the danger signal appears again, so it better not to pry into it.

“I see, thank you for your support. We will do our best.”

At times like this, it is better to express thanks as soon as possible.

“It’s all a family, there’s no need to say thank you. Isn’t this what we should do? By the way, Yalin, just tells us if you have any needs. This Tamano city is not our site in name, but it has always been in the hands of our Setouchi group. We can do it for you as long as you ask.”

Seto Ren smiled brilliantly toward Li Yalin’s gratitude. Not only that, but she also behaved very generously, saying that she would try to meet his need as much as possible.

As the lady boss of the Setouchi group, Seto Ren’s words are not without basis, they really do have that power. As one of the powerful mermaid yakuza in the Setouchi Merfolk joint, the Setouchi group is still quite influential.

For example, the conflict with the Yoshino group last night. According to normal circumstances, it should have been on the news page today. But this report was suppressed because it’s related to the daughters of the Setouchi group. Even the police’s case files are all erased.

With this kind of influence, can’t Li Yalin’s little needs still be dealt with?

“Speaking of which, I do need Ren aunt to help me with something.”

It stands to reason that it is better for Li Yalin to decline her offer politely. But he really does have some issues right now.

Uomi and Amakusa, these two unreliable idiots student presidents, were forced to rest, and only Yamanaka Sawako left for offstage work. Although she said that she would be fine alone, but sure enough, the burden was still too heavy.

So with the available labor in front of him, why should he waste it? The boys of the Setouchi group would be more than happy to help him with this.

“It’s like this. Last night I had two companions who didn’t rest well and couldn’t participate in today’s work. If possible, I would like to borrow two people from Ren aunt to help Sawako sensei take care of offstage support work together.”

“Okay, such a small thing… well, Sun, can you help Yalin?”

Hearing Li Yalin’s needs, Seto Ren subconsciously agrees. But when she was halfway through, she suddenly seemed to have thought of something and turned her gaze directly to her daughter.

“Eh? Helping onii-chan? Of course no problem!”

Suddenly called by her mother, Sun who was happily chatting with dumb Yui and the others, was subconsciously stunned, but she nodded immediately. Although she didn’t know what happened, she would definitely not refuse to help onii-chan.

“Perfect, everything should be fine with Sun and me.”

Seto Ren nodded with satisfaction after receiving her daughter’s response. Not only that, besides Sun, she also planned to help in person, and this also made Li Yalin very speechless.

“Ren aunt… I just need two little brothers to help me. For the two of you to help us is…”

Li Yalin just wanted to find two free laborers. Who would have thought that it attracted Seto Ren and Seto Sun. What is this? Mother and daughter go to battle?

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