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New song!

As Li Yalin’s voice fell on the stage, a common idea flashed through the minds of both the audience and the industry insiders who were watching the stage.

Since Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari debuted as Eiryou High School idols, several works have been released in a short period of time. Although they may not seem to be many, they are actually quite amazing.

One must know that what Li Yalin produces is not ordinary works, but excellent songs that are loved by a large number of fans in every capital. Especially in this world where classic songs are very rare, it has shocked many fans and industry insiders.

Otherwise, Li Yalin would not be rated as a musical genius of the new generation by the internet. Although the person himself feels quite ridiculous about this evaluation.

This kind of precedent for releasing new songs at music festivals is not uncommon, but the specific effects that can be produced depend on the quality of the work itself. If it is just ordinary work, it may receive a lukewarm response or even get booed. Only the kind of truly sophisticated works can touch the hearts of the audience.

Therefore, without enough self-confidence, few people will come up with new works on this occasion. After all, once failed to get the audience’s approval, not to mention losing this advertising campaign, the most horrible thing will still affect the future release of singles or CDs sales.

So… Li Yalin is about to release a new song, will it be able to maintain the quality as always, or is it a mediocre work produced in a hurry?

On this point, countless people are secretly watching.

“A ‘Preserved Roses’! Presented to everyone!”

With everyone’s attention and expectations, the new song officially begins! Under the duo chorus of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, the atmosphere of the entire stage was pushed to the peak in an instant!

Yes, Preserved Roses is a duo chorus song. From the previous world before Li Yalin being transmigrated, the opening OP of Valvrave the Liberator series was sung by Takakyo Nishikawa and Nana Mizuki.

Switching to this world, the effect of singing this song on the live stage is naturally outstanding!

The appearance of this work has not only kept the audience cheering, but also shocked many people in the industry. The quality of this work has far exceeded the vast majority of composers at the present stage, only those senior composers who write can write such a work, right?

But unfortunately, this kind of work was made by a teenager, and it was also the work of a minor high school student!

Unfortunately, Li Yalin didn’t care about the shock of those industry insiders. In fact, after the festival ended, when countless entertainment companies and firms came to seek cooperation, he still rejects them.

For him, he set foot in the entertainment industry and set up an office to complete the system task and get the rewards he wants. He wasn’t really thinking of being an idol star.

Although it is a good experience to be on the stage and received the cheers and screams of the audience, he still likes a peaceful life.

In fact, if it weren’t for Uomi’s faith and promise to help Kohinata Yukari rejuvenate her hometown, he would have announced his retirement already. Even though he had only officially debuted for dozens of days.

Okay, let’s put this matter aside for the time being. With the debut of the new song, the atmosphere on the scene become more heated. But it is already a second encore and they have already occupied too much stage time. Despite the audience’s disappointment, the music festival organizer did not agree to everyone’s call for the third encore.

In this case, the audience under the stage was full of resentment, and even after the next band came out, not only did not get the slightest applause but they got booed repeatedly, which caused the atmosphere on the scene to be very awkward.

Li Yalin also can’t do anything in this situation. He wasn’t the organizer of the music festival, it wasn’t him who can decide to stay on stage.

What’s more, the audience’s disappointment has just begun.

“You guys… really need to make such a fuss?”

After singing three songs in succession, Li Yalin’s group joined hands to bow to the audience and then moved away with the help of the staff.

And when they got off the stage and came to the back of the stage, the dumb Yui fell directly to the ground and couldn’t stand up at all.

Not only that, dumb Yui’s fall was like a dominoes. Once she fell, MIO fell along, then Ritsu, and finally Kotobuki ojou-sama saw her companions fall, also like to join in the fun. Li Yalin was dumbfounded from watching them.

Fortunately, Kohinata Yukari is not like them. Otherwise, a man standing on the spot with five girls fell to the ground with a flushed face, like having experienced intense sports at first sight…

Wow, it’s too embarrassing when he thinks about that scene!

“I’m pushing myself too hard, the audience was too enthusiastic…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s dumbfounded expression, Ritsu waved her hand feebly. When she was on stage, she was the most fiercely banging on the drums, with a full-hearted devotion. Now she probably the most exhausted one.

“Did we actually play on the stage of the festival? Am I dreaming?”

In fact, Ritsu’s performance is pretty good. While for MIO, she is still in a trance. She still shows a dazed expression even after they have finished playing on stage as if the bass player was not her who just played on stage.

“It doesn’t seem to be a dream… Wow! Ui sent me a message! She said she saw my performance! She also heard my backing vocals! She said her classmates were very envious of her because she has such an excellent sister like me!”

After MIO, dumb Yui suddenly had another small outburst. But Li Yalin was quite speechless after listening to her words.

Dumb Yui has an imouto called Hirasawa Ui, he knows this very well. Although it is a pity that he hasn’t met her officially, he also knows that Hirasawa Ui is a very good girl, completely different from the cute Yui-chan.

Unfortunately, dumb Yui thinks she is an excellent sister because of her imouto’s praise.

Girl… You are having a big misunderstanding, being excellent or something, that is a vocabulary that is completely unrelated to you!

“Congratulations guys, getting a two-time encore have secured the first round of qualification for you guys. But I regret to inform everyone that because of your outstanding performance, you guys will be skipping today’s second round. I just got the organizer’s notice, we can only for today’s final ranking.”

It’s a pity that before Li Yalin could tsukomi them, Yamanaka Sawako appeared suddenly and brought ‘bad news’ to everyone.

Not being able to perform in the second round, should be considered bad news, right?

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