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“The first day of the music festival is just a testing ground. The old-timer who often participates in the music festival knows very well that the audience under the stage is also in a tolerant mood. Even if there is an error on the stage, it is acceptable.”

“In short, let’s take part in this war with a more relaxed mood today. If you guys really qualify today, tomorrow will be your real tough battle.”

With her arms across her chest, Yamanaka Sawako answered Ritsu while still enjoying the performance on the stage.

It can be seen that she is very interested in the performance on stage, but it is only limited to the level of interest. It is absolutely impossible to make her excited.

Maybe as she said, she is watching this performance with a tolerant mood at the moment.

“Sawako sensei… you say that, wouldn’t that add a psychological burden to everyone?”

Although what Yamanaka Sawako said is correct, there are obviously several black lines on Li Yalin’s face. Today can be relaxed, but tomorrow is the tough battle? Please, Sawako sensei, can you take a look at the atmosphere?

After you said that, dumb Yui and Ritsu became nervous in an instant!


Yamanaka Sawako was baffled after Li Yalin said this. But Li Yalin did not give her a chance but directly beckoned to gather all the girls around him.

“I won’t say much. After practicing for so long, I believe you all know exactly how strong our group is.”

“Our real battle is the gold trophy competition on the third day. The small fry on the first day won’t give us much experience!”

“There is no need to be nervous, do everything you should do. Just follow me, pick up all the honors and go home! Understand?”

Although Li Yalin doesn’t want to sounds like he’s showing off, and doesn’t want to come off as arrogant. But now, he can only use this method to encourage the girls and erase the tension on everyone.

This is what he has to do, otherwise, in case they get too nervous on the stage, messed up in singing is one thing, but embarrassing ourselves in front of thousands of households is another matter entirely!

“Good point! Although you look like a girl, Yalin, you are unexpectedly very manly. As a man, you should have such a domineering attitude! Which one besides me! Sweep all enemies!”

Li Yalin said these encouraging words. Before the girls can process everything, Seto Ren’s eyes lit up, as if she had a new understanding of her future son-in-law who she had identified.

So, she now appreciates this ‘future son-in-law’ even more. After all, she likes such a strong type of man.

Although… his body looks a bit unsatisfactory.

“Ren aunt… should I take this as a compliment?”

Li Yalin was discouraged by Seto Ren’s words. What she means by looking like a girl? Is she compliment him or mocking him?

It’s a pity that Seto Ren didn’t seem to see his frustration at all, and directly stretched out her hand proudly and patted him on the shoulder.

“Of course I’m praising you! What are you thinking kid?”

Okay, Li Yalin is completely speechless.

Probably because of this conversation? Anyway, at the moment when Li Yalin showed a helpless expression, the girls present laughed, and the tension of the upcoming performance was wiped out.

This is also a good thing.

So… let’s start the first performance without any suspense while everyone’s morale is high now!

“Alright! Thank you very much for the performance of Chariots of Fire. So in the next ten minutes, the band we will welcome is… Eiryou High School idol!”

On the stage of Zone C, after the performance of the previous group of bands, the host is mobilizing the emotions of the audience. But… it seems that there is no need for the host to give a further introduction. As one of the most popular debutant bands, the audience paying attention to on the first day of the festival, the name Eiryou High School idol has already attracted a large audience.

Originally, when the Chariots of Fire band played, the audience under the stage of C was about a thousand people, but after the band stepped down, tens of thousands of audiences came in a short time!

Due to a large number of spectators gathered, the organizer had to send staff to guide them. Even after the guide, there were still a large number of spectators who failed to enter Zone C.

Yes, because the number of audiences that can be accepted under each stage is limited. Overcrowding will cause crowded stampede incidents, so the organizer has to limit the number of audiences, which also caused a large number of audience dissatisfaction.

“They are… really popular…”

At this time, Li Yalin has taken the girls from the backstage to the stage, transporting musical instruments and arranging loudspeakers and other facilities with the cooperation of the staff. Under the stage, Yamanaka Sawako is communicating with the staff of the organizer, Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter are responsible for helping everyone manage their personal belongings. In addition, they will act as soon as possible if there is an accident.

In the absence of unexpected circumstances, Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter only need to be on standby. So they are now staying behind the stage, witnessing more and more audiences, and the cheers and screams raised after Li Yalin group’s appeared.

Although they have known that Li Yalin’s group is very famous, they still have no specific concept before they actually see it.

But now, the mother and daughter know that the exaggerated scene is really not inferior to any real well-known idol!

Such a scene even makes them feel unreal.

Although knowledgeable and well-informed, and could keep her calm. But in the face of such a scene, Seto Ren still couldn’t help but sigh.

“Yes… onii-chan is really popular…”

After hearing her mother’s words, Sun nodded subconsciously. The current scene was also quite unfamiliar to her, which made her very surprised.

Are there so many people who like onii-chan?

She could clearly see that many young and pretty girls in the audience were shouting onii-chan’s name, holding the LED light stick with his name in their hands and his large photos.

Is this the power of idols?

It feels… so amazing…

“Don’t worry Sun, mom will help you!”

“Eh? Help me?”

Seeing her daughter whose eyes were always watching the direction of the stage, Seto Ren couldn’t help tapping Sun on the shoulder. But at this moment Sun obviously failed to understand her mother’s intentions, turned her head subconsciously, her eyes still filled with doubts.

“Don’t think too much, leave everything to mother!”

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