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“Want to give it a try?”

Although Kohinata Yukari doesn’t usually use makeup, as an ojou-sama from a wealthy family, makeup is also one of her required etiquette courses, and she is of course very skilled in using it.

Seeing that dumb Yui was so interested, Kohinata Yukari also subconsciously asked.

“Of course! I want to put on makeup too!”

Hearing that she can try it, dumb Yui immediately cheered. Not only her but MIO, Ritsu, Kotobuki ojou-sama were also pulled by her. A few little girls got together and began their first time in life doing make-up under the guidance of Kohinata Yukari.

This group of girls…

Seeing a scene of a group of girls doing makeup with great interest, Li Yalin thought it was funny. But at the same time, he also thought this is a good thing. At this stage, it is better to focus on makeup than to be nervous before the stage, right?

What he didn’t expect was that after a few girls put on light makeup, they actually had the idea of using it on him.

“Senpai, we all put on makeup, shouldn’t you also apply a little makeup?”

“Me? I don’t need that, right?”

Facing dumb Yui’s suggestion, Li Yalin pointed to his nose subconsciously. As a man, he never used any makeup. How could this kind of thing be used on him, naturally he subconsciously reject the offer.

But the girls did not accept his refusal.

“We will be on stage in front of a national audience, a little makeup wouldn’t be inappropriate. Not to mention we all wear makeup, wouldn’t it be weird if senpai doesn’t wear makeup?”

The reason dumb Yui gave at this moment is very peculiar. Why is it not inappropriate to put on makeup when facing a national audience? This kind of thing doesn’t matter at all, okay? What’s so weird about not putting on makeup?

“Yui-chan is right, Yalin should try makeup.”

Despite the peculiar reasons given by dumb Yui, Li Yalin still intended to refuse. But he did not expect that at this moment, Seto Ren, the only elder in the tent, stood up and agreed.

“That what she said. Come on, try it on.”

The girls become bolder with Seto Ren’s support. Dumb Yui and Ritsu looked at each other, then each grabbed Li Yalin’s right and left arm, do not give him the opportunity to refuse.

Feeling helpless, Li Yalin was dragged to his partner, allowing Kohinata Yukari to play with his face.

Although he doesn’t think that a man needs makeup, he doesn’t really hate makeup to an unacceptable level. Right now everyone is so interested, so he had no other choice than to accept it?

By the way… his own face is already optimized, and then put on makeup… how much can it achieve?

There is no mirror in the tent. Before the makeup is completed, Li Yalin can only imagine what he will look like after makeup. He has already seen the craftsmanship of Kohinata Yukari. Even if he is not suited for makeup, it should be too bad, right?

By the way… why is everyone looks so surprised?

As Kohinata Yukari’s makeup for Li Yalin is gradually completed, looking at the girls around, everyone has changed from the initial enthusiasm to a look of surprise. Especially dumb Yui, her small mouth is almost completely impossible to close.

What exaggerated makeup is it that scares dumb Yui like this?

Li Yalin couldn’t calm down after seeing the shocked-looking girls.

“What’s going on?”

With some frustration looked at the instigator of this incident, Li Yalin felt that the problem must be in the makeup of Kohinata Yukari and thought maybe he was put on some weird makeup?

Although Kohinata Yukari is not a girl who likes to joke around, who knows if she occasionally wants to tease him?

“You can see for yourself…”

Kohinata Yukari was also a little speechless facing the work she had completed herself. She reached out and took a small mirror and handed it to Li Yalin, motioning him to look at it himself.


After receiving the mirror handed by Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin was still muttered in his mouth. But after he picked up the mirror and saw his own face, his expression turned out to be the same as the girls around him, opened the mouth in astonishment.

Seeing the familiar and slightly strange face in the mirror, at the same time extremely pretty and delicate face, Li Yalin really wanted to subconsciously say: “Who are you beauty?”

But soon he thought that the ‘beauty’ in this mirror was not someone else, but himself!


“Senpai is so pretty…”

Originally, Li Yalin was speechless enough to see himself as a pretty girl in the mirror. But as it turns out, dumb Yui still gives him a stab in the side. Her sentence of him being so pretty completely sunk him.

Like hell it’s pretty!

Can a man be described as pretty?

Although he has to admit that Kohinata Yukari’s makeup skills are really very good. Originally, Li Yalin’s face was a relatively feminine baby face, not the kind of tough and sunny handsome man. Now with the addition of makeup technique, this handsome boy changed into a youthful bishoujo.

Li Yalin would be more than happy to see it if this kind of thing is put on others and will tsukkomi this cute girl with a pp under the skirt. But if he becomes the person involved…


“Hey! You did it on purpose!”

That’s right! This is absolutely deliberate by Kohinata Yukari! Otherwise, how could she put girls’ makeup on a man’s body?

What is this?

A prank before the concert begins?

“Sorry, sorry, I just subconsciously think that this kind of makeup is more suitable for you, but I didn’t expect it…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s speechless expression, Kohinata Yukari quickly waved her hand in apologize. But seeing that she couldn’t help laughing in the middle of speaking, Li Yalin knew that she was still deliberate.

But as a man, he can’t get angry in this situation, right…

He thought about the last two sentences, but he felt that this would make him look narrow-minded. So after a little hesitation, Li Yalin could only sigh lightly, turned around and picked up a bottle of mineral water and started to clean up the makeup on his face.

There’s no way he would accept his new image.

“It’s a pity… it’s so pretty though…”

Dumb Yui immediately let out a sigh of Li Yalin’s make-up removal. It turns out that she really intends to let Li Yalin come out with makeup?

In response, Li Yalin just rolled his eyes.

If they really do that, wouldn’t he and Kohinata Yukari become the Eiryou High School idol girl group?

What a joke, he feels the chills just by thinking about it!

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