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“Eh? We won’t be on stage in the second round?”

Hearing the ‘bad news’ from Sawako sensei, the girls who had collapsed to the ground immediately stood up, showing dramatic expressions.

Although very exhausted, everyone’s mood now is quite excited. Originally thought that they would be on stage again soon, but did not expect that a good opportunity was lost like this.

“Why are we deprived of the opportunity to be on stage?”

Ritsu is obviously very dissatisfied with this ‘bad news’. After all, this is the stage of the music festival, she came here to express herself. How can she accept losing the opportunity to appear on stage for no reason?

What is this?

Is the organizer deliberately sabotage them?

Is this what people call the dark side of the entertainment industry? Making things difficult for them?

“You guys are just too strong…”

Yamanaka Sawako sighed helplessly for these young girls who were very excited and said something that people couldn’t refute.

Yes, the reason why everyone was ‘deprived’ of the right to take the stage in the second round was not because of some dark side of the entertainment industry, nor was it deliberately sabotage by the organizer. It was entirely due to everyone.

Sometimes it is a sin to be too strong and outstanding.

“I understand, it’s just a chance to be on the stage anyway. It didn’t matter if we didn’t get them. Rather, this is actually a piece of good news. We can use this period of time to take a good rest and strive to make a 100% effort in the final round and take the first place in one go!”

According to Yamanaka Sawako’s explanation, due to the strength of Li Yalin’s group is too strong, the works produced are too amazing, causing the attention of other singers on the stage of the festival to drop significantly, completely contrary to the original intention of cultivating newcomers on the first day of the festival.

In fact, the organizer also regrets it. If they knew this, they should directly let Li Yalin’s band go on stage on the second or even the third day. For such an event to happen on the first day, this is a devastating blow for all newcomers that participated in music festivals.

Through the second encore situation, it can be seen that as long as Li Yalin’s group is still on the stage, it is absolutely difficult for other bands to perform. The previous situation may happen again if they are still on stage in the second round.

By then, they are unable to control the mood of the audience, and won’t be able to control the scene.

Yamanaka Sawako fully agrees with the organizer’s concerns. After all, when everyone first appeared today, the situation on the scene was already in chaos. Although they can still keep going, it is undoubtedly setting up enemies for themselves and also embarrass the organizer of the music festival.

Out of many considerations, Yamanaka Sawako reached an agreement with the organizer, and this was also approved by Li Yalin.

It’s just a chance to be on the stage. It didn’t matter if they don’t have it. As long as it does not prevent them from achieving the ultimate goal.

It’s better to say that he is more than happy to have more time to rest, or that he can also use this time to do something else.

After all, if they want to appear on stage again today, they have to wait until the prime time of 8 pm in the evening. So they still have plenty of time before that.

“Yes, everyone can take a good rest during this time, or go to see the performance of other singers. Although they are much worse than you guys, it is a good opportunity to watch and learn more.”

As soon as Li Yalin’s voice fell, Yamanaka Sawako also spoke to give her advice. As expected of Sawako sensei, she has not forgotten her duty as a sensei and spared no effort to teach everyone.

“Watch other people’s performances as a spectator?”

Sawako’s remarks obviously moved the girls. Especially dumb Yui, as a newcomer, actually has a strong interest in music festivals.

It’s great to be on stage, but isn’t it also fun to watch other people’s performances?

“Let’s go check it out in a while?”

“Okay, let’s go see it together!”

The previous topic has changed while they are talking. The depression of just losing the right to perform in the second round has been wiped out, and everyone’s attention has been completely diverted by the performance of the music festival.

In this regard, Li Yalin secretly gave a thumbs up to Yamanaka Sawako. And seeing his compliment, Sawako also subtly winked at him, which unexpectedly make her looks cute.

Such Sawako sensei is great too!

“Congratulations, it’s a wonderful performance.”

While everyone was discussing what to watch first, Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter also came to meet everyone and handed over their cell phones and wallets to everyone. At the same time, Seto Ren also praised everyone.

Although as a yakuza lady boss, Seto Ren does not pay much attention to the entertainment industry, as a mermaid, she has a very high appreciation of music. After all, the mermaid is a race that is very good at music.

Although… most of the mermaid nowadays are reduced to yakuza people who only know how to kill all day long.

“Everyone is amazing!”

Along with Seto Ren’s praise, everyone also welcomed Seto Sun’s slightly admiring eyes. Although the mermaid girl herself is also good at singing, she has never been on such a big stage before. Everyone’s performance on the stage and the enthusiasm of the audience naturally brought unparalleled shock to the mermaid girl.

“Sun should be able to do it too.”

Sun’s adoring gaze was basically on Li Yalin’s body. In response, Li Yalin patted the mermaid girl’s shoulder slightly and showed a smile to her.

This is not baseless. In fact, if Sun is on the stage, as long as she is given a fitting song, the effect will never be inferior to his own performance. After all, mermaid is born with an unparalleled advantage in music and Sun is able to maximize this advantage.

It’s just that the mermaid girl only develops towards Ninkyo, and has never thought about the amazing charm of her singing voice.


Regarding Li Yalin’s statement, coupled with physical contact, this made Seto Sun’s face instantly blush, and subconsciously denied it.

But seeing this, Seto Ren’s eyes suddenly lit up. Maybe… maybe this is an opportunity?

Although she didn’t plan to let her daughter get involved in the entertainment industry, and didn’t think about making Sun an idol. If she took this as an opportunity, maybe the intimacy between the brothers and sisters could be brought to a higher level?

Don’t forget, Seto Ren never gave up matching these two people from the start!

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