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“If the Yoshino group’s foothold in Tamano city is ascertained, I would be confident to get the two idiots from the Yoshino group’s family. But in addition to the two sons of the Yoshino group’s family, I need to learn more about the Yoshino group’s situation. For example, who else can be their backbone after losing those two guys. If necessary, I need to catch them in one fell swoop!”

“This information, I need Ren aunt to help me find out. It’s best to complete them in the shortest time as I don’t have a lot of time left.”

“Yalin, you… really?”

Li Yalin’s words really shocked Seto Ren. This idea is not infeasible. Yakuza mermaid also not a deadbrain, as the person in charge of the Yoshino group’s invasion, the two silly sons of the Yoshino group family must be heavily protected.

In this case, can this plan really succeed?

Seto Ren didn’t expect much.

“I can’t say that I’ll succeed for sure. Nothing is absolute, after all. But as long as the information is accurate, I can at least guarantee a success rate of 80%. I can capture the two guys as long as there’s no accident. As for killing them, it depends on what Ren aunt and uncle Gozaburo choose to do.”

Although Li Yalin is very confident in himself, Seto Ren will not believe it if it’s too exaggerating. So he also tries to be practical and realistic, it’s up to Seto Ren to believes him or not.

If she doesn’t, then he probably can only fight on his own to break into the Yoshino group’s site!

“This… well, I understand, I will let Ma go to gather the information. We will discuss again how to move after it has been confirmed.”

It was the lady boss of the Setouchi group, indeed. Although she hesitated for a moment, she still did not disappoint Li Yalin.

Although she doesn’t believe him completely, Seto Ren has already expressed her attitude.

This plan can be carried out!

“Well, please, the sooner the better.”

Seeing Seto Ren agreed, Li Yalin also nodded slightly. He didn’t have much time left. The sooner he can deal with the Yoshino group, the sooner he can feel at ease. Otherwise he may not be able to leave with everyone after the festival is over, which would require a lot of explanations.

In this way, Seto Ren notified Mr. Masa over the phone and leave everything to him to investigate the whereabouts of the Yoshino group. At the same time, Li Yalin is also doing his preparation, as he’s going to engage in infiltration operation.

In order to ensure the success rate of this operation, he must avoid any accidents!

Of course, while preparing, he also has to receive the new singers who come to visit from time to time. To be honest, Li Yalin always feels that receiving those newcomers is more troublesome than the upcoming infiltration operation.

“I’m very sorry to bother you this late. I’m Edomae Lunar who just debuted not long ago. Please show me the way senpais.”

It stands to reason that receiving these new singers and idols is a very boring thing. At least for Li Yalin, facing these newcomers who are either flattering or admiring, or fawning on the surface, but in fact their eyes are full of indifference and jealousy, it feels as though his head could explode.

But in fact, what he didn’t expect was that compared with these annoying visitors, the real huge troubles had just come!

Sending the last visitor away, before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, another newcomer arrived. This time the newcomer has a very nice voice, and after the actual meeting, it is indeed the same as her voice. It was a cute girl with a pink twintail, so small and cute that people can’t help but want to hold her arms in her arms.

“She is Edomae Lunar. Although she has just debuted recently and is later than your debut. But in terms of popularity, she has a faint tendency of catching up to you guys. She is the only person who can threaten us in the final round tonight.”

With the arrival of the pink hair twintail girl, Yamanaka Sawako, who had already done a preliminary investigation, also reminded everyone in a soft voice. Although the strength is shown by everyone, winning the final is not surprising, but that doesn’t mean everyone is completely stress-free.

This girl named Edomae Lunar is the only one who can threaten everyone. Once there is a mistake on the stage, this girl may take the final victory away.

Even if this is just a cute girl who looks younger than everyone else, she is still the most noteworthy rival!

“Eh? That amazing? She looks so cute!”

“And very polite, she should be a good girl.”

“I want to make friends with her.”

Everyone was surprised by Yamanaka Sawako’s reminder. But the girl named Edomae Lunar was already close, and they couldn’t discuss anymore. Though they were a little surprised, they quickly greeted her.

“Hello Lunar-chan…”

“Nice to meet you, please take care of me.”

When everyone greeted Edomae Lunar, it was the usual greeting. Normally, Li Yalin should also go up to interact at this time. However, instead of stepping forward, he was standing in place with a dazed face, staring straight at the pink-haired girl.

“Eh? Yalin senpai… is there anything on my face?”

Li Yalin’s way of looking at her was obviously very rude. But the pink hair girl called Edomae Lunar obviously didn’t mind, and instead asked in a very cute tone.

“No… nothing. Cough, hello Miss Edomae, nice to meet you.”

After hearing the pink-haired girl’s question, Li Yalin finally recovered, and subconsciously gave a light cough, showing a little awkward expression.

Is it because this girl is so cute that he can’t help but gawk at her?

Of course not!

The main reason why he is so gaffe is that this girl named Edomae Lunar is not just an ordinary rookie idol.

She’s… but a mermaid, a mermaid!

That’s right! Edomae Lunar is a mermaid. Not only that, but she is also Sun’s childhood friend, and she has been very competitive with Sun since she was a child.

If he saw Edomae Lunar for the first time before seeing Sun, Li Yalin might not react that much. But after knowing the existence of the mermaid, how could he not recognize the identity of this pink-haired girl?

God… why is she here too?

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