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Below the stage, the dialogue between Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter wasn’t heard by Li Yalin who has already been on stage. He is now doing final testing, and after confirming that all equipment is in good condition, he then has a small interaction with the audience below.

The reason there is such a small interaction is to take care of the emotions of the audience, and the other is to let the band singers who will be on stage promote themselves. This is also a small benefit for the newcomers, so the vast majority of the band singers will seize this opportunity well.

But for Li Yalin, such benefits are an irrelevance. Even if one is good at talking, it would be just a futile effort without good performance. This is a music festival, not a cross-talk conference. Everything must be spoken with works.

But even so, he didn’t try to break this tradition to look different. So he simply greeted the bottom of the stage and introduced himself and the girls around him.

But unfortunately, the audience burst into unparalleled enthusiasm just from such a simple greeting, which not only surprised Li Yalin but also surprised the girls around him.

It feels like this kind of support will make them feel full of energy.

In order to respond to the audience below the stage, shouldn’t they put all their effort?

So… let’s get started!

Accompanied by the blast of music, aLIEz is the first to appear!

For the first song, Li Yalin originally was planning to collaborate with Kohinata Yukari on their debut song -永远はただの一秒から. But seeing the audience is so enthusiastic, the love song duet is obviously not suitable. So after a moment of thinking, he finally chose to ignite the first fire in the music festival with the most popular songs!

As for why he didn’t come up with a new song, this is also the decision made by Li Yalin after discussing it with Yamanaka Sawako. Because the competition on the first day was not that fierce, and the already successful works can resonate with the audience, they chose the work that has been released.

The original plan was that 永远はただの一秒から should be the opening song, followed by Leo, and finally aLIEz. In the end, due to the enthusiasm of the audience, Li Yalin was the first to take out aLIEz and instantly let the C zone stage attracts the most attention in the music festival!

And what he did has shocked many people, especially those singers and idols who are also on the stage of C zone, all of them are stunned.

No one would have thought that with only less than an hour since the opening of the music festival, that such a work would appear. It was such a grand opening, but under such circumstances, how will everyone perform next?

“Crazy! They must be crazy!”

“Taking out aLIEz this early? What are they going to do later?”

“They’re not planning to sing aLIEz all the way to the end, right?”

As a very famous newcomer band in the district and even the entire empire recently, Li Yalin’s group has obviously received a high level of attention. The works they have launched before have naturally been studied by many people.

They normally assumed that the two songs aLIEz and Leo that most people anticipated would be at the bottom of the box as a debut works. In theory, they should have released it when they were fighting for the right to qualify on the first day.

With these excellent works, as long as they perform properly, it is not very difficult for the Eiryou High School idol band to become the qualified band on the first day. This is also the common understanding of many people in the industry.

But now, Li Yalin does not take the usual path at all and plays cards according to common sense. Naturally, he puts tremendous pressure on the newcomers who are about to make their debut.

Especially the next band to take over from Li Yalin group, they just want to cry without tears! They don’t have the work comparable to a divine song like aLIEz. After aLIEz liven up the venue, if they can’t catch up, wouldn’t they be booed by the audience?

It’s a pity that Li Yalin doesn’t even think about how sad and indignant they are. He just sang the song and sang it so well that they also got a double response from the audience. For him and for the girls, that’s enough!

“Thank you! Thank you everyone!”

After singing aLIEz, Li Yalin led the girls to wave to the audience below the stage to thank the audience. In exchange, the cheers and screams got louder.

Along with it, the audience shouted: “Encore!” “Encore!”

Yes, the first day of the festival only took an hour, and there’s already a shout for encore!

Encore is also an inherent tradition at the music festival. As long as the cheers of the audience are high enough to meet the regulations of the festival organizer, the participating bands can continue to perform on the stage, which would add points to the participating band itself.

Normally, this situation will generally occur on the second or third day. Only those big-name celebrities who really have many fans will receive this honor.

Yamanaka Sawako previously hoped that Li Yalin could get an encore in the second stage, but only hoped that he could do his best. In fact, she did not expect much, because as a frequent visitor to the music festival, she knows how difficult this kind of thing is.

But what everyone did not expect was that the first performance had just ended, and there’s already a shout for encore, which can be described as incredible!

“Votes have been collected and the encore was approved! Let us continue to hand over the stage to the Eiryou High School idol band!”

With the loud announcement of the live host, the organizer of the festival officially approved the encore, which means that Li Yalin will sing with everyone on the stage again and start today’s second performance!

This situation made everyone very excited.

“It really surprises us to get this honor. Thank you so much everyone, so please listen -Lion!”

For Li Yalin, although the encore was somewhat unexpected, it was within reason, so he was not surprised. After talking to the girls around him in a low voice, he picked up the microphone and expressed his gratitude to the audience off the stage. Also announced loudly the next works to be sung.



“They are absolutely crazy! These two songs… they want to show them together?”

“Sing Lion now? What are they going to sing later? aLIEz and Lion?”

Among Li Yalin’s works, aLIEz and Leo are undoubtedly two popular songs. It had become a hot topic on the internet, and they are naturally regarded as a strong opponent by many musicians.

So now, the two songs were taken out simultaneously, which undoubtedly caused an uproar.

Although there is no restriction on whether the work can be repeated at the music festival, they won’t just sing two songs in a loop, right?

If so…

Just a nobody? A one-trick pony?

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