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“Doesn’t matter who helped, it’s decided then!”

Facing Li Yalin’s refusal, Seto Ren waved her hand very boldly to decide things. She had made up her mind a long time ago, so why would she consider Li Yalin’s opinion?

She has taken a decision on this matter now since she’s the elder.

“This is really…”

“What? Do you have any protest?”

“No, I just…”

“If there’s no protest then, we will be in your care.”

Li Yalin can no longer refuse in this situation.

Never mind, since he can’t do anything about it, let the mother and daughter do as they please. Can’t refuse, why not just take it?

In this way, the Li Yalin group quickly arrived at the festival venue. Although the opening ceremony has not officially started because they arrived early, there is already a sea of ​​people on the beach. If not for the participating players has special passages, it would be very difficult for everyone to get into the venue.

After all, everyone carries a lot of things in the big bag.

In order not to attract the attention of others, the Setouchi group’s motorcade stopped when it was near the venue. Then Li Yalin also discussed with Seto Ren to let the Setoki group’s underlings leave, leaving only the mother and daughter to follow the team.

It would turn bad if the news that the popular school idol group is related to the yakuza organization is exposed. Although Li Yalin doesn’t care about this kind of thing, he has to think about the few girls too.

Seto Ren naturally understood Li Yalin’s concerns, so she agreed very considerately.

The next thing went smoothly. The group arrived in the tent that had been set up yesterday.

“Wow, this tent is so big!”

Although the conditions of the festival venue are not very good, to take care of the participating artists and idols, the organizers are quite considerate. Take this tent as an example. Even though Li Yalin, Sawako, and the staff only set up three yesterday, but each tent can accommodate seven to eight people, and was much larger than a tent for a field trip.

It is no wonder that dumb Yui instinctively exclaimed after seeing the tent.

“Alright, we are running out of time, hurry up and send in all the luggage and musical instruments. Don’t forget to take your valuables with you, especially your wallet and mobile phone. And remember to give it to Sawako sensei and Sun for safekeeping when you go on stage. Don’t run around, it will be our turn to be on stage soon.”

Li Yalin certainly has to take the responsibility of directing since Uomi and Amakusa aren’t here. They don’t have much time even though the opening ceremony has not yet started, they need to hurry it up.

After giving instructions to the girls, Li Yalin soon came to Sawako’s side and discussed in detail with her the process of today’s stage.

They have practiced the songs for their performances, everyone knows this well. But participating in a music festival is a war, the middle link is very important, and there must be no accidents.

Because this damn music festival doesn’t even have an early rehearsal. Once there is an accident on stage, they will show an embarrassment to the national audience.

The most important thing is that Li Yalin is aiming to win today!

“The first opening song is very important. After the first song is over, our morning work is over. The next step is to wait for the audience to vote and select the top ten bands in each district. With your strength, the first vote shouldn’t be a problem. But for the second vote, you guys have to put in all your efforts.”

“Don’t worry, the first performance will be fine… According to the instructions, after the first vote is over, the second performance will not start until 3 pm in the afternoon at the earliest, plus the final vote… at least today we need to come up with three songs, right?”

“Not just three songs. According to the tradition of the music festival, although theoretically the opportunity to perform is only once, if the audience’s voice is high enough, the organizer will consider for an encore, which basically means you get the qualification. So in the second stage, it’s best to get encore.”

“Encore, huh… Although I don’t think it is necessary, but… I will try to arouse the emotions of the audience.”

The process of the first day of the Hot Holiday Music Festival is not only to take care of the newcomer band singers but also an alternative elimination competition. In the first stage, when bands and singers from all regions have finished their stage, they will be voted by the audience outside the venue. Each area will select the top ten bands to participate in the second stage of the performance, and after the second stage, each area will only leave three bands and singers.

As for the third stage, that is the real battle. Among all the remaining band and singers, only the five strongest teams are eligible to participate on the second day of the music festival. So the festival’s war is very cruel is indeed true.

But this is just relative, at least Li Yalin’s mood at the moment is still relatively calm. The first day is just a rookie match, if they lost this, he might as well just find a piece of tofu to kill himself.

After all, he is a man whose goal is to get the gold trophy!

But seeing Yamanaka Sawako being so solemn, he also had to nod his head to cooperate. Although he didn’t feel the need to be so serious, but… sure enough, let’s work hard!

After confirming with Li Yalin, Yamanaka Sawako hurriedly left. She was also responsible for communicating with the organizer’s staff, some of which required her to be busy.

And while Sawako sensei was busy contacting the organizers, Li Yalin also started to change dress with his own girls. This is a grand music festival, not only for tens of thousands of spectators in the venue but also for various audiences watching TV stations broadcast in real-time. It can be said that this is a large-scale program for the whole country in the true sense.

Being on the stage of a music festival is tantamount to facing a national audience. In this case, how could they be on camera in casual attire!

Kohinata Yukari even took out the makeup box after changing the dress for the show and added light makeup for herself.

To be honest, Kohinata Yukari is already very pretty even without makeup. Now she puts on light makeup, which not only stuns Li Yalin, but also makes dumb Yui girls amazed.

“So pretty! Kohinata senpai how did you do it? Is this the legendary makeup?”

Although most of the girls in the district have the habit of applying makeup, it depends on each person. At least the girls around Li Yalin rarely wear makeup. At best, girls like Mihari and Rinna would wear light makeup.

The girls in the light music club never touch makeup and have never experienced doing makeup. So they were naturally very interested when they saw it with their own eyes today.

But… Although you are interested, it’s just putting on makeup, why would you use the word legend?

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