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“You said you are brothers and sisters?”

There are only three people in the tent, Li Yalin, Sun, and Edomae Lunar. It can be said that there are no outsiders. Then, haraguro pink, who has been hiding her nature for a long time, finally does not need to hide it.

Simply speaking in one sentence can already make people discover the huge changes in it. The original lovely voice drops to a freezing point in an instant. Such a tone can be described as arrogant and indifferent.

This… is the true nature of Edomae Lunar!

“Yes, we are indeed brothers and sisters.”

Since he has been skeptical all the time, Edomae Lunar’s change at this moment is still within Li Yalin’s expectations. Even though this change is exaggerated in the eyes of others, there is still no change in his expression.

On the contrary, he made an affirmative answer very calmly.

As for Sun, she is a childhood friend after all, and her character is also quite airheaded. So even if Edomae Lunar makes a cold voice, she is very used to it.

Rather, when Li Yalin answered haraguro pink’s question, she subconsciously scratched the back of her head, showing a little blush on her face and a little shy expression.

“In other words, you already know the true identity of Sun?”

Having undergone such a huge change, Li Yalin was still able to remain calm, which made Edomae Lunar’s eyes flashed with an unexpected look. But even if it was unexpected, she did not change her attitude, still staring at the so-called siblings in front of her, her tone remained full of coldness.

“Mermaid, since you are a friend of Sun, then in other words, you should also be mermaid, right?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Li Yalin smiled and nodded. Although Edomae Lunar’s cold attitude caused the atmosphere to drop again and again, he did not seem to be affected at all and still act like before.

Even… he easily revealed Edomae Lunar’s identity as a mermaid.

“You… should be human, right? Then you should also know how we deal with mermaid when humans know the identity of a mermaid!”

Li Yalin’s relaxed attitude was something Edomae Lunar had never expected, and it was because of this unexpectedness that she subconsciously bit her lower lip, and a complicated look flashed in her eyes.

“Either I die, or Sun die, I know very well. But this so-called rule is not without a solution. In fact, aren’t we brothers and sisters just because of this?”

It stands to reason that in the tradition of the mermaid, breaking the rules with such a rash attitude is absolutely not allowed. But the times are developing and the society is progressing, it is impossible for the mermaid to always maintain the old concept.

Especially with the strength of the Setouchi group, they are not as constrained as imagined. As long as a reasonable explanation is given, no one will jump out to embarrass them under normal circumstances.

So this seemingly indiscreet solution is fair and reasonable, and this is what Seto Ren said to Li Yalin later.

Just looking at the look of Edomae Lunar, she seems a little unacceptable?

“It’s great to be the imouto of onii-chan.”

Li Yalin could easily see it because what he said make Edomae Lunar’s face darkened faintly. But before he could say anything to ease the atmosphere, Sun opened her mouth to add fuel to the fire.

Sun is good everywhere, but she just doesn’t know how to read the atmosphere. The mood of haraguro pink is obviously not right, but she still adding more fuel.

Especially right now, Sun is still staring at Li Yalin with a very happy expression, those affectionate eyes are shining with stars. It is more appropriate to say that it is showing love than to show brother and sister!

Although… Sun herself didn’t quite understand what kind of feelings she was holding in her heart at the moment.

“Are you… just brothers and sisters?”

Although on the verge of an outbreak, fortunately, haraguro pink did not erupt after all, but continued to lower her head and asked coldly again.

“Of course…”

“Of course! We are brothers and sisters! Although mother has always wanted me to marry onii-chan. But sure enough, it is more appropriate for us to be brothers and sisters, at least it won’t make onii-chan awkward.”


Sun really doesn’t care about the mood at all!

Li Yalin originally thought that if he gave an affirmative answer and showed a sense of distance from Sun, it could prevent haraguro pink from breaking out completely.

Because he knows very well that Edomae Lunar has always regarded Sun as a ‘strong enemy’, thinking that Sun has stolen everything from her (winning the Good Boys Singing Competition), so she has always been jealous of Sun. She is jealous of everything she has.

Joining the entertainment circle, wanting to make her debut as a singer, and aiming to become the strongest idol, she just wants to prove to Sun that she can have things that Sun doesn’t have.


She had just joined the entertainment industry, and before she could stand up and win the honor, she was shocked to discover that Sun once again possessed what she didn’t have —sibling affection. How could she accept this?

So, if she were to find out that the original sibling relationship was not simple, and it was extremely likely to evolve into the legendary love, how would she react?

I’m afraid it can’t be as simple as an outbreak, right…

It’s a pity that before Li Yalin could act, the airhead Sun broke all his plans. Seeing that Sun was embarrassed but very happy to say what she shouldn’t say, Li Yalin can only close his eyes.

It’s over, it’s all over!

“Marry… him? That is… you might get married?”

“Why! Why can you get married!”

Yes, with how Sun didn’t read the mood at all, Edomae Lunar has completely exploded under the continuous revelations. She can’t believe everything she hears.

After all her hard work, she finally got the opportunity to make her mark at the music festival immediately, and can take this opportunity to soar into the sky. Her biggest rival in this life actually had an onii-chan who almost became her husband?

No! It should be said that as long as she is willing, this sibling relationship can be transformed into love at any time?


For a long time, the singing that she is good at has always been underneath Sun. But before she can regain her confidence, she has opened up a new war on her own?

Brother and sister’s feelings?

How could she, who is also the only daughter in the family, own it!

Maybe they will get married?

How could it be possible that Sun owns all of this!

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