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With Leo’s appearance, apart from the musicians who are watching the Li Yalin group’s performance, the audience under the stage is in an unprecedented fervor and cheering loudly. After all, Leo is also one of the most popular songs recently, it’s not inferior at all to aLIEz as a follow-up song.

The atmosphere of the scene that had soared up before has not only not weakened, but it keeps growing with the sound of music.


Keep singing!


To be fair, with Leo’s successful singing, Li Yalin’s group on the stage really gained an unparalleled strong fever, because not only the audience under the stage watching them, through the cameras on both sides of the stage, their singing spread to thousands of households.

“Look Chino! It’s onii-chan!”

Because of her studies, Chino who had not been able to go to Tamano city with Li Yalin was sitting in the classroom seat, feeling a little down.

Although she is not Li Yalin’s imouto by blood, they have been together as a family for so long. Suddenly separated, she is still very uncomfortable even if it is only for one day as if she has lost something important.

Chino can’t say why she feels this way, but it makes her restless.

But it was then, Maya who is Chino’s best friend suddenly pulled Natsu-chan and rushed forward, waving her smartphone in her hand.

On the mobile phone, the concert on the stage of the music festival is being broadcast in real-time, and the figure shown on the screen is none other than Li Yalin!

“It’s brother!”

Seeing the screen on the Maya phone, Chino was also slightly stunned. The familiar figure and the familiar voice all told her that it was her onii-chan Li Yalin!

Didn’t expect that on the second day of separation, she could still see onii-chan on the mobile phone.

She originally thought that she would not be able to cheer onii-chan through the TV until after school…

“It’s really onii-chan… so amazing…”

Next to Maya, Natsu-chan also made an exclamation sound. Although she knew that Li Yalin was an idol and was attending a music festival these two days, it still gives her a strange feeling when she saw the radiant figure on the stage on the screen of the phone.

Onii-chan, who is so gentle, is such a dazzling star.

A star idol… shouldn’t it be a person of two worlds with an ordinary girl like her? But why does he live at her side?

“That’s Yalin-kun! Is the festival broadcast live?”

“Really Yalin-kun! It’s aLIEz! Wow! His face is so cute! So handsome!”

“Wait! Chino’s onii-chan? Yalin-kun is Chino’s onii-chan?”

Among the girls of middle school students, there are many who idolized stars. The handsome and talented new idol Li Yalin is naturally also a subject of topical interest among this group of little girls.

And the three girls, Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan have been popular among girls since they shined in the original song and dance contest held at the school. It’s just that Chino is shy by nature and will go home immediately to open the shop after the class is over, so she didn’t socialize much with her classmates. Her good friends are Maya and Natsu-chan from beginning to end.

It is precisely because of this that the fact that Li Yalin is Chino onii-chan has not been known by too many people. But everything has been exposed today.

It is conceivable that Chino, who is already a subject of talk, plus have Li Yalin’s onii-chan that can be on stage at the music festival. Adding the two together, Chino going to suffer today.

As the instigator of this incident, Maya shrank her head subconsciously as she watched her classmates swarmed up while screaming.

She just saw Chino somewhat down, so she took out her mobile phone to let her watch the live broadcast. It was really not her intention…

The situation caused by Li Yalin’s group at the stage of the music festival is obviously not the only one on Chino’s side. On EagleJump’s side, the employees who were originally working hard also saw the live broadcast of the music festival.

“This boy is so handsome… Li Yalin? Eiryou High School school idol? Isn’t that… BOSS? Eh? Same name and last name? This is…”

Li Yalin’s idol status has not been talked about in the company. And generally speaking, this group of game otaku girls in the company rarely pay attention to 3D celebrity idols. At best, just listen to recent popular songs, even the singer’s own name can’t even be remembered.

However, Hot Holiday Music Festival is the biggest music festival in the district recently. They would still be curious to watch it even if they are a game otaku girl. For example, it is normal to watch the broadcast for something to talk about in the spare time.

There would be no problem if they don’t watch it. But they would immediately see the problem when they watch it.

Although Li Yalin often shows up in the company, he wears glasses every time he comes. Under normal circumstances, everyone will treat him as an ordinary boy. At best, they know that he is their BOSS and his name is called Li Yalin, a sophomore student at Eiryou High School.

Of course, even if it’s just an ordinary high school student, he’s still their BOSS after all, so they still need to know that much, right? Then when the information of Li Yalin’s group was introduced on the stage, it immediately caused the staff member who glanced at the broadcast to shout in surprise.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Someone exclaimed, which naturally aroused the curiosity of colleagues at the neighboring table. It then spreads very fast, and it didn’t take long for the entire company to know. It can be seen how terrifying a woman’s gossip was.

“It seems to be the boss!”

“Really? Is our boss that handsome?”

“What’s wrong? You guys aren’t working?”

The commotion in the company has reached Shizuku Hazuki’s ears, but she still hasn’t figured out the situation. What happened?

“BOSS… BOSS participated in the festival! He is singing on the stage of the festival!”

“Hah? How’s that possible? How could he be so handsome! Impossible, our boss is a nerd, he wasn’t such a handsome boy!”

Soon, some girls helped Shizuku Hazuki with an explanation. But after listening to the explanation, and took a closer look at the handsome boy on the computer screen. Shizuku Hazuki’s head suddenly shook like a rattle, and keep denying it.

In her impression, although Li Yalin is very talented, whether he is drawing manga, writing novels, or game planning, he is full of aura that makes people envious. But for him to be a handsome boy, capable of writing songs and sing, it’s impossible for it to be real.

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

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