Cafe 415

This is bad…

Seeing Sun hugged Edomae Lunar, Li Yalin subconsciously slapped his forehead. The nature of this haraguro pink is expected to burst out in the next moment. She looks lovely and cute on the surface, but in fact she’s both haraguro and grumpy.

As long as she screams at the top of her lungs, it is estimated that the three views of the girls in this tent will be shattered in an instant.



“Yes, Sun and I are childhood friends, we have played together since we were young. But we haven’t seen each other for a long time, I didn’t expect to meet again here. It’s really great!”

Quite beyond Li Yalin’s expectations, Edomae Lunar did not explode as he thought. Instead of showing aversion to Sun’s hug, she actually stretched out her hand and hugged Sun back.

Seeing her like this, it seems that she is really reuniting with her childhood friends.

What’s going on?

Could it be that the plot has changed? The relationship between Edomae Lunar and Sun has not deteriorated as in the original plot, but has become a very good girlfriend?

Or even said that the yandere impression that he knew in the original plot was actually wrong?

In theory, this doesn’t make sense.

“Ah, is it the reunion of childhood friends? This is really great.”

Hearing about the relationship between Edomae Lunar and Sun, coupled with the fact that the two showed good feelings, also made the girls in the tent very happy. Especially Kotobuki ojou-sama, she seemed to be very interested in the friendship between the girls. Right now, not only she clapped her hands, but even both eyes are shining.

Such observations are the most interesting to her.

“Cough… It turns out that Lunar is Sun’s childhood friends. It’s really nice to see each other again.”

Although he knew the relationship between these two mermaid girls a long time ago, Li Yalin couldn’t show that he already knows in advance and could only cough lightly, and also expressing his surprise.

But just as he had just finished speaking, Edomae Lunar’s eyes flashed back and forth between him and Sun.

“Excuse me, Yalin senpai, are you and Sun…”

Edomae Lunar has not forgotten what Sun had said after entering the tent was onii-chan, and the only man in this tent was Li Yalin. That is to say, the sentence onii-chan was 100% calling him.

But as Sun’s childhood friends, Edomae Lunar knows that the boss of the Setouchi group has only Sun as the only daughter. Since childhood, she has never heard she has any onii-chan, so where does this onii-chan come from? She has to get the answer to this question.

“We are brothers and sisters!”

Before Li Yalin could answer, Sun had already said the answer on the side. A sibling completely explained the relationship between the two. But because of this, Edomae Lunar was even more confused.

“Brother and sister? Why have I never heard that Sun has an onii-chan?”

“It’s step-sibling. I met Sun because of an accident, and we swear to become a step-sibling.”

Regarding Edomae Lunar’s doubts, Li Yalin explained in a relatively concise language. After all, he couldn’t explain the specific situation that clearly.

Such an explanation should be sufficient.

“Is it a step-sibling? That must be nice. Lunar is the only child in the family, I really want to have an onii-chan like Yalin senpai.”

After listening to Li Yalin’s explanation, Edomae Lunar nodded, and then sighed again, as if she really wanted to have an onii-chan as the only daughter in the family, making it impossible to see the flaws at all.

At least everyone believed her right now. Except for Li Yalin, who was still in a state of doubt.

In this real-world, will the plot really change?

To be honest, Li Yalin did have encountered a situation where the plot changed. For example, the debt of the Kafuu family. Isn’t that something that did not appear in the original plot? But the question is… even if the plot changes, does the character… also change?

“That… I’m very sorry, I have something to say to Sun alone, can we have some room alone?”

Just as everyone was happy for Sun being able to reunite with her childhood friends, and before everyone could continue to talk on this topic, Edomae Lunar suddenly bowed to everyone.

The pink-haired girl was very sincere, and everyone couldn’t refuse. After all, it was a reunion between childhood friends, there must be a lot of private topics that they don’t want to be heard by outsiders.

In this case, everyone should take the hint and leave some opportunities for these two girls.

“There is another tent on our site that is empty, Lunar-chan, you can talk to Sun there.”

As the most gentle and mature Kohinata Yukari among the girls, she was the first to react and create space for Lunar and Sun.

There are three tents on their side, one of which is used to receive visitors, the other is for Seto Ren to rest, and the last one is vacant. It is also very good to give Edomae Lunar and Sun a space to chat alone.

“Thank you Yukari senpai, I really appropriate it.”

With Kohinata Yukari’s offers, Edomae Lunar immediately bowed to thank her, and soon she took Sun to the empty tent.

However, just as they walked into the tent, Edomae Lunar’s figure suddenly paused and turned back.

“If you don’t mind, can Yalin senpai come in and chat with us?”

Originally, Li Yalin was still very worried when Edomae Lunar wanted to talk with Sun alone, as he is still wondering whether all this is just an act of the pink-haired girl.

In the face of this sudden invitation, he was instinctively stunned for a while, which was actually quite unexpected for him.

“Okay, then I’ll take you up on that.”

Although very surprised, Li Yalin did not hesitate to follow. Because he understood that the truth he had been wondering before might be about to be revealed!

Turning his head and nodding to the girls around him, Li Yalin followed the two mermaid girls and entered the tent together.

And just as he walked into the tent, the next moment, the curtain of the tent was brushed down. When he turns around to see, Edomae Lunar actually blocked the tent door with her body, and her head was also deeply lowered, making her expression can’t be seen clearly.

What is this?

Does it mean the real showdown is about to begin?

Because there are no outsiders here?

Yes, Li Yalin didn’t guess wrong. In the next moment, what he and Sun will face is the real Edomae Lunar!

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