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Li Yalin’s current mood is quite complicated. Although he knows very well that since he met Seto Sun in Tamano city, it is not surprising to encounter any characters in My Bride is a Mermaid.

That being the case, Edomae Lunar who has become an idol in the original plot and is still the strongest idol to appears is just a matter of time.

What he didn’t expect was that the encounter with Edomae Lunar was so fast, and she was not the strongest idol like the original plot, but just a newcomer who just debuted.

Of course, when Edomae Lunar debuted and what kind of honor she will obtain in the future, this has nothing to do with Li Yalin. What he is considering now is the issue between her and Sun.

Although it is clear that Edomae Lunar is a tsundere, she actually really likes Sun. But she obviously wasn’t aware of this now, and still regards Sun as a strong enemy that must be defeated in this life.

In this case, when she meets Sun, it is almost conceivable that the scene will be like Mars hitting the earth.

“Senpai, you can just call me Lunar.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s complicated mood at the moment, only he himself knows. On the other hand, despite her very cute appearance, Edomae Lunar is in fact a yandere. She seems to have a very good impression of him.

At least on the surface, this yandere haraguro girl behaved very well and sensible, and can make a good first impression.

But… it would be too stupid and naive if you are really deceived by her appearance!

“Yalin senpai, I really like the song you wrote. I have been following you since your debut. Can you give me your autograph?”

Getting close to Li Yalin, Edomae Lunar just as she said as if she was really a fan of Li Yalin, not only took out the signature board but also handed it over in a very respectful gesture.

For this situation, Li Yalin, as the party concerned, has a very complicated mood.

Edomae Lunar is his fan?

Is this possible?

Although this haraguro pink didn’t show any flaw, just like a real fan. To be honest, Li Yalin can’t believe her at all.

After all… what if it’s a trap?

Li Yalin knows that Edomae Lunar is very good at acting. In the eyes of outsiders, her personality is both humble and cautious, and she is very polite to everyone. But in fact, what she radiates from her bones is a kind of haraguro to the extreme Queen nature.

Will such a person become a fan of others?

Totally unscientific!

So… to want his sign, it just an act to conceal her true purpose?

He would really be fooled if he didn’t know the truth.

“Yalin senpai?”

Seeing Li Yalin staring at the signature board for a while, but neither acted nor spoken, Edomae Lunar suddenly showed a puzzled expression.

“Oh, sorry, I get distracted.”

Was awakened by Edomae Lunar’s voice, Li Yalin also knew that he had just behaved a little gaffe, and quickly took over the signature board, wrote his name in a few pens, and also wrote some blessings words to Lunar.

Although he is very clear about the nature of this girl, there is no grudge between him and this haraguro pink, so there is no need to freeze their relationship.

Anyway, the reason why she came to visit was just for a cutscene. Sign her as soon as possible, get her away as soon as possible, and prevent her from meeting Sun.

“Wow! Thank you senpai! I will treasure it in my life!”

With Li Yalin’s signature, Edomae Lunar cheered like a real fan. But at the same time, a complex look flashed in her eyes.

Perhaps at this moment, she was wondering in her heart, why this Li Yalin senpai could not indulge in her charm, but would still be so indifferent.

Yes, Edomae Lunar is still very confident about her own charm. Whether it is a man or a woman, whether it is an old man or a child, should be attracted by her charm and become her servant!

For a long time, her charm has never been disadvantageous to anyone… or even any creature. At least in terms of humans, there is no one who can resist her charm.

But unfortunately, such a person appeared today. And of all people, that person was still someone she admired and adored.

“Onii-chan, mother asked me to…”

Li Yalin originally thought he should deal with Edomae Lunar as soon as possible and let her leave to avoid encountering Sun, which would cause an unexpected situation that is difficult to deal with.

But what he didn’t expect was that he had just signed the haraguro pink, and before he could have some small talk, the curtain of the tent was suddenly opened, and Sun’s voice quickly spread to his ears.

This is really… the worst-case scenario…

Li Yalin’s group is currently in a tent dedicated to receiving visitors. Seto Ren and Seto Sun’s mother and daughter are resting in another tent. After all, they are not people in the circle, so there is no need to mix in these things.

Originally, such an arrangement could completely prevent Edomae Lunar from meeting Sun, but it turned out Sun voluntarily ran over!

This is probably the arrangement of fate.

In this regard, Li Yalin was completely helpless.

He can completely predict what kind of scene will happen next.


With the arrival of Sun, Edomae Lunar’s body clearly stiffened. It is no wonder that she is not ready to meet her life enemy here.

As for Sun, she had spoken to Li Yalin after entering the tent. But she was just halfway through her sentence, she was suddenly shocked.

Because she also saw Edomae Lunar next to Li Yalin.

“You… you… aren’t you Lunar?”

After watching haraguro pink for a long time, Sun opened her mouth with some uncertainty. It was not that she could not recognize her childhood friend, but that she hadn’t seen each other for so long, she did not expect to meet again here.

“Sun, do you know each other?”

Seeing Sun called Edomae Lunar name, dumb Yui on the side also showed a curious look. She didn’t know this polite girl with pink hair before and did not expect that Sun would call her name immediately.

“Yeah! We are childhood friends! Long time no see Lunar!”

After hearing dumb Yui’s question, Sun nodded first, then swooped forward and gave Edomae Lunar a big hug.

How will Edomae Lunar react to this sudden hug and close contact from an old enemy?

Li Yalin said… he has seen the end!

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