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“But… his information is the same as that of BOSS. It’s not common for someone with the same name and surname to go to the same school, right?”

“Yes, right, I have seen the girls next to BOSS, they seem to be idols of Cute Sound Idol Firm!”

“Eh? Isn’t the Cute Sound idol firm downstairs?”

Although Shizuku Hazuki is vehemently denying it, the employees around the company started to talk about it. The more they analyzed it, the more they felt that the handsome boy standing at the center of the stage was their own boss. Although his face was completely different, there can’t be such a coincidence in the world?

“That’s not right! This is totally wrong!”

Listening to the analysis of the staff around, Shizuku Hazuki only felt that she had a headache. In any case, she could not connect the Li Yalin she knew with the handsome boy on the screen.

In this case, Shizuku Hazuki shook her head repeatedly and took two deep breaths before finally picking up her phone and dialing the number of loli chief editor Minano Matome.

“Eh? Didn’t I tell you? Yalin sensei is a super all-rounder. He’s not only amazing with his manga and novel, but he is also a very popular idol himself. Have you seen the festival broadcast? Isn’t he very handsome?”

“You already knew? You hid it from me on purpose?”

Hearing the words from Minano Matome on the phone, how Shizuku Hazuki couldn’t realize that she was scammed by her non-integrity friend!

Trap! It’s all a trap!

He is clearly such a handsome guy, but he’s acting and dresses up as a nerd. It was not revealed until the end that she was overwhelmed and still looks shocked.

What the hell is this?

Did he think he can do whatever he want just because he’s handsome?

Well, sometimes, handsomeness can really do whatever they want.

After hanging up the phone, when Shizuku Hazuki looked at Li Yalin on the screen again, what kind of complicated and entangled mood she was carrying, only she herself knew. At the same moment, Li Yalin who was still on the stage is going all out to release all his passion.



Great success!

After the song was sung, cheers and screams kept ringing at the bottom of the stage. It was only the first day of the music festival, but there were scenes that often appeared only on the second or third day. For many people who often participate in the music festival, this scene is quite incredible.

However, they have to admit that Li Yalin’s group performance just after their debut was excellent. The emotions of the audience below the stage have all been mobilized, and it is simply like a rising wave. For this reason, a considerable part of the audience gathered outside Zone C refused to leave.

It is clear that the audience area on the stage of Zone C is already full. With no more place, the outside audience can’t enter at all.

But even so, they were willing to stay in the area outside the stage, completely ignoring the singing of the other three stages.

In fact, this situation is really awkward. Although it has long been known that as a newcomer, it is a great fortune to be on the stage of the music festival, being such a foil is too depressing, right?

It is said that the stage of the music festival is the most popular place for newcomers to become popular overnight. But for them, let alone become popular, they didn’t even get a lot of attention?

What’s the point of coming to the music festival then?

At this moment, the new singers who were lucky enough to participate in the festival on the first day all had such doubts.

The gap… is too big!



Yes, the gap is indeed too big. With the end of Leo, the audience still made calls for an encore, which was exactly the same as the scene after the end of aLIEz.

At this moment, the audience all hope that Li Yalin’s group can continue to sing for everyone on stage. But many people also know that this is basically impossible.

After all, the requirements for the second encore are not the same as the first encore. According to the rules set by the organizer, more than 90% of the live audience must request an encore for it to get approved… is that really possible?

Well, it’s really possible!

“Votes are over! The second encore… approved! Let us with the warmest applause and cheers, to invite the Eiryou High School idol band to bring us an audiovisual feast again!”

With the announcement of the host, the screams under the stage of Zone C rose to the apex. Fortunately, this is an open-air venue. Otherwise, the ceiling might have shattered. The enthusiasm of the fans is that terrifying. For this reason, the organizer even had to send additional security personnel to the stage of Zone C to ensure the safety of the audience and the singers on stage.


It’s too exaggerated!

Participated in the festival as a newcomer, but on the first day gained the qualification for the second encore. This feat is unprecedented, and it is estimated that no one will be able to break this miracle in the future.

For this reason, countless people in the industry were dumbfounded. Although they know that the Eiryou High School idol band is the strongest and hottest idol singer of the new generation. But for them to reach such a level, it really makes countless famous star singers sigh with emotion.

This era… has already belonged to the young people. Are they… too old already?

Well, let’s focus on the stage!

“Thank you! Thank you very much everyone!”

To be honest, Li Yalin himself was quite surprised by this second encore. Originally, he wanted to get the encore once. Then he could prepare for the next singing with peace of mind. But he didn’t expect the audience under the stage to be more enthusiastic than he thought.

Although it was just a simple thank you, the audience’s response was extremely loud.

With this kind of support, let alone a second encore, even if Li Yalin wants to use today’s Zone C stage as a concert exclusively for himself and the girls, it is definitely not impossible.

Even if they don’t keep on singing, simply talk to the audience at the bottom of the stage, everyone is not bored at all, but constantly cheering.

“It’s really unexpected. I didn’t expect that we could continue to stay on this stage. But I was very happy because we got everyone’s support.”

“Then… in response to everyone’s support, we will also bring a brand new song for everyone to sing with my partner Kohinata Yukari.”

“That’s a very passionate song, everyone –going to love it?”

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