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After leaving the stage, Li Yalin’s group did not stay in the backstage for a long time. After a little conversation, they immediately returned to the camp tent.

This can’t be helped. There are too many new singers and idols who come in a name of exchange for various purposes, and there are also many audiences who want to come backstage to meet with idols through various methods. In this case, it is somewhat dangerous to stay here.

But even back to the tent, it can indeed fend off the vast majority of the audience. But in fact, they still cannot withstand the endless stream of visitors.

As the strongest band group of the new generation, the reputation of Li Yalin’s group is really too great. Although the district entertainment circles emphasis greatly in seniority, it depends on the occasion, plus it also depends on who they are dealing with.

Li Yalin is not Japanese. Strictly speaking, he doesn’t have to abide by the rules of the district entertainment circle. With him and Kohinata Yukari, MIO and the others get the pass too, so there is no need to visit those so-called senpais.

What’s more, those senpais who participate on the first day of the music festival don’t have that qualification. To put it more bluntly, most of the singers here are slightly famous, little known, or the not so popular type. They don’t have the qualification to have Li Yalin’s group take the initiative to visit them.

Rather, they now want to actively make friends. After all, judging by the strength that Li Yalin and the others have shown right now, it is only a matter of time before they reach the top of the entertainment industry.

At least in terms of music, it is really difficult to find a few people who can match them. Only those successful senpai in the real sense are qualified to hold their heads up in front of them.

It is for this reason that the girls’ plan to visit the music festival, which had been discussed in advance, was officially declared a failure. The continuous stream of visitors has already made everyone very busy. Where can there be time to hang out?

In this regard, Li Yalin actually has a headache. It’s not that he is not good at interacting, but that he really doesn’t care about the newcomers who are visiting. But he would look arrogant if he tries to keep up appearances now, so it makes him quite entangled.

“Ren aunt, what’s the movement on the Yoshino group now?”

Obviously, in the current situation, the solution Li Yalin can think of is sneaking out. Of course, sneaking out isn’t really the right word. He just wants to better use of his time.

For example… completing his task.

“Yoshino group? Those guys are invading Tamano city aggressively right now. I have let the government deal with them. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Called aside by Li Yalin alone, Seto Ren was still a little puzzled. She did not expect him to even bring up the Yoshino group matter at this time. Although she was a little surprised, she quickly answered.

Yes, the mermaid of the Yoshino group is currently invading Tamano city in large quantities and intends to formally compete with the Setouchi group for the ownership of Tamano city during the festival. To say that it is troublesome, it is indeed a bit troublesome.

But even though the Yoshino group was invading, Seto Ren did not act too nervously. After all, it was the Setochi group lady boss who had experienced many hardships, this small matter won’t shake her.

Rather, she would not have the leisure to stay by Li Yalin’s side if it is really a critical moment.

The war between the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group is far from reaching its peak.

The real storm is still brewing secretly!

“Ren aunt, do you plan to wait for the Yoshino group to officially enter Tamano city before starting a full-scale battle? That will definitely cause a lot of casualties, right?”

Although Seto Ren’s performance is very calm, Li Yalin knows that the territorial dispute between the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group is far more simple than imagined. Otherwise, Seto Ren would not push her daughter to outsider so desperately and hell-bent on sending Sun away from this place.

Perhaps the two sides are still restraining themselves, but once the real war starts, the scene must be very tragic.

“There’s nothing we can’t do about this. Maybe… this is probably the fate of the people of Yakuza.”

Seto Ren did not deny Li Yalin’s statement. But as a yakuza mermaid, whether it is herself, Seto Gozaburo, or other mermaids, they have already made the corresponding consciousness.

Killing and being killed may seem cruel, but as a yakuza, it is already commonplace.

The story of the mermaid is not as beautiful as imagined, and yakuza… even more a cruel road!

“But… doesn’t mean there’s no way to turn things around, isn’t it?”

Li Yalin can see Seto Ren’s consciousness. But if the Setochi group and Yoshino group are allowed to fight each other like this, it would have a limited effect if he participates in this alone.

So he has been thinking about this issue since yesterday. Maybe he should use the right strategy for this task.

Relying on wisdom occasionally is probably a good choice.

“A turnaround? Yalin, what do you mean?”

Unexpectedly, Li Yalin would say something like this. Seto Ren’s expression suddenly became a little hesitant. She didn’t know what the so-called turnaround was and showed a rather perplexing look.

“I have an immature idea, maybe we can discuss it.”

Li Yalin showed a smile facing the puzzled Seto Ren. The counterattack plan for the Yoshino group can be officially launched!

“You mean… capture the leader first? Is this feasible?”

Leaning over and whispering in Seto Ren’s ear, then the beautiful madam immediately showed a shocked face. Yes, after hearing Li Yalin’s plan, she was completely frightened by his bold thoughts.

“Although we already know that the two sons of Yoshino’s family who led the Yoshino group invaded this time. But to capture them… how is this possible?”

To make Seto Ren this amazed, according to Li Yalin’s plan, he was planning to capture the leader first! As long as they catch the leader of the Yoshino group who invaded Tamano city this time, they can defeat the underlings of the Yoshino group in one fell swoop.

After all, the leader has been taken away, and the rest of the underling’s mood will definitely change. Plus the loss of command, there is no need to worry about the rest of the scattered sand.

Of course, this is just an immature idea. Whether it is feasible, plus whether the two sons of the Yoshino group are really as useful as imagined, still needs further investigation.

There is no need for Li Yalin to do it himself. With the underlings of the Setouchi group, he thinks those guys should be able to accomplish this task.

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