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“Eh? We have no plans to get married. Onii-chan already has someone he likes. Would it trouble onii-chan if we get married?”

“I am already very lucky to be onii-chan’s imouto.”

The airheaded Sun can’t understand the resentment in Edomae Lunar’s heart. After all, she has never regarded this childhood friend as an enemy. Rather, in the eyes of this pure Ninkyo girl, Edomae Lunar is her good friend.

But why… when she had such an excellent and chivalrous onii-chan, instead of being happy for her, Lunar had a bitter face instead?

Regarding this point, Sun will never be able to figure it out clearly.

“But… as long as you insist, you will definitely get married, right?”

At this moment, Edomae Lunar has been filled with envy and jealousy in her mind, and she will not think too much at all. Especially when she hears the word marriage, she has lost most of her sanity.

Even if Sun explained everything, she wouldn’t listen at all. Still thinking that her ‘strong enemy’ would immediately have an enviable love.

This… but something she had never owned before!

She was trampled down again!

“Um… I think it’s better for you to calm down, Lunar. Sun and I are really just brothers and sisters.”

In this case, Li Yalin instinctively felt that it would be better to explain clearly, or else he would continue to misunderstand this way and annoy the haraguro pink. If they make too much noise, it will not only be heard by the girls in other tents, it might even be exposed into a scandal.

This is the venue of the music festival, not in their own home.

“That’s right, Lunar, what are you talking about? How can onii-chan and I get married?”

Just as Li Yalin opened his mouth to explain, Sun also stepped forward with a look of concern, thinking that her childhood friend had eaten something weird. Otherwise, why would she be so crazy.

But the problem is that it would be much better if she doesn’t speak. When she speaks, she always attracts all the firepower of haraguro pink. Just like before, and just like now!

“I don’t care! Why do you always have what I can’t get! You used to steal my limelight! Now you have onii-chan that I don’t have! It’s not fair!”

Li Yalin is very clear of Edomae Lunar’s character. But even so, facing the full outburst of this haraguro girl, he is still quite speechless.

If he hasn’t watched My Bride is a Mermaid and doesn’t know everything about it, I guess he will hate this child at their first meeting. After all, her character is really unpleasant in a certain sense.

As for now, although he doesn’t hate Edomae Lunar because of this, he really doesn’t like her. She is filled with jealousy, and there is really no way to equate her with the modest and polite and lovely look just now.

What to do?


Or else… he should retreat from this place and let these two girls fight on their own?

Anyway, Sun’s airheaded character is the right counter to Edomae Lunar’s haraguro. Haraguro pink can’t do anything to Sun if they are alone.

On the contrary, it would make things awkward if he stays here. It’s better to get out of here.

Ok, it’s decided!

Edomae Lunar’s outburst was all directed on Sun. So after deciding in his mind, Li Yalin subconsciously leaned towards the door, ready to ‘run away’ as soon as the two girls were not paying attention.

As for where to go, he has already decided. Although she didn’t make it clear, Sun came to him must be because of Seto Ren. So as long as he slips to Seto Ren’s tent, he is considered safe!

With such a blueprint in his mind, Li Yalin’s foot movements are getting faster. But what he didn’t expect is that he walks fast, haraguro pink is actually faster than him. Before he could turn around and sneaks away, she actually moved toward him and hugged his arm directly.

“I don’t care if you know Sun’s true identity. But now you also know my identity, this problem must be solved! Since you can become brothers and sisters with Sun, then become brothers and sisters with me too!”


Being held by Edomae Lunar’s arm was fine and all. But Li Yalin was dumbfounded when he heard her words!

Haraguro pink has always shown a very strong sense of competition to Sun, always hoping to overwhelm her. Now, what should she do when she sees what she doesn’t have but Sun has?

The easiest way is to grab it!

In fact, Edomae Lunar did this, because she knew that he see her real body so they became a brother and sister, right? OK, now her identity is also known, so according to their approach, let’s become brothers and sisters too!

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with what Edomae Lunar said. Yes, Sun can become brother and sister with Li Yalin because of Mermaid’s rules, so it should be the same for her.

But… can this matter really be counted like that?

“No… wait a minute!”

Li Yalin is really dumbfounded by Edomae Lunar, but it does not mean that he has lost the ability to think.

Although he is a siscon, having more imouto is always better. But having this haraguro pink as his imouto… it felt like a pain in the ass!

After all, in terms of likability, there’s a huge distance between Edomae Lunar and Sun!

“I am already Sun’s onii-chan, so I should be regarded as a member of mermaid. In that case, it doesn’t matter if I know your identity? Otherwise, according to your logic, wouldn’t I have to become family with any mermaid I know?”

Although he didn’t mind having many imoutos, if it’s Edomae Lunar, this matter must be handled carefully. After all, the haraguro personality of this pink-haired girl is only one aspect, her dad the Terminator daughter-con uncle is not small trouble.

Li Yalin doesn’t want to have too many intersections with the Edomae family, and it would be for the best to go their own way.

So having her as imouto… he’s gonna have to pass.

“I don’t care! Whether you and other mermaid become family is not my business. I only know that my identity is known by you human. If you don’t become my onii-chan, either you die or I die, it’s that simple!”

Well, Li Yalin has said so clearly, Edomae Lunar didn’t even listen to it.

You’re so stubborn as an imouto, what about your Terminator dad?

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