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“Senpai… you are actually a girl, right? You are a woman pretending to be a man, right?”

Soon, Li Yalin removed all the makeup on his face and restored his original ‘male style’. Although everyone regrets this, there is no way to force him to always wear such makeup on stage.

But just as everyone feels regretful, dumb Yui thought of something silly again. Because the makeup just now is too girly, so she actually had a thought that Yalin senpai may have been a girl.

“Are you an idiot? It’s impossible no matter how you think about it! You think you are watching a TV show?”

Regarding dumb Yui’s silly thought, Li Yalin didn’t hesitate to knock her head. An idiot like her should be given a lesson to make her remember!

Now is not the time to be lenient!

“But senpai really looks like a girl.”

Her little head got attacked, dumb Yui immediately holds her head and squat down in defense. But even so, she still reluctantly whispered to defend herself, anyone would misunderstand when faced with such a pretty face.

“Yui-chan, I think we should have a good chat.”

Among the girls present, dumb Yui should be the least likely to look at people’s moods. Obviously everyone could see Li Yalin’s face darkened, and very tacitly kept silent. Only dumb Yui was still digging her own grave.

For such an idiot who can’t read people’s moods, Li Yalin feels that he should educate her!

“No! I think I’m good! There’s nothing to talk about!”

Although she can’t read others’ moods, dumb Yui’s hamster-like feeling is very keen. Perceiving the danger, she not only rejected Li Yalin immediately but also flew to Seto Ren’s side and instinctively sought her shelter.

This girl… is really clever.

“Listen! The music festival has begun!”

Originally, Li Yalin planned that even if dumb Yui was hiding behind Seto Ren, he would still catch her and teach her a lesson. But before he can take action, very suddenly, the sound of music beats suddenly spread to everyone’s ears.

It is precisely because of the sound of music that everyone’s eyes light up instantly. Because the music sounds represent the official start of this music festival!

“Never mind, you guys get ready first, I’ll contact Sawako sensei!”

The festival officially begins, Li Yalin naturally couldn’t trouble dumb Yui anymore, she could only be considered completely lucky, otherwise he would definitely let her know what a man is!

But at the moment, he has to contact Sawako as soon as possible. After all, the official opening of the music festival also indicates that everyone’s stage time is approaching!

“Fortunately, we have plenty of time. You guys got lucky today. Apart from a very capable rookie in Zone C, there is no team with too much potential. You guys should be able to qualify as long as you guys play steadily.”

At Yamanaka Sawako’s side, she has already obtained the schedule for the first day of the festival through the organizer.

To be honest, Li Yalin really wants tsukomi about this. It is obviously one of the largest music festivals in the district, attracting tens of thousands of audiences and a music festival that gathered major singers and idols from all walks of life. It will even be broadcast live to audiences all over the country. But the schedule… why does it feel so amateurs?

The music festival has officially started! Is it really okay to set aside so much time for the contestants to prepare?

It feels like there will be a lot of trouble on the stage of the music festival for a while!

Although he was tsukoming in his heart, Yamanaka Sawako has brought good news. Li Yalin’s group, which was arranged on the stage of Zone C, did not encounter any powerful new-generation idols or band singers. They are basically newcomers with a little reputation. Most of them have just debuted, and don’t even have their own works.

In this case, can they really be able to hold it?

One must know that the music copyright awareness in this world is very strong. Without the authorization of the copyright owner, it is absolutely not allowed to cover songs without permission. Especially on a large stage like a music festival, either you get the authorization from the copyright owner or you have your own original lyrics and music.

Any cover or tribute to the classics is not possible!

In such an environment, are those rookie idol band singers really okay?

“Is it my illusion? How do I feel that the singers on the stage are… terrible?”

Although according to the normal procedure, Li Yalin’s group only needs to arrive at the stage of Zone C at 8:50. But this kind of thing should be done sooner rather than later. After everyone is ready to go, naturally, they will arrive at the back of the stage of Zone C to prepare as soon as possible.

Here, one can prepare in advance for the stage, and can also see the performance of the singers on the stage of Zone C and the audience’s reaction below the stage.

In fact, many of the participants are like Li Yalin’s group. They came to the venue to prepare early, and are now making the final preparations for the next appearance.

On Li Yalin’s side, there’s no rush since everyone prepared properly, naturally they have time to listen to the songs on the stage. But as they keep listening, Ritsu who has always been passionate about music, immediately showed a confused expression on her face.

Before meeting Li Yalin, she should have belonged to the shouting audience at the bottom of the stage, super excited and nervous to cheer for the singer idols on the stage. But now… not only did she not have the excitement, but felt that those singers and idols who were originally powerful are terrible.

She is obviously still can’t adapt to such a change.

“Terrible? Not really. Every year the newcomers of the music festival come on stage, most of them are like this. For those newcomers who are lucky enough to appear on the festival, it was enough for them to show up in front of the TV and absorb a few fans.”

“And if you think they are terrible, it’s because you have a higher vision, nothing more.”

At a time like this, asking an old hand like Sawako music festival was the correct answer. She usually does not participate in everyone’s practice and wasn’t sure of how many classic works everyone has mastered. Based on her opinion, the newcomers performing on stage is still good.

Of course, even if she didn’t participate in everyone’s daily practice, she knew what kind of excellent works Li Yalin had produced. That’s why she would understand that Ritsu-chan’s vision is already very high, so the performance of the newcomer cannot satisfy her at all.

“Is it so…”

Hearing such an unexpected answer, Ritsu was obviously cannot accept it in a short time and opened her mouth subconsciously while looking in the direction of the stage.

It turns out that her standard… has been raised to such a level?

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